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Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Saturday, July 29, 2023


Attention all Interesting, Extraordinary, and Credentialed Journalists, Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons!

As an ExpertClick.com member You'll be in Good Company – we carefully screen profiles before acceptance in the system, review all content provided, and try to have a friendly atmosphere by discouraging agressive, negative or abusive content.

Three Primary Member Benefits:

  • News Media Interviews – Experts have beed Interviewed by top pubiciation from CNN to the ABCNews Nightline and secured print coverage from Barron's to the International Hearld Tribune.
  • Great SEO – We give you control and help you choose the best phrasing strategy and implement it with our tools.  Our questions system is a game changer as so much search is question based.
  • .......Attracting journalists, new customers and visitors p-- From news media interviews to SEO the system ensures you get action---  People will know your expertise!  They will know where to find you, and most importantly, know you welcome contact and have a direct way to reach you!

There are four levels of membership, each with differing abilities and benefits.

  1. Journalists may join and ask questions – See the News Council guidelines for who qualifies as a journalist here:  http://www.newsreleasewire.com/293040 Journalists should jump to this page to  join:  https://www.expertclick.com/Journalist/Registerjournalist.aspx
  2. As Expert, Join free for an ExpertClick Press Room so journalists can find you and to answer journalist questions.  See qualifications below.   Once you sign up you can instantly start answering questions.  Journalists may also join as experts if they have a focused expertise.
  3. Join as an Influencer.  We pay influencers similar rates as they earn on YouTube and TikTok.   To apply join free below, and email us a copy of your last income statement from a social media platform that already pays you.  We'll set up payment from us based on the page view you get here -– and we will postal mail you a crisp $2 bill in your welcome letter.  Influencers may send news releases and connect their RSS feed from thier blogs and other social media services to push content into their ExpertClick press room and gain page views.  With our inbound syndication influencers can simply set it up and we'll do all the work.
  4. Featured Paid Participants – Yes, we accept advertisers, and they receive lots of benefits.  Paid members get:
  1. Featured in the printed Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons®.  1/3rd or full page.
  2. Ablilty to send news releases that push out 10 ways including Google News and Lexis.  Just seven keystrokes at www.NewsClick.com.
  3. Syndicated with a direct pull from your blog and social media RSS feeds, so you passion elsewhere can flow directly into your press room.
  4. SEO set up and reviewed by Mitchell P. Davis, who is certified SEO professional trained by Bruce Clay.
  5. Included in our news feeds that are sent to opt-in journalists who can reach you directly to interview, or able to contact us to help choose guests and do the show prep and booking.
  6. Given personal attention from Mitchell P. Davis, the editor and founder to alert you to questions and placement opportunities.  
  7. Able to join our daily Zoom video interview – a daily Zoom call with experts on breaking news so journalists can directly meet and hear how good you sound.  Live daily at Noon weekdays Eastern Time on our front page. 

Join below as a free member and upgrade later.

Or join as a paid member from the get-go at www.ExpertClick.com/join

We offer annual memberships – backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you meet one of the following criteria, congratulations, you're invited!

Apply below and get ready for media exposure and improved online visibility. Please use a professional email that matches your expertise or organization when registering. For example, James D. Feldman, the professional speaker, was instantly approved with the email jfeldman@shifthappens.com, linking to his website www.ShiftHappens.com.   (Or validate your identity by providing a Linkedin profile with 100 plus connections.)

  1. Professional Speakers: Are you a captivating speaker listed by a member of the prestigious International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB) or the esteemed National Speakers Association (NSA)? Or are you part of one of the national speaker associations in the Global Speakers Federation? Join the party! Check out IASB.org, NSASpeaker.org, GlobalSpeakersFederation.net. Members of Espeakers.com, SpeakerMatch,com, SpeakerHUB.com, SpeakerBase.com & InnovationWomen.com are also invited.
  2. Expert Witnesses:  The Expert Witness Council nicely encomasses the industry; the Experts Witness, the llawyers, judges, and the professionals who serve them.
  3. Lawyers, judges, members of the bar and those who serve them.   Legal expertise is onthe top subject requests by the news media.
  4. Coaches & Trainers: Yes, the International Coach Federation is the gold standard, but we welcome those who have gained credentials from the many credentialing bodies.
  5. Consultants: The CMC (Certified Management Consultant) is the gold standard, and we welome any contsultant with or without the cerification from any of the worldwide:consuling groups afflliated with the the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.  Sure just buying an Alan Weiss book doen't qualify you, but if you've been accpeted by a consultants group, you are welcome.
  6. Doctors, Dentists, Nurses:  Yes, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd is the gold standard but we love medical professionals -- basically if you've passed medical school plesae register.
  7. Who's Who Listees: Yes, Marquis' Who's Who is the gold standard, but we welcome those from other registries.
  8. Students:  Yes, PhD candidates, Grad Students qualify, but college, high school and even younger can qualify if they've written a paper or thesis.  
  9. Authors: Calling all word-weavers! If you have an author page on Amazon and a strong social media presence with at least 1,000 followers on either YouTube or TicTok, you've earned your golden ticket!
  10. Hollywood Professionals: Are you a mastermind behind the scenes or a dazzling actor with an IMDb profile? Cue the spotlight, you're in!
  11. Just Famous (or maybe Infamous): If you have a Wikipedia page all about you, whether you're celebrated or notorious, we want you! Embrace your legacy and join the ranks of the remarkable.
  12. Currently Serving or Running for Public Office: Attention all current & aspiring politicians! Whether you're aiming for federal, state, or local public office or representing a registered political action committee, we're rolling out the red carpet for you!
  13. Represent a Federal, State or Local Government Agency: From the US Cabinet to a local volunteer fire department, we welcome all government agencies. Yes, agencies such as the CIA, DEA, White House, NASA, and Social Security Administration have already provided pages. See the CIA's page here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/23885324-full-page-as-provided-by-the-cia?responsive=1&title=1 in the 12th Editon of the Yearbook.
  14. Influencers: Hey you, with the massive following on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Threads, Truth Social, TikTok, or whatever is next. We see you! Bring your online stardom and join the fun! A massive following means 10,000 or more, please.
  15. 501(c)3 Non-profit Groups with Public Service Advocacy Programs: We love those who do good for the world! If you're a non-profit with a mission to make the world a better place, we have a special spot for you. Check out www.NewsCouncil.org for guidelines. Please be able to share a recent public IRS 990.
  16. Think Tanks, Public Policy Groups, and Corporations: Calling all thinkers and policy shapers! If you have a registered lobbyist in Washington or represent a company with a story to tell, we're all ears!
  17. Spokespersons for National Associations & Societies: If you're the mouthpiece for a 501(c)6 group, we welcome you. Please be able to share a recent public IRS 990 form.
  18. Spokespersons for Publicly Traded Corporations: Stock market wizards, unite! If your company is listed on US exchanges, congratulations, you've got a VIP invitation!
  19. College & University Professors: Educators, this one's for you! As long as you have a profile on your school's website and a .EDU email, you're welcome aboard our academic adventure. 
  20. Trade Show Exhibitors: If you're part of leading trade shows, as defined by Exhibitrac.com, where the exhibitors are profiled, then join the spectacle! It's time to get a shine on those shoes!
  21. Public Relations Professionals: Attention spin doctors! If you work for PR firms ranked in the prestigious O'Dwyer's Directory of PR firms, you can place accounts for your clients free of charge. You're the masterminds of the media, and we can't wait to have you on board. See the roster at https://www.odwyerpr.com/pr_firm_rankings/independents.htm for more details!
  22. Professional Journalists: If you are a journalist with: 1) a byline on a news website and 2) a professional email associated with that website, and 3) if you have a membership in one of the recognized journalist groups shown in this Google sheet, as maintained by The News Council or recognized with a "Press Card" from a US Federal, Foreign Government or US State agency. . Feel free to check the list for updates, and share corrections: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HkZuDX77N_MeaZ34r43jVDW8J8gcA-DxU6CUiWZCc_g/edit?usp=sharing

So, there you have it—your invitation to join our extraordinary league of newsworthy individuals. Apply now and get ready to make headlines, laugh, and conquer the world together!


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