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Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation
Change Masters Incorporated Change Masters Incorporated
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Thursday, January 16, 2020


Celeste Headlee is a radio talk show host and writer. Her TEDx talk has over 16 million views for her talk with the above title. Conversation is critical to all of us in our work and personal lives.

Her recommendations are:

  1. Be present. (Don’t multi-task.)
  2. Don’t pontificate.
  3. Use open ended questions. (What was that like?)
  4. Go with the flow.
  5. If you don’t know – say so.
  6. Don’t equate your feeling with theirs. (All feelings are individual.)
  7. Try not to repeat yourself.
  8. Stay out of the weeds.
  9. Listen. (Most important and takes effort.)
  10. Be brief.

I would add that the visual and vocal interaction needs to be supportive to the conversation. Appropriate fills and bridging statements really enhance the flow of a conversation and create a stronger connection. We can all be better.

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Minneapolis, MN