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Ten Ways To Boost Your Image and Personal Brand
Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP, CPBS -- Image & Branding Coach Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP, CPBS -- Image & Branding Coach
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Washington, DC
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Girllookinginthemiror 300x207 Ten Ways To Boost Your Image and Personal Brand

Is your career soaring to new heights or are you stuck in a rut?  Are you comfortable in social settings knowing that your interpersonal skills are up to par?  Have you had a date recently, felt totally relaxed and confident at a networking event or at appeared to be ease when giving a public presentation?  

It’s a fact.  Your image and personal brand could be holding you back! 

Making meaningful, changes over time can create positive results and you will reap the “profits”, both tangible and intangible.  How do you change your image and personal brand?  Is it a new dress or business suit, new glasses, a makeover or attractive marketing materials?  While these are important, your image and personal brand go beyond appearance and external expressions.  Your personal conduct, character, values and the degree of trust, respect and  intergrity you demonstrate with colleagues, customers, family and peers matter even more.  Everyday, internal and external factors shape the quality of your business and personal relationships, both face-to-face and in Social Media.  They reflect your beliefs and brand identity and consequently, how you make your mark or create an impression.  Interpersonal skills, verbal and non-verbal communication and your awareness and practice of civility are tools to help you along the way.  Your image and personal brand also shape the public perception and impressions you create, generating a range of emotions and reactions from positive to negative.  Your brand message is communicated even when you are unaware. 

Thinking you may need some expert advice or constructive feedback?  Whether you choose to work with an image and brand management professional or on your own, achieving the following results will boost your image and personal brand for career advancement, business performance and profitability or personal growth.  They enhance the quality of  human connections and engagement you create in person or online.

Ten Results You Can Achieve by Boosting Your Image and Brand

1. A clearly defined personal brand that authentically reflects you and stands out in person and online

 2. A more polished appearance as you prepare to enter or re-enter the job market, or pursue a promotion 

 3. Understanding of essential business etiquette and customs for local and international occasions

 4. Attractive, empowering new outfits created from existing clothes and accessories in your closet that affirm your credibility

 5. Sharpened verbal and non-verbal communication skills for more effective interpersonal interactions, networking and public presentations that convey competence

  6. Improved workplace and personal relationships that project grace, poise and charm

 7. Higher levels of trust and respect among colleagues and employees by embracing a personal civility code of conduct

 8. Enhanced Social Media presence and brand visibility that reveal your image and personal brand the way you wish to be percieved

 9. Improved self-esteem and self confidence that gives you a more competitive edge in the workplace 

 10. A stronger visual impact and presence that  commands the attention and engagement you desire 

Your image and personal brand help you define your authentic identity and shape the public perception of your career or business.  Building your image and personla brand is an ongoing activity.   Discover how to stand out with distinction and gain a competitive advantage to help you succeed in business or personal arenas. 

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 Yasmin Anderson-Smith is an award-winning, image management consultant, personal branding strategist and co-author of  Executive Image Power and The Power of Civility,  Thrive Publishing, San Francisco, CA, USA 2009 & 2011

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