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Talkers Commentary & 17 Coronavirus-Free News Releases
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Talkers Commentary &  17 Coronavirus-Free  News Releases
Motivational Idea to Share – Here at ExpertClick we have many off— site employees and use Slack to collaborate – In order to create employee moral – and get them to log in the Slack app – I post a lottery ticket every day to give our people a bit of hope in there times of trouble --- and to get them to log-in a communicate every day.
Talk Radio Rises to Coronavirus Challenge
JUPITER, Fla. — This past weekend seems to have marked a tipping point in America regarding public anxiety over COVID-19, still commonly referred to as the coronavirus.  Fears and near-panic have infiltrated the beleaguered heath care systems of our communities, the stock market, and a number of inter-connected industries and public events.  Add to that, discourse about the problem in our politically oriented media have included the "weaponization" of issues per the troubling practice of each side tending to seek victory at the expense of truth.
We must rise to the challenge
One of the biggest challenges facing the talk media industry is to demonstrate a thoughtfulness in responsibly walking the line between spreading undo alarm versus under-reporting the seriousness of this still-murky threat.
That being said, hoping not to appear opportunistic or exploitive, most radio industry practitioners agree that this crisis provides radio both the mission and calling to provide a significant degree of comfort and helpful information to the public – thus showcasing its pertinence as a vital medium in the 21st century.
413-565-5413    Michael@talkers.com
Michael Harrsion  - Talkers – Talk Radio News Magazine
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Don't Play Doctor -- Crisis Management Expert Warns Employers
Concerns and fear about Covid-19 are in overdrive. Contradictory information from authorities isn't helping. Headlines news just keeps fueling fear. Uncertainty is crippling engagement, participation, and productivity, and dominates both meeting agendas and water-cooler talk.
What should you do? You need to act now because your company's future and its reputation depend on it.
For help on managing a crisis and protecting your company's reputation, we turned to a crisis management expert, Bill Coletti. Coletti spent the last 25 years managing high stakes crises just like Covid-19, In fact, Coletti feels he works best when his clients feel disrupted in the age of disruption
Ira S Wolfe     CELL   717-333-8286    iwolfe@super-solutions.com
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Patient Organization StopAfib.org Calls for End to Daylight Saving Time Due to Health Risks
Today is the first day back at work for most people after the change to Daylight Saving Time. If you felt like a zombie when you woke up today, you're not alone. 
The sleep disruption from the spring time change can lead to devastating consequences and can require days, even weeks, to recover. And that may be just the tip of the iceberg. Did you know that the time change can cause more serious issues?
While there hasn't been much research into the effects that these ongoing time changes have on people in the U.S., the available research does show that the spring time change can result in an immediate 24% increase in heart attacks as well as an increase in strokes. Some increased risks are due to the massive sleep disruptions that many people experience when their circadian rhythms are disturbed. Thus, it is clear that the effect of the time change on health is not a good one
Mellanie True Hills
mhills@mellaniehills.com    Cell:  940-399-3010
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Solution to the Existential Threat to American Democracy
When You Answer a Prospect's Question, Avoid Two Words…
The Wisdom Company announces a Creating Unity Through Mutual Respect workshop which provides the framework to stop foreign countries intended goal of sowing distrust in our 2020 election, and turning Americans against each other in a way that weakens our national unity. The course builds the foundation to rebuild our national unity.
The workshop shows how to transcend extremism and polarization, and create a new American identity that transcends and unites all of the country's subgroups so we can work together as one people to create a better future for all. The application of the higher state of unity both incorporates and moves civility to a whole new level.  The workshop is based on experiential and empirical wisdom-based research to transform a culture of contempt into a culture of compassion.
Jack Beauregard   617.299.7363    jack@wisdomcompany.org
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