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Super Power From Change Masters Incorporated
Change Masters Incorporated Change Masters Incorporated
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, May 14, 2020


Obstacles are really a guide to uncover where we need to grow. We grow and change in response to challenges. New results come from seeing the problem differently and making adjustments. The bigger the challenge, the more significant the adjustments we need to make.

One of our superpowers is to adjust and take new directions. Losing my job allowed me to finally go into business for myself. With one relationship breakdown, we are often able to find a new one that seems even better.

Today, we have a worldwide obstacle called a pandemic. With all the difficulties – and there are many – people are adjusting in amazing ways. Global environmental pollution is showing ways it can be reduced. Major firms in New York City are declaring that the majority of their employees will likely not return to the giant skyscrapers that define NYC. Remote education can change the dynamics and costs of schools. Business people are learning they can effectively do videoconference rather than spend two days in an airplane for a one-hour meeting.


Human beings need a community. Being deprived of contact has helped us see the value of gatherings, hugs, handshakes and just being together. Being able to clap, scream, and cheer together in a sports stadium or a Broadway play are beloved memories we look forward to seeing again.

We have the superpower of connecting with others. We have the ability to choose to be kind and forgive. We have the power to empathize with the health workers and those struggling to feed their children.

New Approach

The pandemic of a century ago did not have antibiotics or an understanding of viruses. We are more prepared today than 101 years ago. We now have a new mindset about pandemics that will allow us to be more prepared for the next pandemic. We will have PPE and testing ready. We will figure out how to effectively manage contact tracing. We will be better able to cope.


When we can safely move about our communities and the world, we will have a new appreciation for connection to other people and places. We have the opportunity to think differently about how we define community. We are a global community that is interconnected and share a similar destiny for our viruses and our environment. If we have a new mindset, we can create new results. That is our human SUPERPOWER.

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Name: Thomas Mungavan, MBA, CSP
Title: President
Group: Change Masters® Incorporated
Dateline: Minneapolis, MN United States
Direct Phone: 763-231-6410
Main Phone: 1-800-CHANGE-1
Cell Phone: 763-476-4200
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