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Stop The Steal Rationale
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Stop The Steal

This was the rallying cry of the mob that stormed the capitol building on January 6, 2021.  How did Trump manage to create this impression in the mind of his followers?  This is the one key omission in the otherwise brilliant presentation of the House managers in the impeachment trial.  Rachel Maddow asked whether the trial could have had a secret ballot changing everything, and was answered by two House managers that yes, the Senate could have required a secret ballot.  That would have changed the result, removing the bully's ability to primary those that crossed the Trump mobster.  Don the mafia Don.

Starting The Year

Trump expected the strong economy to reelect him and was horrified to find a pandemic ruining that idea.  He did not like the optics, so he started to create his own separate reality.  So he denied the danger and reality of the pandemic in public while confirming the danger in private to Bob Woodward and refused to wear a mask.  His followers gleefully followed while Democrats were horrified.  So he exploited Democratic horror by insisting Wisconsin voters vote in person and not by mail April 7th.  Too bad he did not "stop the steal" in Wisconsin as the gerrymandered Republican majority in Wisconsin stole lopsided Republican control for a decade.  So he began by destroying the postal service as his appointee removed 671 mass mail processing machines reducing deliverance from 90% reliability to 80% reliability and to heck with seniors' vital medicines.  300,000 votes were stuck in the post office on election day.  He continued mass rallies spreading the disease to 30,000 of his followers leading to 700 deaths by the Stanford study and possibly doubling those figures again by election day. 

Red Mirage

With 40% of the vote by mail as mostly Democrats voted safely as the president urged his voters to vote in person only, the setup was in place.  Loyal Republican legislatures blocked any sensible processing of voter envelopes ready to be counted before election day in key states so the early vote would only show election day vote and not the mail vote for several days in Pennsylvania for example.  This allowed Trump to claim he won in a landslide on election night that was stolen from him as ballots arrived "mysteriously" in the night from cities with a huge black vote.  Stop the count became a rallying cry.  Lawsuits sought to block the counting of urban black votes.  Anyone can see that he won in a landslide Trump complained to his followers, so show up January 6th to stop the stolen election from going to Biden.  Trump tried to claim massive vote fraud from all these "late" counted ballots, but 61 court cases said otherwise, many decided by Trump appointed judges.

Trump Does Not Care

When the Michigan governor was threatened with a plot to kidnap and try her for treason, Trump encouraged the plotters and not the governor as he continued a long pattern of endorsing violence by white supremacists.  In the September debate he told the Proud Boys (terrorist group according to Canada) to "Stand Back and Stand By" which quickly became a jacket design worn by the Proud Boys.  They began to prepare for violence after election day, showing up in force with police, military, veterans, and 57 elected persons for the rally and capital assault January 6th.

When Republican House Leader McCarthy complained about the assault to Trump with an angry phone call, he was interrupted by breaking glass while Trump dryly responded, "Perhaps they care more about the election than you do."  Ten minutes after hearing from Senator Tuberville that loyal up until that day Vice President Mike Pence had been evacuated from the Senate chamber, probably after hearing the mob chants of "Hang Mike Pence" on television, he tweeted another anti Pence tweet to his rampaging supporters.  Looking for Nancy Pelosi and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez rioters asked "where is she" as Pelosi staff hid in a room nearby and AOC hid in a bathroom closet fearing for her life.  Trump sees the world as killers (him) and weaklings (others).  Like the Roman Caligula, Trump is the crazy one.  His niece, Mary Trump, psychologist, sees him as the most dangerous man on earth.  Malignant narcissist or sociopath, your choice.  America needs a two party system, not one party and one cult.

Seventeen Revolutionary Findings About Military Spending, Empire, and the Long Cycle:


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