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Sports is Making a Comeback
Dan O'Brien, MD -- Innovative Healthcare Technologies Dan O'Brien, MD -- Innovative Healthcare Technologies
St. Louis, MO
Monday, June 8, 2020



But Accurate Diagnostic testing is now more important than ever!

Futurist Dr. Dan O'Brien MD via Zoom/Skype/Phone/St. Louis/CT

Intro:  Sports is making a comeback!

Dr. Dan O'Brien, MD, a medical futurist and sports fan. He joins us to discuss the future of sports in the new normal, post-Covid19 era that includes accurate diagnostic testing for athletes.   



Dr. Dan question: What are your thoughts regarding the future status of professional sports returning at this point compared to your perspective a few months ago when this was discussed?

Dr. Dan answer: With appropriate and accurate diagnostic testing, the return of sports can be done as along as the players are testing prior to the games beginning.

Dr. Dan question: Would this mean that fans attending professional games should stay home from a public health perspective?

Dr. Dan answer: Yes, at this time it's important for fans to stay back and keep their distance as we wait for COVID to completely slow down especially as we await to see if a second wave will come. Fans can still cheer for their favorite time from home and the return of sports will bring our communities together and we need that now more than ever.

Dr. Dan question: If a player were to test positive prior the game, should future games be postponed?

Dr. Dan answer:  No, next steps would be the player would need to be isolated and further testing would need to be done on coaches and teammates to prevent another outbreak.

Dr. Dan question: What does the future look like in regards to the cost for these diagnostic tests?

Dr. Dan answer: An example is that the NHL will need 25,000-35,000 tests to complete the postseason. At approximately $125 per diagnostic test, the league's cost could approach 4 million.

Dr. Dan question: Where can we go to find more about you and your work?

Dr. Dan answer: At DrDanMd.com or on Twitter @DrDanMd1


About Dr. Dan O'Brien: 


Dr. Dan is a medical expert for 'the here and now' but he's also a Medical Futurist, with specialized knowledge in telemedicine, digital health, robotic technology, gene editing, augmented reality, software technology and A.I.


A physician and professor with a passion for innovative healthcare technologies and public health, Dr. Dan is a popular medical expert with appearances on national Talk Shows including ABC, NBC, CBS, Sinclair Broadcasting, Scripts News, Fox News, and Fox Television.


Dr. Dan understands the need to improve quality of care, cost, and access in healthcare. As a Chief Medical Officer for multiple healthcare startups and an award-winning scientific and academic leader, Dr. Dan brings substantial experience in public health and healthcare management. 


An award-winning scientific and academic leader, Dr. Dan has worked with several biotech and pharmaceutical companies on increasing awareness, education, and research in many diagnostic and therapeutic fields, including in the biotechnology industry. 


Not only is Dr. Dan is a medical expert for the here and now, but he's also a medical Futurist, with specialized knowledge in nanobots, remote surgery and medical apps with algorithms that can be used in early detection as well as using AI to project the likely spread of disease. 


Dr. Dan has an extensive physician network including relationships with key opinion leaders around the world. He has completed his clinical rotations at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and also has completed a certificate of participation from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has an MBA in healthcare management, and a B.A from the University of Notre Dame.


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