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SpeakerTunity Radio Insider!
Jackie Lapin  -- Conscious Media Relations Jackie Lapin -- Conscious Media Relations
Westlake Village, CA
Tuesday, June 22, 2021


SpeakerTunity Radio Insider


SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® Adds 15 New Podcasts Every Month That Are Seeking Great Guests, On Top of 25 Shows Already Offered

Low-Cost Monthly Subscription Service Provides Leaders, Experts and Authors a Curated List of Direct Contacts for Radio Shows and Podcasts


Podcasts and radio shows are looking for you! Your voice is your ticket to connecting with your next client or selling your next book. People need to hear you!

SpeakerTunity™, the Speaker Resource Company, is up-leveling its highly popular and acclaimed SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® by adding another 15 podcasts to the 25 radio shows and podcasts it currently offers subscribers on its $35/month service.

SpeakerTunity® founder Jackie Lapin has curated the leading shows from those she books for her celebrated Radio/Podcast Tours that guarantee a minimum of 30 shows for her clients, and brought them over to the do-it-yourself SpeakerTunity Radio Insider®.

Subscribe to SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® and get a combination of national, syndicated and local broadcast shows; prime internet radio shows on prominent networks; general interest podcasts; business podcasts; book-focused shows; videocasts and popular pay-to-play shows—delivered every two weeks.

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® subscribers get complete contact information for the host or producer for each show.

"Not everyone can afford to have someone do a radio/podcast tour done for them. That's why we created SpeakerTunity Radio Insider®, to make it easy for leaders, experts and authors—the people who are empowered to help improve one's life, business or the planet—get connected to the shows that welcome their vital messages without having to do the research themselves," says Lapin.   

Reviews for SpeakerTunity Radio Insider®:

  • "To all those just thinking about signing up for Speakertunity® tip sheets, let me just say... Do it today! I do PR for a very mainstream author and thought it would not necessarily help as much as it would with booking my conscious mind author, but boy was I wrong. With just the first 2 tip sheets I booked my author on 5 great radio shows. Thank you Jackie for creating a way that's reasonably priced and full of great contacts!"  -- Devra Ann Jacobs Owner/Agent, Dancing Word Group Agency
  • "I am so thrilled with the SpeakerTunity® radio tip sheets. We have booked over 20 shows that we would never have known about without this great resource. If you are trying to gain traction in this business, this is an unbeatable value and service. Don't hesitate. Enroll now!" -- Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH 
  • "After subscribing to SpeakerTunity Radio Insider®, I brought the building of our radio/podcast list in-house, but after a few months I returned to Radio Insider. The quality of the SpeakerTunity Radio show leads glean far better results than we were having doing it on our own!" — Patricia Cagganello, CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Media

More than 600 leaders have availed themselves of SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® exclusive tip sheets!

To get the SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® radio and podcast connections you can use right now to be even more successful, go to https://speakertunity.com/speakertunity-radio


To submit a show for SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® go to www.speakertunity.com/submissions .

About SpeakerTunity®:

SpeakerTunity® is the Speaker and Leader Resource Company, providing programs, tip sheets and regional directories that get leaders booked for speaking engagements, radio shows, podcasts, virtual summits and virtual networking across North America. SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Speaker Lead Directories® provides up to 1,800 direct speaker leads in  each of 60 different markets across the US and CAN—in four categories: business, service, consumer and spiritual meetings, venues and associations. SpeakerTunity® also offers a speaker-one sheet graphic design service and turnkey Success Booking System, along with training programs on how to get booked for any platform. www.SpeakerTunity.com

About Conscious Media Relations:

Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tours have helped nearly 200 luminaries, leaders, filmmakers and authors grow their businesses, sell more books, create viewership and change more lives by introducing them to up to 9000 radio shows and podcasts, including such clients as Don Miguel Ruiz, Arielle Ford, Dr. Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Chris and Janet Attwood, Maureen St. Germaine, Denise Linn, Hay House and more.  www.ConsciousMediaRelations.com

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Title: Founder
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Dateline: Westlake Village, CA United States
Direct Phone: 818-707-1473
Main Phone: (818) 707 1473
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