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'Speaker Society' Will Be Run by Speakers -- Free Founding Member Meeting
International Platform Association International Platform Association
Washington, DC
Thursday, July 23, 2020


Americas Leading Professional Speakers

-- The Top 100 --

Are Being Invited to The Mayflower Hotel  in Washington, DC for August 7th.

Objective of the meeting: to ratify a charter, then elect an interim president.  

This new "Speaker Society" will be a stand-alone society of the speakers who join and manage it.  

IPA will not be involved in the affairs of this new entity. All IPA is doing is providing a forum for 100 speakers to create their own entity. This event is being held in the Senate Room, and is expected to be standing room only! .

The following domain names will be given at no charge to the new entity the speakers create at the  event: SpeakerSociety.org  SocietyofSpeakers.com SocietyofSpeakers.net, SocietyofSpeakers.org Societyspeakers.com, Speakersplatformsociety.com. societyofplatformspeakers.com. 

All rights including the pending trademark are included in the gift.

There is a $2 cost to pre-register online, and guarantee the right to vote, and join as founding member. There is limited standing room in the event, therefore being included for the voting is not guaranteed without pre-registration.

Please call Mitchell P. Davis at (202) 333-5000 to RSVP.

'Speaker Society' Will Be Run by Speakers -- Free Founding Member Meeting by Mitchell Davis

The International Platform Association was founded in 1831 by American diplomat Daniel Webster (1782-1852) and educator Josiah Holbrook. (1788-1854). Holbrook was the principal founder of the Lyceum movement in 19th Century America.

The original name was the American Lyceum Association. The Lyceum movement was a venue for lectures, debates, and musical, religious, entertainment, and educational presentations for adults.

After the Civil War, many lyceums which had been devoted to science and manufacturing advances also opened their doors to vaudeville entertainers. In some ways, the Lyceums of the 19th Century were like C-SPAN today.  

In 1918, the name changed again to International Lyceum and Chatuaqua Association (ILCA); the word ?Chatauqua? was dropped in 1932. The last name change in 1947 was to International Platform Association, which has remained the name to this day.

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