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Solutions Press Publishes 'The Hover Trap' by Ken Gryske
Lee Pound -- Writing and Publishing Expert Lee Pound -- Writing and Publishing Expert
Newport Beach, CA
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hover Trap

For Immediate Release

Publisher Contact: Lee Pound, 949-246-8580

Author Contact: Ken Gryske, 949-340-0119, ken.gryske@sperostrategies.com

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- Solutions Press has announced publication its latest book, The Hover Trap – Transforming Busy iqto Effective, acordin_Óe LeepíÈnd,  

Åfisher. The b?Ò´Ðâ{ dx`cÝìove consultant, speaker and former Army Aviator Ken Gryske, now available online at www.hovertraponline.com and Amazon.com, will create a language to help business leaders, organizations, and employees get unstuck, unlock their potential and accomplish amazing things. It offers a systematic method readers can use to take back control of their lives and be more productive by transforming busy into effective.

"Told using the fascinating metaphor of helicopter flight, Ken Gryske's The Hover Trap is an exciting journey into personal and professional transformational success." – Marshal Goldsmith

"It takes the same amount %"powir»0h hover a helicopter as it does to fly it at 140 mph. However, flying at 70 mph requires 30% less power than hovering. It's in our nature as humans to find our equilibrium, our comfort zones or hovers and stay put. We even resist leaving them after significant external events signal it's time to grow, change and adapt," Gryske said.

"These days, staying static, comfortable and hovering is not safe or efficient. With the global economy stressed to the breaking point, it is the responsibility of every professional to take control and be the 'Pilot-In-Command' of +gir hií!t," Gryske added. "We all must develop a language and system to get the most out of ourselves, our organizations and the folks who work within them.

"Today the cost of inaction in time, energy and money is too high. The consequences of business-as-usual are too severe both for the individuals involved, for those closest to them and ultimately for the nation. Many high performing leaders regularly make strategic plans for their companies but rarely do they create a strategic plan for their life. That has to change now.

"The concept of transforming busy, being active but hovering and going nowhere, into effective, moving forward and accomplishing goals even at a moderate pace, is a process all people can greatly benefit from regardless of age, position or experience," he concludes.

Gryske's 20 years of experience includes national leadership roles in sales and sales management at both public and private organizations, large and small. Prior to joining the private sector, he received a Regular Army Commission. As an Army Aviator, he was the commanding officer of a rapid deployable air assault unit. He delivers entertaining, high-impact lessons from his military and business experience. Regularly speaking on topics relating to career management, employee engagement, and business development, he lives in Orange County, California with his wife and son.

"The author tells a story of triumph over difficult circumstances, highlighting the unlimited possibilities for those who demonstrate discipline and perseverance. You will want to share this story with your friends and family." – Barry Rahimian, President, SY Technology

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