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Smartest Person in the Room
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Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Success in school can be a burden in one’s career. Those who have been the smartest one in the class often develop subconscious beliefs that undermine them in the middle of their careers. They continue to believe that the right answer is key to being number one, and that there is one smart answer that is endorsed by the teacher-authority. They expect to be in the front of the line when rewards and accolades are delivered.

Often the first decade of their work-life has had enough similarities to lull them into thinking those rules will continue to work when they are forty years old. They don’t.

Frustrated, smart businessman

Alice Boyes, author of “The Healthy Mind Toolkit”, lists five issues that cause smart people to struggle.

  1. Smart people sometimes devalue relationship building, and over-concentrate on intellect.
  2. Teamwork can be frustrating for very smart people.
  3. Smart people often attach a lot of their self-esteem to being smart.
  4. Smart people get bored easily.
  5. Smart people sometimes see in-depth thinking as the solution to every problem.

The majority of our clients fit into this profile to some extent. We developed an Intelligent Impatient Person Profile (IIPP) to help our clients manage this pattern. The secret is that it only requires an adjustment about 20% of the time. The IIPP profile has also helped our clients who have to work with, or for, people who fit the IIPP profile.

If you would like a PDF copy of the profile, go to [LINK].

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