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Should You Ever Stop Trying to Grow Sales?
Shawn Casemore - Accelerate Sales Growth Shawn Casemore - Accelerate Sales Growth
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Dateline: Toronto, Ontario
Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Sales Bell Curve

Several years ago, we signed up for Netflix. Instant access to movies and television shows we could binge-watch seemed exciting.

Despite the initial excitement, the novelty began to wear off as the slow release of new shows and lack of content that suited our tastes became apparent.

We’ve since begun watching shows on Prime, Disney and Sportsnet.

As we’ve explored new streaming options, Netflix has raised their price, most recently adding sales tax into the mix. We’re considering canceling Netflix at this point.

The rise and fall of Netflix popularity with my family is a classic example of the sales bell curve in action.

Demand for each new product or service progresses along the bell curve over time.

Initially demand grows. However, over time, growing competition, rising prices and market changes then begin to erode demand.

sales bell curve, Shawn casemore

Many businesses are experiencing this bell curve right now. Pent-up demand is driving most of it. However, we both know that pent-up demand won’t last.

Each week I connect with a president or sales executive who suggests they don’t need more sales. They’re at or approaching the peak of their sales bell curve.

So, to avoid overwhelming their capacity, they begin taking actions to slow sales growth.

They stop pushing their sales team for new sales.

They back away from any deals that aren’t easy to close.

In some instances, they even let go of outside sales reps that aren’t meeting their sales targets.

Although I understand their dilemma in balancing capacity with sales, it’s the wrong mindset.

After all, what goes up must come down.

The better approach is to recognize and plan for the bell curve.

Set strategies in advance of reaching the peak to ensure you can extend the curve, rather than riding it back down.

This Week’s Exercise >>>

  1. What product or service is likely to reach the peak of the bell curve?
  2. What is the peak sales volume I can handle with my current capacity?
  3. How will I ensure our capacity and capabilities remain ahead of new sales?

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