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Shift Happens when you think differently
James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago, IL
Thursday, January 9, 2014

I collaborate with organizations to evaluate problems,create a vision where others aren’t looking,
capturing what others are not seeing, to increase stakeholder value, on the Journey To Bright Ideas.
5 Shifts to Instilling Innovation and Creativity In 2014
Now that 2013 is over and we start to rethink how we are going to make Shift Happen in our businesses and personal lives for 2014 it’s time to reflect on what has changed, and what has not.  For most buyers it’s about PRICE-QUALITY-SERVICE. We need to reorder those choices. SERVICE is the competitive differentiation.
Creative ideas are what turn ordinary companies into market leaders. These companies see the end result first and then build a path to achieve those results.
Unfortunately, in most companies today, neither creativity nor innovation exists. The corporate environment fails to foster creative or innovative ideas, which results in lost profits and opportunities every day. However, creativity and innovation are key elements that propel businesses to the top. Without either, your company comes in second at best, and no one remembers number two. While being number one certainly doesn?t guarantee continued success, it is definitely better than being forgotten.
Answer these quick questions to learn if your company lacks creativity and innovation.
  • Are your profits stagnant or slowly rising at best?
  • Are your customers satisfied, but not very loyal?
  • Do your employees lack the enthusiasm to think of new ideas?
  • Are you selling the same products and services as you were five years ago?
Any answer of ?yes? indicates that your business may not be around for the long-term.
I will provide a different blog for each of the ‘shifts’ to help you on the Journey To Bright Ideas.
To revitalize your organization and keep it from extinction, follow the guidelines below.  
Shift  #1 Foster a Business Climate That?s Open to Innovation and Creativity
Innovation is the ability to come up with ideas and solutions to pressing problems. It is the process of producing something that 1) has value, and 2) did not exist before. Creativity is the ability to take that new idea and make it valuable in your customers? eyes. Realize that every problem has a solution, although the solution may not be in plain sight. To make the solution more apparent, remove ?standard operating procedures? whenever possible and inspire creative thinking throughout the organization. Use novel approaches, strive for dramatic results, and reach for the highest goal possible. Reward business associates for finding the ?innovative solution? and for ?thinking creatively.?
As you encourage your people to display innovation and creativity, be prepared for mistakes. Acknowledge the mistakes, learn from them, and then try again. When people know that mistakes are part of the process, they?ll be more open to take risks and think in new directions.
Remember, failure and innovation are related.
Success only comes when you learn from failure.
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