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Shift Happens!® When You Embrace and Leverage Technology
James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago, IL
Thursday, August 28, 2014

Advances in technology and its application offer a continuous stream of new ways to connect our clients and reach new prospects. Consider everything. Something may not be right for you, but that doesn?t mean everything is wrong. Lots of people dismissed Pinterest as the latest time drain, and it probably was for many. But hotels and meeting venues have found that it?s a great way to showcase their facilities and reach new markets. Embrace these changes in communications technology to tell your story, build your brand and enhance client relations.
The real problem is finding what technology works for you by saving time, making you more productive, and allowing you to manage all the ‘media’ that comes to your inbox. After my latest trips to Puerto Rico, Mexico, California, Florida, etc. I have asked each client to suggest one of the best finds. While on the road I discovered more ways to manage my business, stay in touch with my clients, and spend less time sorting through thousands of emails a day. To be fair I have subscribed to many of these newsletters, blogs, reviews, over the years but it has gotten out of hand. I can’t find what’s important and what’s not.
My mailbox is now receiving so much information, blogs, reports, white papers, etc. it was taking me a few hours a day just to sor through it. Then I was shown Mailstrom. WOW.  Mailstrom is simply amazing. Spend a little time setting up folders and Mailstrom will take it from there. Watch the tutorial. Give it a fair chance and I am sure you will agree this is one of the best ‘tools’ for sorting out your inbox.
If you give it a try I am confident you will thank me for the introduction. So here’s your first month for free.

Here’s a gift of $5 off Mailstrom      https://mailstrom.co/referral/NPTZE

The other good news for me is that I came up with 5 ways to achieve better ‘shifts’ in my business.Slide006
  1. 1-Embrace and leverage technology
  2. Focus on Current Customers
  3. Charge for Everything you can
  4. Use Joint Ventures
  5. Delegate to Achieve More
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