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Shift Happens!® When You Commit To The Impossible.
James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago, IL
Monday, June 16, 2014



Learn the Art of Committing to the Impossible

      Using 3DThinking


from James Feldman?s Aha Amplifier Book
Today, it’s all about the AHA moment. The little voice inside your head that says, “YES, that’s it. WOW, I get it.”
Companies today are challenged to manage the ongoing innovation process. But they face a long list of obstacles: piecing together critical information, storing it in disparate sources, and developing a consistent process of bringing best of breed ideas to market. Implementing a company-wide innovation platform can effectively capture the collective wisdom of employees, partners, and customers, and efficiently manage the identification and implementation of next generation products and services.
Choosing the right tools and having the proper expertise to effectively innovate will be a defining factor in a company?s ability to survive in today?s increasingly complex, competitive business landscape.
Turns out, the best companies are naturally good at creating new ideas and executing them brilliantly. All too often, we stop at the first part and pat ourselves on the back for being innovative, even though we aren’t exactly sure what to do with a great idea. We spend too much time thinking ?outside the box,? when in fact, the problem is “inside the box.
I offer the tools, insights, and focus for your organization to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their business with a customized approach. My  focus is to educate organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results. I authored this new ebook using Aha Amplifier as the publisher.

Normally $1.99, this book is now available for free for a limited time on the Aha Amplifier: bit.ly/JamesFeldman-Aha01.

A significant advantage of this book is the ease of sharing the book?s Ahas that resonate with you via your social network on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Today we learn from  140 character sound bytes.
  • Fewer people read books and now look to social media, sound bites, on line videos, and short bursts of information that they can use easily and quickly.
  • Find one new thought each day that gives you that AHA moment.
  • Its not about what you think you, it’s all about what you need to know.
  • Discover someone or something with Radical Candor that makes you think, feel, act, or do something differently.
Slide006Take a minue and  sign up an account on the Aha Amplifier (http://app.thinkaha.com), (it’s free) and check it out. The Aha Amplifier helps you increase your influence by amplifying and activating quality “Aha” moments! Each Aha is sharable via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+, so you can easily share an important idea or statement with thousands (if not millions) of people.
About the Author:
I forge collaborative ideation and educate organizations how to innovate from top to bottom and bottom to top. Whether you want to improve daily efficiencies or bring an entirely new product to market, my  insights are built to maximize organizations? return on investment and provide powerful, measurable results over time. Guided by the framework of science and experimentation, though not to the exclusion of hunches, impressions, and intuition, my approach as a practitioner applies this knowledge to real world situations, which are applicable to every organization. If you want to make changes, improve innovation results, increase customer and employee retention, give me a call. 312 527-9111 or drop me a note at jfeldman@shifthappens.com
About THiNKaha (www.thinkaha.com):
THiNKaha makes it easy to create compelling content that helps to turn corporate experts into recognized thought leaders. THiNKaha services include the Aha Amplifier, thought leadership interviews via Google Hangouts, creating content portals, book publishing, webinar publishing, social media, traditional media coaching and vetted referrals, thought leadership mentoring/coaching, and many other thought leadership services, including the creation and support of corporations? thought leadership blueprints.
To have us help your corporation amplify its thought leadership, please contact Jenilee Maniti at jenilee.maniti@thinkaha.com
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210
Cupertino, CA 95014  +1 408 257-3000
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Title: Professional Speaker
Group: Shift Happens
Dateline: Chicago, IL United States
Direct Phone: 312-527-9111
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