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'Shift Happens!® No Job.no Money. Now What' Reinvent Yourself Using 3D Thinking™
James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST James D. Feldman -- The NOWIST
Chicago, IL
Saturday, May 9, 2020

'Shift Happens!® No Job.no Money. Now What' Reinvent Yourself Using 3D Thinking™
On March 16, we were told that the coronavirus was "not under control," and the situation was "bad" with months of impending disruption to daily lives, and a recession possible.  James D. Feldman, an expert in change, immediately started to create a 'new normal' toolbox. He recognized that this situation leveled the marketplace as it affected everyone. It has triggered uncertainties and fears of our future. This is the golden hour to take control of economic future.
CHICAGO, IL  Shift Happens to all of us. The challenge of life is to debunk our misconceptions and address our realities. Shift Happens, and we must take control of our lives rather than let our 'shifts' take us over. The only question is how does everyone in business handle the SHIFT.
- Do you or your organization need to discover new solutions?
- Do you or your organization need to overcome challenges?
- Could you or your organization benefit with new, improved, innovative thinking skills? 
- Do you or your organization need proven processes and systems that stimulate better ideas in less time?
- Do you need better tools to discover new opportunities using existing resources, annihilate the competition, deliver new products and services, plan meetings and events, save time and money?
  We have more time.
  We can reconsider, reimagine,reflect and react.
  We increased our social distance connectivity.
  We discovered a trigger to engage in technology.
  We gained clarity by breaking through systems and SOP.
  We are more focused on nature due to a decrease in carbon emissions.
Feldman's  book shows readers a path about how to nurture ideas, charge ahead,  leverage an innovative spirit that all successful companies possess. Using 3D Thinking 1) DEPTH (Investigate), 2)DISTANCE (Innovate), and then 3) DETERMINATION (Initiate) so your idea has every opportunity to achieve success. You sell the idea and show others how to apply it to solve a variety of problems.  Feldman applied his unique 3D Thinking look 'inside the box' and found many endless opportunities. His book contains real-world examples, dozens of infographics, resources, and suggestions that shift the way we solve problems.Real success comes from efforts and from timing—their ability to be there first, instead of feeding off the ideas of others. 
And our current issues has created a worldwide confusion that permits everyone to discover and seize new opportunities. It's time to embrace innovative Collisions.
A major benefit in this book includes one-on-one coaching to help facilitate innovative solutions. This provides readers with a sherpa to guide them through their specific challenges to find new opportunities.
So, how does an individual innovate and think creatively? By looking 'inside the box.'Feldman explains that to understand creativity isn't always about inventing products from scratch. Thousands of successful products or services are used in a radically different manner than originally intended. The creativity is in the new method of application, rather than in the unique nature of the original concept. 
In his book, Feldman explains that a creative solution might take the form of redirecting their excess capacity or processes to support the most profitable products or services. Thus, innovation is an innovative solution that anyone can use.  
In the past, we have been time-poor. With all of the shifts we are now time wealthy. Feldman encouages the reader to think when you're out walking when you're in the shower when you're listening to the news. Switch off your mind and think about that problem that's been bugging you. Use the 'shutdown' to organize your mind to be always receptive to new ideas. 
Feldman says, "We are in an environment that allows new ideas to be conceived, recognized for their potential contribution, expanded into tailor-made solutions, and then developed into products for other customers. And, the best way to arrive at innovative solutions is to use 3D Thinking and your advisor session, included with the book. " "If you don't look out for #1, you might step in #2."
Bottom line: Shift Happens!® to Everyone. Everything. Every industry. Every norm. And you can benefit from it. Use 3D ensure Shift Happens to achieve your success during these uncertain times.

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