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Seventeen ways you can generate more responses from ExpertClick.com
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Thursday, June 11, 2020


Seventeen ways you can generate more responses from ExpertClick.com

Secrets to ensure more traction and results:

1. Connect with other experts on your topics or theirs. Because ExpertClick allows you to connect to other members, you can link through topics that are similar or related to yours. This gives you and other members a chance to connect with each other, complimenting each other. One-word topics connect better. We set your topics as Meta tags for SEO on your press room page and news releases. 

2. Complete or update your profile. Your text is what Google reads. Your "book text" is used for the printed Yearbook of Experts, and set as meta-text for search optimization. 

3. Add a keyword descriptor like "Marketing Expert" to your participant name. Your Participant Name is set as your "title tag." By including a descriptor, you get two benefits – a) Your page can be indexed by Google better, and b) when viewers see your page, they can better understand what you do.

4. Include photos in your profile. We show them on our front page. ExpertClick is about Experts, not logos and business names. Experts who show a photo in the first image place benefit two ways: a) viewers know who they are going to contact and b) your photo is included on the ExpertClick front page when you send news releases.

5. Load a square photo – you can get better pick up at Google News and Google Images. We see news releases with square photos are more likely to have their photos picked up by Google News. 

Secrets that drive traffic to your News Releases and your Web site:

6. Issue news releases on a regular basis, particularly when you can respond to something in today's news. Your news releases are archived and link to each other. Someone interested in your release can connect to your other releases that you've issued which creates a bigger foot print for you.

7. Connect your news releases to Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Friends and associates on both social networks may re-tweet or copy your release onto their page, thus expanding your reach. 

8. Add your News Release Wire badge -- an icon with our logo that links to your Web site. You can see how to pick up a badge from the Manage Profile, when you log in at www.ExpertClick.com 

9 Include your email opt-in in your news releases. Simply include your HTML code in your news releases and a call to action so your releases do double duty. 

10. Include your Web site URL as a link in your News Releases to drive traffic to your site. You get a short code" URL as shown above that you can share or tweet with others. The short code formula is: www.NewsReleaseWire.com/<>

11. Send text, HTML, PDF or Screen Share news releases. You have three choices to send news releases: Basic text is best for SEO and so journalists can quickly and easily cut and paste. Html can be used if you want to create a "look." For complicated documents, you can load PDF's that maintain the exact format of your material. And if the content is elsewhere – like on your site - you can do a screen shot and add a headline.

12. Use your RSS feed to connect your News Releases to your social media, and to allow journalists to follow you. This works both ways: a) We can pick up your RSS feed, and pull into ExpertClick.  B) There is a RSS button on your press room, so you can pull your releases to social media.

Secrets to increasing your ranking - so you get seen first:

13. Upgrade your ExpertClick membership so you rank above others in search results. 

14. Renew to gain rank. Members who are about to expire are shown below renewed members.

15. Extend your membership to gain points, for members get extra ranking points every time they renew a paid membership, thus show up higher in search results.

16. Place a banner ad at the top of results on your topics. This can be done on our ExpertClick system on your topics to get top ranking. Here's a link to video that explains how they appear: http://www.NewsReleaseWire.com/34639 

Secret to increase your International Platform Association SpeakerBank profile and response:

17. Get paid when you speak, train, coach, or consult over the web. As an ExpertClick member, you are part of the International Platform Association SpeakerBank so people looking for a speaker can find you. The International Platform® Association was founded in 1831 by Daniel Webster – see the site at www.InternationalPlatform.org. 

ExpertClick®, SpeakerBank®, Yearbook of Experts®, International Platform Association® and Platform® are US Registered Trademarks of Broadcast Interview Source, Inc. Washington, D.C. Phone: (202) 333-5000 June 11, 2020  



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