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Seven Questions for Remote Communication
Change Masters Incorporated Change Masters Incorporated
Thursday, October 29, 2015


Seven questions to ask of the people whom you must communicate with remotely.

1. What have been your biggest struggles with electronic communication in the past?

2. What communication forms are most preferable for you? (Scheduled calls; voice mail; email or text)?

3. How much detail do you like to receive electronically?

4. What are the best times to reach you?tourist_on_globe_PA_150_clr_2465

5. How often do you want to hear from me?

6. What do you typically use to communicate informally? Skype? WhatsApp? Facetime? SMS?

7. Could you send me a sample of a business electronic communication you liked and tell me why you liked it so that I can give you what you want?

Customizing the way others hear from you will get your remote communication heard (or read) and dramatically increase your persuasive efforts.

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