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Service that Helps Writers Get Published or Produced Celebrates 19 Years of Helping Writers
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
San Ramon, CA
Sunday, August 28, 2022

Publishing Success

Now after 19 years of helping writers find book agents, publishers, and film industry contacts, Publishers Agents and Films (www.publishersagentsfilms.com) is going strong.  After helping over 1000 writers over the years and getting over 300 testimonials, the company is still helping many book and script writers each month.

The way the service works is it sends out email queries to editors and agents interested in that kind of manuscript from the writer's email using special software. Then interested editors and agents contact the writers directly.  Many writers have used the service multiple times for new books.  When the service first started in the early days of using emails, the Wall Street Journal wrote about it, which spread the word about the service worldwide.  

Writer and publisher Gini Graham Scott started the Publishers Agents and Films service as a result of being a writer herself and trying to find publishers and agents for her books, as well as producers and agents for her scripts. Then she began to help other writers do the same.  She found traditional publishers for over 50 books this way, and since then published over 200 of her books through her company Changemakers Publishing.  She has also written and produced 18 feature films and documentaries, and I have used the service to find distributors. Additionally, she works with a team with a web designer, publicist, and social media specialist to help writers once they have published their book or their film has been released.

Most recently, she has been writing a series of books on scams and how to avoid them, including The Big Con, about a books-to-film scam she discovered. It was based on using phony executives from real companies to get book authors to pay more and more to write the materials they needed for a pitch and pay for a marketing campaign which went nowhere.  The story of discovering this scam and the victims who were scammed has been turned into a documentary called Conned, which is being entered in film festivals and will be released next year. Gini discovered the scam as a ghostwriter writing scripts, synopsis, show bibles, and other legitimate materials for the company's clients, when she spoke to one of her clients. Then she found 10 more who had been duped.  They are featured in the book, and many of them are in the film.

Then, she investigated more scams and wrote I Was Scammed, featuring several dozen scams and how to avoid them, which has also been turned into a documentary called Scammed to be released next year.  She has a Facebook group "Scammed" with about 1850 members that features articles about scams, though many people joining – at least 250 of them -- are actually scammers trying to get members to contact them or their contacts to help them recover their money. She has been blocking them or declining or ignoring their efforts to submit posts, since this is an example of scammers trying to scam people who have already been scammed.

She also works as a ghostwriter for dozens of authors of books and scripts, many of them referred to her from ghostwriting services, self-publishing companies, and local business referral groups.

If you are interested in these various ways she helps other writers, she would be glad to talk to you or answer any questions online. You can see more about Publishers Agents Films at www.publishersagentsfilms.com, about her writing at www.changemakerspublishingandwriting.com, and about the films at www.changemakersproductionsfilms.com.  She has a YouTube channel at Changemakers Publishing, where you can see videos about the various things she has been doing.

She is based in Danville/San Ramon.  You can call email her at changemakers@pacbell.net

Karen Andrews

Executive Assistant

Changemakers Publishing and Writing


Publishers Agents Films


San Ramon, CA

(925) 804-6333


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