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Saving Santa
Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Extraordinary Everythhing In Life. Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Extraordinary Everythhing In Life.
Granada Hills, CA
Thursday, December 17, 2020

Saving Santa

Saving Santa


Michael J. Herman

US Identifies Super Spreader #1 and You'll Never Guess Who It Really Is

Dateline: Los Angeles

With cases of Covid-19 still on a rapid increase, combined with fears of catching the pernicious virus spreading like crazy, US officials have identified the culprit threatening to bring covid-19 into nearly every home in America. Can you guess who it is?

Julia Kantic's article reminds us: https://tinyurl.com/yc9g7ptm

Let's first consider the most unlikely of suspects.

*Who has access to every home in America with carte blanche to every welcoming fridge?

*Who is quite literally expected to visit everyone and is vilified if he dares miss your house?


*Who loves everyone so much he lets anyone big or small, short or tall, thick or thin, and even person or pet sit on his lap with no concern for social distancing?

Recent analysis of Covid-19 spreading patterns indicate that Christmas Eve may be peak with the highest infection rates of all time. 

With Santa Claus entering an estimated 350,000,000  American homes in a single night, delivering wrapped packages, sliding down soot-filled chimneys, leaving half-eaten cookies and figgy pudding, never seen wearing a mask, and even taking part in crowded parades, health officials are concerned that the rise in cases could be opaque by Santa's open access to American homes.

When asked for comment, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Head of Infectious Diseases at the CDC simply said, "I believe in the good work of Santa Clause. At one time a long time ago I was even a fan too, but this year, I think Santa should keep to the North Poll, where incidentally cases of Covid-19 at the North Poll number only one in the past 60 days. That is an outstanding record and we should all adhere to similar safety practices

Adding, "While it's clear Saint Nick has a natural immunity to all infectious ailments having survived every known pandemic and even common cold for centuries, I'm just concerned with the idea of anyone taking unnecessary chances."

National Security expert Scott Noman suggests if Santa does visit your home this Christmas to maintain at least 6-feet of social distancing, maintain prescribed mask and glove protocols, and wipe down all surfaces when cleaning.

Noman adds, "With a potential to visit every good boy and girl, the naughty children seem most likely to escape infection this Christmas. If they're not receiving presents, there would be no reason to stop by… Unless the jolly fellow needs a refill on hot cocoa."

When asked for comment by mail, a spokesperson for Santa Claus Enterprises replied simply "Ho Ho Ho and to Covid-19, no-no-no!

Michael J. Herman is an award winning and best selling writer, entrepreneur and coach who works with good boys and girls to achieve transformational breakthroughs and obtain their gifts in life.

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