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Sam Corcos, Co-Founder of Levels — The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistants, 10x Delegation, and Winning Freedom by Letting Go (Plus: Creating Leverage with Tools, Systems, and Processes) (#694)
Tim Ferriss - Productivity, Digital Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship Tim Ferriss - Productivity, Digital Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: San Francisco, CA
Thursday, September 21, 2023

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“A lack of communication is a lack of performance.”

— Sam Corcos

Sam Corcos (@samcorcos) is the CEO and Co-founder of Levels, an a16z-backed startup that shows you how food affects your health using continuous glucose monitors and other biosensors.

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#694: Sam Corcos, Co-Founder of Levels — The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistants, 10x Delegation, and Winning Freedom by Letting Go (Plus: Creating Leverage with Tools, Systems, and Processes)

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Levels Health | Twitter | Goodreads (Book Recommendations)

  • Publicly Shared Company-Building and Strategy Docs | Levels Health


  • [05:08] Delegation implementation and common mistakes.
  • [11:07] Recommended reading for delegators, delegatees, and all humans.
  • [13:26] Building a company culture that treats people like adults.
  • [15:01] Tools for performance and communication accountability.
  • [20:39] Why Sam considers Loom the “most important” tool in the kit.
  • [24:18] Friday Forum.
  • [27:17] Acclimating the recording-averse to Loom.
  • [30:40] Organizing Loom recordings for later search and use.
  • [36:35] Common challenges of sourcing and properly utilizing EAs/chiefs of staff.
  • [43:19] Novelty-seeking and board games.
  • [44:35] Vetting, pairing, and onboarding EAs and chiefs of staff.
  • [48:38] News and social media sobriety.
  • [55:20] Why does new employee onboarding take a month at Levels?
  • [1:00:59] What most delegators wish they’d known as newbs.
  • [1:04:57] Loom security and privacy concerns.
  • [1:08:10] From to-do list to calendar.
  • [1:13:17] How Sam skips the to-do list entirely.
  • [1:16:49] General schedule and repeating items.
  • [1:18:22] Scheduling stress reduction.
  • [1:21:59] Selecting books and hosting themed salon dinners.
  • [1:37:03] Calendly and related social hurdles.
  • [1:38:42] Using email proactively.
  • [1:41:23] The underrated power of hotkeys and shortcuts.
  • [1:44:42] Scheduling spontaneity.
  • [1:48:23] Calendar course correction.
  • [1:49:59] How Sam utilizes multiple EAs.
  • [1:51:58] Improvement growth for intermediate delegators.
  • [1:58:56] The Working with Sam user manual.
  • [2:04:20] Memo culture over meeting culture.
  • [2:11:55] Fighting organizational entropy.
  • [2:14:12] Raised secularly, what does Sam get out of theology?
  • [2:22:54] The perils of postmodernism.
  • [2:26:35] Network theory and relationship management.
  • [2:39:33] The investor-swaying juice cart moment.
  • [2:41:22] Metabolic health and the Levels mission.
  • [2:45:29] Who is Levels hiring right now?
  • [2:46:37] Physical over philosophical minimalism.
  • [2:51:37] Why Sam has a travel-sized copy of the US Constitution.
  • [2:55:21] Parting thoughts.


“A lack of communication is a lack of performance.”
— Sam Corcos

“One of my new rules over the last couple of years is, I will only purchase a book if it is the next book that I’m going to read. I just found that stacks of books that I have committed to reading, that I have not read, felt like a betrayal of my own commitment to myself.”
— Sam Corcos

“You spend a handful of minutes, 15 minutes, maybe 10 minutes, one time, learning what hotkeys to use. And most people will see a 10 to 40 percent increase in productivity immediately for the rest of their lives. And yet most people don’t take the time to learn them. It is a free productivity boost.”
— Sam Corcos

“If you cannot write out your ideas, you do not have coherent thoughts.”
— Sam Corcos

“Every new surface that you add is an obligation to maintain — maybe forever.”
— Sam Corcos


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