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Sales - Marketing ---- Leads Provided --- Work From Home
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Friday, March 6, 2020


Sales - Marketing ---- Leads Provided --- Work From Home

Compensation: $150 to $250 Daily (commission) Plus $15 an hour for first 10 hours when starting ProJet.   You get a $25 a month stipend to help pay your phone bill.

Employment Type: Contractor

Why Work Here?  World-wide leads provided. You Can Sell 24/7 World-Wide -- You get Personal Support from CEO.

There are two ways to make money:

1) $100 Royalty - Commission based – per sale.

2) Act as full service PR, where you sell writing services (writing and sending news releases) and at $50 an hour you keep $25 an hour.

How to sell, and the math behind the $150 to $250 a day.  It is suggested that you can close two sales a day, from your "lead" to "prospect" to "free trial" to "sold: mission:  40 "leads covert to 20 "prospects" coverts to 10 "free trials" convert to 2 "sales."  

There is no "cold call" phone work.  You work by email – and the phone only comes into play if they as the email for you to call them, or they pick up the phone all you.   If you use a program like Boomerang, you can set up e-mails at night or over the weekend and have your computer send the e-mail during office hours, a big productivity booster.

Two ways to make money:

  1. Sell an annual membership to use ExpertClick.
  2. Sell you services to send news releases and help them with marketing.

Way #1 is to earn a $100 royalty when you sell a new member account and the member takes over the account and pays. We provide the leads for you to contact.  -- This is affiliate marketing on steroids for you've got two ways to win:

Send them the link to the join page so they can buy.  You will be assigned an affiliate link that will offer them a 15% discount on the membership price, and when they use your affiliate link, it is clear you made then, you paid by PayPal the day of the sale.  … or they can register for the free trial using your name.

Get an OK via e-mail or phone call, and set them up for a 7-day free trial -- where you get them fully signed up. Then they have moved from prospect to free trial. Once you have their OK, you can build the profile for them. There is a video training that shows you how to set up the account. You find out if paid in 7 days. Then you can close them, or the automated system can and you get paid either way.

Suggestion: Offer to set up the free trial for them by filling out the free 7-day trial form -- Then you know it gets done and the trial starts.

Get them to go to the free join page and use your name in the special offer box for the 7-day trial.  See the "Free Pass" page here:  www.ExpertClick.com/Free

Way #2:  Be a public relations partner with Broadcast Interview Source, where you write profiles and send news releases on assignment, the client has to provide the information. You can bring in clients on spec, as you use the full system free of charge. The rate card is $50 an hour and you make 50% of your billing.  For sending news releases and we comp you the full ExpertClick & News Release Wire system to use.  Plan is to get them to buy four hours at $50 an hour, then you get $100 each purchase cycle. $50 X 4 divided by ½ = $50.

It's easy to get started and the best part is you can offer either option to potential clients, and there are unlimited clients who are pre-qualified by sending news releases of paying for expert profiles on other sites. We show you the best sites where people are already paying for press releases.  We also have leads pre-entered in the Expertclick admin, so they are easy to update and turn on.  Plus printed directories.

You should earn $100 minimum for each sale, and much more if you offer press release writing and the management of the account for them, so there is potential on-going revenue for you.   … and getting the news releases written is easy.  You can subcontract to willing people at Fiverr.com. 

About Broadcast Interview Source, Inc.:

ExpertClick publishes the www.ExpertClick.com website and the printed Yearbook of Experts. See the web site at www.ExpertClick.com Published since 1984.  It all started out with the Talk Show Guest Directory.  We've sold to organization from the White House, to Exxon, and many individual experts.  The individuals are easier to sell, as they can quickly make decisions. 

Company address:

Mitchell P. Davis, Editor & Publisher.  


Phone:  (202) 333-5000.   E-mail: ExpertClick@Gmail.com

Broadcast Interview Source ,Ing.

2500 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.

Washington, DC 20007


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