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Safely Reopen Gyms During COVID
Karina Krepp --  Chakra Holistic Karina Krepp -- Chakra Holistic
New York, NY
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Safely Reopen Gyms During COVID

I was scrolling through my old photos, feeling nostalgic for the progress shots of my clients lifting weights inside at the gym. As we move closer to the days of reopening the facilities, I have some advice for those of us who love the gym. For those whom it is not only a second home and social scene but also a place of business. Let's get this right, so we can keep the privilege. 


The precautions I'll be taking as I step back into the gym? First, I will say: thank you for opening these doors to me again! I always start with a gratitude attitude. Now I will be considering how to keep myself healthy in this space and time. The guidelines for safety during COVID are shaping up. All the experts seem to agree on what is unsafe:  six feet and more than 15 minutes of indoor exposure with no mask. What does this mean for us in the gym? I suggest each of us bring our mask and wear it traveling to and from our workout station. Most gyms have taped off areas with six feet between stations. When you arrive and decide what your goal is for the day, bring all the equipment you will need into your station to limit the back and forth. Working in a smaller area requires equipment organization and awareness so there are no trip and fall accidents! We came to get healthier and stronger, not twist an ankle. Try to keep your workout time focused on your goals. Maybe implement supersets: working opposing muscle groups. As an example: do a set of supine ball dumbbell pullovers then superset  ball pushups. This allows rest time for the back as you are using the chest as primary mover. Supersets can shorten the time (and exposure) in the gym. 

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I have been working as a personal trainer in New York City for over 26 years.  I am a Certified CHEK Integrated Movement Specialist 2, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 2, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor and a RRCA Certified Run Coach.  My years of experience have given me the opportunity to help clients with pre and post natal fitness, joint replacement surgery prep and integration, and life goal endurance challenges.  How you move and feel in your body is my business! Please check out my website for more information:




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