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Sabotaging USA Democracy
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Thursday, June 16, 2022


Inflation Causes

Shortly before the end of Trump's presidency he made a deal with Saudi Arabia to cut oil production 2 million barrels a day and domestically shut down 1000 out of 9000 leases. He clearly favored producers over consumers and set Biden up for gas inflation. That plus the supply chain issues from Covid led to the initial inflation. Now the shut down in China has exacerbated supply chain issues. Before the Ukraine War gas prices were $3.14, now they are $5.01, a 60% increase. The nine companies that ship most world trade have increased their fees 1000% (more than ten times normal). The gas companies are charging 75 cents more now (June) than March, the last time gas was $100 per barrel like it is now. Clearly, they are overcharging. The Keystone pipeline has not been built yet so it can not be used, yet Republicans cite this as false evidence for oil inflation.

Clearly the Trump sabotage, Covid supply chain issues, and Putin's Ukraine War are the main causes of inflation, not Biden. Blaming Biden for spending makes no sense when he brought the deficit down, meaning he paid for the spending unlike typical Republican inflationary presidents.

Sabotaging Afghanistan

When Trump negotiated the peace deal with the Taliban, he negotiated the May 1, 2021 withdrawal one year before in April 2020. Then they refused to process SIV visas for Afghans who had helped the U.S. for those thirteen months. When Trump tried to pull the last 2500 troops out in January 2021, had he succeeded, there would never have been the 150,000 evacuees out of Kabul airport that Biden brilliantly later pulled off. But the media blamed Biden for the evacuation that Trump had so thoroughly bungled. Trump made a deal with the Taliban undercutting the Afghan government, no wonder everyone quit fighting.

Sabotaging the Kurds

U.S. troops were pulled from the Turkish-Syria border and 130,000 Kurds were driven from their homes as a result. That's how Trump helped the corrupt Turkish leader Erdogan out. That's what you do when you have twin Trump towers in Istanbul and want to stay in his good graces. The Kurds lost 10,000 dead successfully defeating ISIS in Syria, this is how Trump thanks them.

Sabotaging the Supreme Court

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has dropped standards for impartial justice by stacking the Supreme Court with Federalist Society right wing robot reversal justices, first election funding has been made unlimited for the billionaires in Citizens United (2010). This was a huge step in favor of oligarchy in the United States. Now for the first time ever a human right will be taken away from Americans reversing Roe v Wade.

Sabotaging the Senate

Seventy years ago, the filibuster was used about once a year. But in the twenty-first century Mitch McConnell has sabotaged the Senate on all matters, forcing an unconstitutional 60 vote requirement to pass the Senate, rather than the constitutional simple majority.

Sabotaging the Post Office

The corrupt (owns businesses with hundreds of millions of dollars with no-bid contracts with USPS) postmaster general DeJoy, appointed by the gangster style ex-president's postal board (aides generally considered that Trump acts a lot like a gangster in his retributions) Trump, destroyed 671 sorting machines reducing postal efficiency from 90% to 80%. This helped Trump try to stop election related ballot delivery of vote by mail to hurt Democratic voting. This incredibly corrupts the constitutional postal service in order to benefit private carriers, including DeJoy himself. Another example of the most corrupt administration, full of grifters, in American history.

Putin Protégé

Trump seeks to be a strongman like Putin. Putin helped him win the 2016 election with Russian disinformation and hacking, and he has been loyal to Putin, never saying anything against him personally.


Extremism, Militarism, economic stagnation and rigidity in politics are typical results of a prolonged state of empire. Enemy creation, common in high military spending situations, extends into domestic politics. Right now, thanks to brainwashing by Trump, America is close to losing democracy, based on baseless claims of fraud.


Normally crime is a function of military spending, but since 2015, when Trump came on the scene, gun deaths have nearly doubled, probably because of all the violence he has encouraged. White nationalism and domestic terrorism have thrived since 2015.

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