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SHIP AHOY! Thar Be a WHALE! A So Cal Pearl of an Attraction

SHIP AHOY! Thar Be a WHALE! A So Cal Pearl of an Attraction


A So Cal Pearl of an Attraction.

By Michael J. Herman, Interim Editor-In-Charge for

Luxury-Media Group


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In Southern California there is no shortage of amazing activities to stimulate and delight the senses. From amazing gardens and world-class museums and oceans, the panoply of potential pleasures can be positively pulverizing. But in a beachside enclave called Dana Point, just south of Laguna Beach is a jewel in the crown of activities.

Capt. Dave's Dana Point Dolphin and Whale Watch Safari is a must do activity. It's not only a great option during the summer months, but throughout the year as well. Dana Point is home to the largest population of dolphins and varied sea life anywhere in the world.

With a myriad of adventures from which to choose, and a veritable Armada of vessels to ride, Capt. Dave delivers an outstanding and           memorable experience.

On this particular sunny afternoon, our Manute'a (part catamaran-part pleasure boat with indoor/outdoor comforts), raced along the water's surface like a tour bus on holiday.

With Capt. Alex at the helm, whale watching isn't just about seeing whales and dolphins. It's an immersive, tactile, emotional, and visceral experience that stimulates every bit

 of consciousness.


A bobbing boat, a sunny day, nice people gathered for the afternoon, a horizon that seems 1 million miles away, and the spray of fresh ocean air in your face. This is a little of what Capt. Dave delivers.

For me personally, the experience was augmented by the speed at which the Common Dolphins paced the boat. With barely a wiggle of the body, these amazing mammals can reach speeds greater than 30 miles per hour (26 knots.)

With hundreds of dolphins surrounding the vessel, there is hardly a point of view you can miss seeing something breathtaking.

Capt. Dave also includes a bit of marine biology education, revealing important facts like the critical state of our oceans and the danger whale populations face.

Our tour included 24 other passengers making it half of the capacity of the trip. The group was a mix of international tourists, vacationers, and locals like us. The mix made for an ideal day     at sea.

On our nearly 3 hour journey, we witnessed hundreds of dolphins and sea life, and toward the end, before anyone gave up hope. Capt. Alex spotted a rare sighting, a Fin Whale, one of the largest mammals on earth. While Gray Whales and Humpbacks are frequently seen on these trips, the Fin Whale is rarer and did not disappoint.

Did it jut its head out of the water and declare its presence like Moby-Dick, or some kind of cinematic event? No.

Did it make a loud holler as to announce its presence? No.

What it did was quietly surface then dive, then surface again, over and over, allowing all on board to share in its awe and excitement. For me, communing with these majestic creatures in what is essentially their living room was a spiritual and transformational moment.

Whale Watch adventures are not only family fodder, but also a great team building option.

I can't wait to go again -- and soon!

You can reach Capt. Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watch Safari at (949) 577-8403 or at DolphinSafari.com. Whale Watch tours are $89 adults and $60  kids 1-12. Check web site for changing promotions and discounts,

Capt. Dave's Dana Point Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari has been in business for more than 25 years,

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