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SE Florida NGIP chapter hosts humor in business keynote
Jan McInnis - Humor in Business Expert Jan McInnis - Humor in Business Expert
Los Angeles , CA
Sunday, September 08, 2019

Jan and Monica relax after the meeting
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"Today rocked. We brought in such a wonderful and uplifting speaker and comedian, Jan McInnis. Her topic titled finding the funny in change. So not only did I find myself laughing the entire 90 minutes but I learned some very valuable tools that I am going to take back to my work place when we're dealing with a difficult situation or even a person. Years ago many people thought that being a good leader meant ruling with an iron fist. Nothing could be further from the truth," said SE Florida NGIP organizer Monica Powery.

The featured speaker was humor in business expert Jan McInnis, and she shared tips on how to use humor during stressful change situations at their September 5, 2019 meeting. Attendees learned the importance of humor in business, techniques for finding humor, and rules for using it. And of course there was lots of laughter.

"It's not about teaching people how to be a comedian and tell jokes, it's about using humor as another tool to change the energy and help your staff, coworkers and clients move through difficult situations," McInnis said.

Members of the South East Florida had seen Jan's keynote at the 2018 Florida Association of Public Procurement Officers conference, and felt she was a great fit for their chapter event.


Jan McInnis

Keynote Speaker and Comedian


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Jan McInnis
The Work Lady
Los Angeles, CA
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