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Rude Things People Do
Gloria Starr -- Executive Presence, Etiquette, Manners, Image Gloria Starr -- Executive Presence, Etiquette, Manners, Image
Naples, FL
Thursday, September 24, 2020

1. Incongruent or Inappropriate Body Language and Gestures can Break the Trust in Just a Few Seconds. Almost all hand gestures are rude in some cultures. A smile is a universal positive gesture.
2. Etiquette Tip when Giving a Toast: Raise your glass but do not clink the glasses. Also, if you are the person being Toasted to, you do not raise your glass or Toast to yourself.
After the Toast you then can say 'thank you' and raise your glass to your friends and colleagues.
3. Etiquette Tip: When you say "I can not agree more" your subconscious mind registers and focuses on "not." I recommend that you say "I agree fully."
4. Buffet Etiquette: do not select food items with your fingers. Do not pick up a food item from the buffet and pop it into your mouth. Do not take your dirty plate up to the buffet for a second helping. Always get a clean plate at the buffet.
5. Table Napkins: a dinner table napkin is twice the size of a luncheon napkin. Fold the napkin and place it on your lap with the fold at your stomach. Always dab your napkin on your mouth prior to siping your beverage to avoid food particles in your glass.
6. Sip from your glass in one place only ladies. You do not want lipstick smudges around the entire lip of the glass.
7. Ladies, never apply lipstick or touch up your makeup at the dining table.
8. Inappropriate conversations at the dining table: gossip, dealth, money, religion or politics. Appropriate conversation content includes travel, books, live theater and anything that is positive that would be of interest to your dinner companions.
9. Meet and Greet: Always introduce yourself and say your name slowly so that people will remember it. If they do not offer their name, please ask them politely and say "and you are?"
10. Never put your items (purse, phone, etc.) on someone's desk and do not sit down in their office until you are invited to do so.
11. Phone etiquette: when speaking on the phone in public, use your other hand to cover the mouthpiece so that others do not hear your conversation.
12. Do not use pet names for people in public or at work.
13. Age before Beauty. Always defer to a person that is older, wiser or more distinguished. Respect is essential.
14. Please say "may I?" instead of "can I?" You are asking permission rather than asking if you are able.
15. Always stand to shake hands and introduce yourself in a business situation. With our current Covid challenges, I recommend nodding your head in a positive way, smile and say "I am delighted to meet you."

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