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Review Empire Climate Book
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Writing the Empire Climate Book "Weather Wealth & Wars"

Once you have the material together it's easy to write a book, especially if you have been working on it for many years.  The basic text was created in the nineties for the Radio for Peace International "University of the Air" and updated every few years (2007, 2014).  Each chapter is written in three parts, the main part is textbook like with all the details fitting into the various chapter topics as we explore the world of the military and climate systematically, using a systems dynamics approach, always asking the question "How does this effect other related things?" The idea that military spending hurts the economy rather than helps it, is enormous.  The idea that we are all on a great cycle curve that is like a roller coaster, going up and down, starting with weather, which in turn causes economic ups and downs over the decades and sets up the major war situation, is enormous.  The Empire part starts first through Chapter 15, followed by the Climate part in Chapters 16-29, followed by the three special chapters on Science, Nobel Peace Prize, and Biography.

Where People Are At Right Now

People are conservative by nature, resistant to change, preferring to stick to old familiar habits rather than try new things.  My partner and I are different, looking to learn and grow all the time, going to the many local lectures available in a college town community.   Many people are happy just living their lives, enjoying family friends and sports.  Propaganda has narrowed the way to respond to new information.  Trump's repeated lies swallowed whole by his followers and captive media have severely poisoned American politics on the way to turning a democracy into an autocracy.

Reviewers Needed

The book needs reviewers and quotes on the jacket right now.  Academics, professionals, and journalists please ask me for a compressed pdf under 8 megabytes of the book to review.  Then send me your thoughts and quotes for publication as soon as possible.  I'm thinking of an early October release date.  Books are amazingly affordable right now.  Probably all you need is an E-book and a perfect bound soft cover edition.  One place in Ann Arbor offers copies at $2.59 each.  I have about 200,000 words in my 435 pages at 14 point Calibri for senior readability, expected to cost more.   Each chapter starts with the textbook like part (about 100,000 words), followed by Expertclick.com Releases for about 100,000 more words, ending with the extremely informative Special Charts section at the end of ten of the 32 chapters.

Purpose of the Book

National Security experts will find this a must read.  Hurricane and Climate forecasters will find this a must read.  Criminologists will find this a must read.  In the absence of this book, national security blunders will continue as usual, the climate future will remain full of wild guess work with major inaccuracies, and the failure to connect crime and the military will continue.  20% of the 560 charged with crimes during the January 6th insurrection were either current or former military.  Yes, everything changes when this book is fully absorbed into the national consciousness, and new academic departments may have to be created in our universities to follow up on the many leads created by this book.

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