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Revenge Spending – Right To Die -- Be a Pro Sports Bettor?
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Washington, DC
Sunday, March 14, 2021


Revenge Spending – Right To Die -- Be a Pro Sports Bettor?

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Revenge Spending Expected

Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP -- The Herman Group

Restrictions=Pent-Up Demand -- The restraints imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic have been onerous for many of us. We miss eating out at restaurants; we miss traveling and seeing new sights; and we miss going to plays and concerts. Many family events have been postponed due to limitations on the sizes of gatherings. This pent-up demand will result in what is called "Revenge Spending."

Not Just a US Phenomenon --- Because the Pandemic initially appeared and was first resolved In China, Revenge spending was first seen in China in May with luxury goods. For example, in May, Tiffany saw a 40 percent drop in its global net sales, but a 90 percent increase in spending in China.

Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP, Austin, TX

Cell/TEXT: 336-210-3548



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Fascinating new book on the right to die

Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization

THE INEVITABLE: Dispatches on the Right to Die

I've read every non-academic book on the right to die in the last 40 years and the scope of this new one comes as a pleasant change: in-depth, international, doctor-probing, and examining certain people who want accelerated death from birth to their life's end. The intensive studies of the backgrounds and philosophies of four doctors (Shavelson, Nitschke, Irwin, Kevorkian), ground-breaking professionals, are a gem in themselves, something not examined this way before. The suffering and distress of selected persons with painful and distressing illnesses who are looking for a quick, non-violent end is told in deep, thoughtful stories. And compassionate. We need to know exactly how it is for some.

Derek Humphry

Euthanasia Research and Guidance (ERGO)

Junction City, OR




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Ever Dreamed of Being a Professional Sports Bettor? Here's What It Takes

Las Vegas Advisor -- Expert Gambling Books

Successful sports bettors are a rare breed. Of the millions who play, only a few achieve long-term positive results and a fraction of those earn their entire livelihood from their action.

Among them is Logan Fields.

Fields placed his first sports bet online in 1999 and soon recognized that sports betting was his life's calling. Only four months later, he left his day job and has been wagering on sports ever since.

In 20/20 Sports Betting, Logan Fields takes you through those early years and chronicles how he managed to steadily build his bankroll and quickly transition to become a full-time pro. But this isn't a memoir. It's a how-to-play and, more important, how-to-think account. Baseball, football, golf, NASCAR, hockey, horse racing—name the sport and Fields tells you how to beat it.

Guest is: Logan Fields

Media Contact is: Anthony Curtis Las Vegas, NV




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Women Business Collaborative (WBC) celebrates Women's History Month with Virtual Series on Corporate Leadership

Edie Fraser -- Women Business Collaborative

Throughout Women's History Month, the Women Business Collaborative is hosting a series of events to demonstrate how women rise to CEO, C-Suite and Board positions; the best practices in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) and progress in industries like investment management and staffing; and how we can weave together a movement of women of all colors and backgrounds. The WBC is speaking with CEOs and executives from across industries about the importance of women's leadership and equity across businesses.

"It's exciting to see a new critical mass pushing for greater gender equality and diversity," stated Edie Fraser, WBC's Chief Executive Officer. "With these events, we are looking to harness that momentum and make sure these efforts are front and center this year."

WBC is partnering with RestaurantHER to highlight, celebrate, support and grow the number of women-led restaurants, especially those impacted by COVID. Together, we'll raise awareness and encourage Americans to support local women-owned restaurants throughout the month of March, throughout the year and beyond.

Interview Subject: Edie Fraser –

Media Contact: Gwen Young




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Jon Pirincci eats funny

Jonn Pirincci -- Comedian

Jon Pirincci is a stand up comedian/Impressionist who does over 200 impressions who worked with Jay Leno, Billy Gardell and other top comics that travelled all over the U.S.He has great shows on his You Tube channel.under Jon Pirincci.also.

One called Celebrity Food Face.Famous. Jon does TV and Film stars that eat their favorite foods..Robert Deniro, Jerry Seinfeld,Jay Leno, Al Pacino,Ed O'Neill,John Travolta,Morgan Freeman and many others..

His other great show is The First impression.He teaches others on the street to do great celebrity impressions, good or bad it is very funny!! Karaoke Earth is also an incredble He sings with strangers in Hollywood with their favorite songs.Springsteen ,Prince,.Abba, Whitney Houston and many others.Advertisers get involved and develop programs on line with him because they get thousands of views and followers..

He is a multi-talented individual that can lend himself to Comedy, Theatrical Roles, Hosting, Voice Over,Podcasts(Comics Karma),Author(Whats a little wind?) and many other areas of entertainment..Jon has been involved with a variety of television and film projects also.

He was cast in the Clint Eastwood film Jersey Boys seen by millions of people in the movie and the trailer. JP also did TV shows like Good Girls with Chistina Hendricks, Black Monday with Don Cheadle, new films with Christian Bale and Will Ferrell..Jon was asked to do music videos with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown..Pirincci also did two national commercials with Ellen DeGeneres .advertisers and develop other programs on line and TV-Films that get thousands of views and followers..

When you want to laugh,sing and know his talent very much, you really must watch his very funny and different shows.No one does this online or even TV shows and Films.that was mentioned before in this release..You will never forget his amazing humorous talent!

Jon Pirincci

Los Angeles, CA

Cell/TEXT: 818-879-3323



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