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Questions Expert Can Answer in the InterviewClicjk System
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Thursday, July 27, 2023

1. How Many Questions Have Been Asked as of July 27, 2023?
2. Will all car go electric ?
3. Why are sunsets red?
4. How reliable are product reviews?
5. What are some ways moms can build their self-confidence?
6. How much student debt is "too much?"
7. What are tips you can offer to improve a sales presentation?
8. How to get more business contacts/customers to expand a business?
9. What hidden benefits can you get from eating certain spices available at your local grocer?
10. Are reusable bags causing more harm than good?
11. How do you save money without feeling deprived?
12. Is your zip code making you sick?
13. What foods boost or wreck libido in women?
14. Did a consumer survey -- online or telephone -- help you build business?
15. How can you win back lost clients?
16. Seeking quotable sources on teen bullying in education
17. USPS regulations concerning Periodical class?
18. Can anyone share stories of IT (espeicallydata storage) disaster or preparedness in connection with recent NE floods?
19. What's the real history of the national debt, over the past 10 years
20. How can the small business owner stay afloat in this economy?
21. How can small business owners stay afloat in this economy?
22. How does ExpertClick qualify a journalist
23. When do diplomats meet face to face
24. How have immigration patterns changed in NYC in the past decade?
25. What are the current trends in unmanned military vehicle technology?
26. Women Doctors who deal with abused women
27. second hand smoke in theaters--should it be legal?
28. what are key issue for Senate and House to reconcile in Health care bills?
29. How do American policies on global warming compare with those of the rest of the world?
30. What is international marketing
31. What publicity stunt ideas have you found to be successful used in the past?
32. Is the Sky Blue?
33. Are niche markets good places for beginning screenwriters?
34. Celebrities and Execs who are artist too --book
35. Why are some seemingly healthy foods so unhealthy for you?
36. Looking for great human interest stories
37. What are the top three steps for saving a marriage?
38. How can high school graduates prepare for the rigors of college study?
39. What should students know about student loans before going into debt?
40. What's the best district in Barcelona for vacationing families?
41. Should CIOs have a place on the board?
42. what are the special challenges and rewards of a career as a public-sector CIO?
43. Advice to HIgh School Students... Career? College?
44. How do I stop temper tantrums
45. What free or reduced activities in NYC?
46. Why are journalists less interested in D-Day?
47. How are metals manufacturers improving products and processes to be greener
48. How are OTC companies doing? I'm seeking experts to interview for an article.
49. College, Or Not? In this Economy? Good Jobs without a degree?
50. Do NEW apartment complexes lower property values.
51. What are the different WHO regions addressed in WHO's definition on Phase 6 pandemic phase?
52. Technically and/or theoretically, can human DNA be used for human cloning?
53. Looking to interview men who have dated or married a gold-digger or an addict.
54. Seeking expert help with book on accounting fraud
55. Do you have a case study of a small business that has effectively solved a customer retention problem?
56. Do animals have an ego?
57. People Who Have Been Fired and Came Back Stronger
58. How to make sure your meetings/events reflect your company's multiple cultures and age groups?
59. How big a problem are immigration lawyer scams?
60. Maximum credit card interest rate?
61. Should I keep writing or promote?
62. Does Obama Make You Want to Visit Washington, D.C., Even More This Year?
63. What is your passion and purpose?
64. Do herbal teas have any health benefits?
65. Are the terrorist organizations really able to launch an attack on Western targets with a dirty bomb?
66. Scientific evidence regarding reduction of chemotherapy side effects by natural agents?
67. Is George Soros connected with MoveOn.org in any way?
68. Why is the night sky red
69. Why is sky Blue
70. What is sample?
71. Why is the sky blue?
72. How do I get news releases?
73. What Popluar Movies are next
74. How Many Experts know about Cyberspace
75. Who will be the new Commerce Secretary
76. Are crunchy or chewy foods beneficial to teeth?
77. Does someone own trademark rights in As Seen on TV?
78. How do I get my son our of prison?
79. How can I make the airlines in Microsoft flight Simulator real like Delta airlines and not fake like Orbit airlines
80. should ceiling fan be operated in updraft direction in summer?
81. Is there is an investor for my deal out there
82. Can I travel with a valid RTD if my I-485 is pending?
83. Why do Americans have so much trouble on clay courts?
84. whatis the statis of this company
85. Will he choose me?
86. Can you identify a stuffed animal from the late 1980's from a picture? I believe by Fisher Price
87. where do i find insurance investigator that researched alaska airlines ownership title after flt 261 crash?
88. Does the online school run using open source software?
89. Where may I puchase Acai Extreme Energy Formula in the Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 area?
90. How to put myself out there??
91. Tips for Intergeneratioanal Travel?
93. How do i get my mind off of eating??
94. Why do they use drugs?
95. Where does your experience come from?
96. is there any site one can go to and view some of the footage of this tape?
97. How many are needed for one year?
98. How does this copare to the stick&convertible irons on relaxed and natural hair?
99. did deandre jackson get drafted
100. Do you think mothers who kill their children recieve harsher punishment than fathers who kill their children?
102. Could you send me a copy of your points evaluation pacakage?
103. Did The Turkeys in West Virginia Have High Path H5N2?
104. would like to consult people going to prison any advice
105. How can i help my wife?
106. Do you have in guidence coaches in Hawaii or help online to help motivate my wife to get out thier and work with kids
107. What do we know about birth order and personality?
108. need help dont know whats going on!!!!!!
109. how can a parent restore her parental rights once the parantal rights are terminted and new evidence is discvered that
110. conception?
111. if a person is under doctors care and calls in sick, can the company suspend them until further notice?
112. Jake's Closet can you help us.
113. shoulder surgery
114. What is the distance criteria for transpotaion to a dialysis facility?
115. ow do active duty members blend families due to remarriage?
116. How does a college student maintain his or her weight if they are already over wieght?
117. What is your advice for young middle-class families who cannot afford a home in California and other bubble states?
118. How to creat a save enviertment for communication_
119. Is there a trend towards more basic/traditional toys?
120. why is there sex in the world?
121. where do they live?
122. Any info with respect to any suspected terrorist activity in Trinidad and Tobago?
123. radio interview - Wednesday March 14th
124. What is the best way to launch educational products into Unviversities.
125. are you going to help me ?
126. What organizations, companies and/or individuals fund your group Medical Bridges? Any with conflicts of interest?
127. What is meant by "dynamic fantasy" with reference to children's fiction?
128. Is using a contracting company who uses non-union labor initially cost effective?
129. What is your name?
130. what organiztion specializes in hymenoptera
131. how do you report cps for illegally action's .
132. wherw is depression came from?
133. what do I do with ear 'fluttering'?
134. What are the problems in the Sports Management Profession?
135. when was she born and what shes known for?
136. Will there be a new NBA Team for Syracuse, NY as early as this year?
137. is r.kelly and whitney houston hip hop or r&b
138. when i am the center of attention i panic
139. how do you use thebottle of helium to the plastic bag
140. Is the Retainer Route for You?
141. Dear Dr Epstein, Do you still support Neways as a non-toxic product company? Are they still safe?
142. Dear Dr Epstein, Do you still support Neways as a non-toxic product company? Are they still safe? Thanks Moira Mahony
143. Facts about caffeine. How much do we need? How much is too much? What about dependency?
144. why doesn't one of the dealers targeted by Mayor Bloomberg's agents make a citizen's arrest of him, and prosecute??
145. What are behaviors and signs parents/caregivers can watch for to keep children from bullying or being bullied.
146. Is bad parenting a cause of schizophrenia?
147. What is the name of the orginization specializing in hymenoptera
148. what is the name of the organization specializing in hymenoptera
149. What is the name of the organization specializing in "hymenoptera?"
150. Are wife batterers really able to change?
151. I want to know if it really is possible for a wife batterer to change?
152. Advice for a Human Resource Manager creating their own department?
154. what is the name of the organization specializing in "hymenoptera (stinging insects)?
155. what group specializes in hymenotera?
156. Who is your publisher?
157. what is the name of the organization specializing in "hymenoptera (stining insects)
158. what is hymenoptera
159. where can i buy angelic messenger cards by meredith young-sowers. published 1993
160. Are their companies that seel better equipment?
161. I canot help but to believe that Operation Mocking Bird is alive and well among all those in the media. How many are on
162. how to find the effects of hr practices and work system on employee retention
163. when will my career improve?
164. Have the judges increased their cruelty on American Idol because they think that it is what people want to see?
165. Where can I find a publication for IRS Regulations dealing with payroll?
166. How do I get rid of flab? I'm almost 50 years old?
167. Why won't my 7 year old cocker eat out of his bowl now
168. why don't you say miss ali based her success on lies and that she is a quasi illeteate and knows nothing about islam?
169. why didn't you mention that ms ali has based her so called reputation of outspo
170. When will the rookie/soph game tickets be released to the general public?
171. Does a Wisconsin County Prosecuter have the right to keep you from filing until satisfactory counseling is acquired?
172. Before beginning the L to J process, should the students be given a list of the words and defintions?
173. How Pilates, Gyrotonics and Yoga Help Beat Back Pain
174. can blood pressure be cured?
175. What is your opinion on gun control?
176. Tax Liability for couples filing separately when one spouse dies
177. Where can these brush picks be purchased.
178. effective wholistic treatment for "lymphoma" ?
180. Why are you all so anti american?
181. money is probelem men?
182. I need advice as to whether I should even be in my current relationship with my boyfriend.
183. teen with IDDM, v. small diet, weight gain, insulin needs going up w/no cause, metabolism is "off", what to do?
184. 3 Family Members: What is the best method of splitting a large collection?
185. Do you view the artistic plating of food currently in vogue in restaurants a valid form of design?
186. Why are they still using formaldehyde in travel trailers ?
187. How do you set up a boxing match between two peole and get paid for doing it
188. To whom would I address a question concerning local board members and their policy for electing new members?
189. I took Paxil in early pregnancy, my unborn baby has Hypo-plastic Left Heart. Would i have a case?
190. Are your exams effective?
191. Will you pay off a $26,000 Auto loan if you had the money so you do not have to pay the 7.5% interest rate every month?
192. how we can make a questionarei for recognizing the organizational needs in competetive intelligence?
193. how women can satisfy man in sex
194. How critical is the broom finish of the concrete deck to the bonding of the Kool Deck material:
195. Is there anecdotal or scholarly evidence for Pilates helping with recovery from addictions (drugs, alcohol)?
196. Who funds the National Anxiety Center?
197. Heather, can you answer a question for me?
198. you said "2% of College Seniors get drafted into the NFL" does that count juniors drafted?
199. Can Mistletoe be effective against Acute Melyoid Leukemia?
200. When you are adopted, what's the legal age that you have to be addopted to qualify for residence?
201. where can I go to get help like to help?
202. What is the best tool for cutting a seatblet?
203. What is Graduation Ads about
204. what vitamins prevent cancer
205. does history make man or does man make history exaples in history
206. What is the legal vehicle year of a truck chassis later converted to a motorhome?
207. How to make gourmet flake salt
208. Where did the conflict of oil spills start?
209. What are the alternative housing choices for seniors in the Bay area?
211. What is the maximum increase in rent that a Landlord can charge to a tenant????
212. can you provide me with information far as confidentiality and on welfare comsumer?
213. How to secure "Broadcast T.V." edited versions of popular/first run movies/DVD's?
214. What was George Bush's state of mind in the Florida classroom when he was told America was under attack on 9/11
215. Judging from the film footage of President Bush in the Florida classroom on the morning of 9/11 when he was told that Am
216. can you share some techniques in a court trial in all stages of the trial
217. Are there any positives of Mexican migration to the US?
218. Restaurants?
219. Can a person who has been granted a pardon in New Brunswick, Canada and has subsequently become an MLA
220. What is the salary paid to Ted Baehr ?
221. what the purpose of chairman hu visit India?
222. What is the biggest issue regarding teenage boys and sexism in Canada today?
223. Why am I anxious about my earlier life.
224. how much i my three cent nickel worth?
225. what is nopa
226. Why come out now?
227. can a doctor maintain his medical license if he is permanently disabled and no longer working in a office?
228. I need to get grandfathered in Ga. before the 7-7 deadline. How do I make this happen?
229. how many new liscences for nurses were issued in the USA this year? How many in Ohio?
230. Is there someway that I can have this garnishment dismissed?
231. When will your eyelash treatment be available?
232. How do Moms keep up with office technology?
233. Where should you go, what should you do, and what are the symptoms of eating disorders?
234. how many millionaires have been created through wbe
235. I want to transport only my clients to my agency for services. Can I do this if they request me by name.
237. I have been working with olished trowelled cement,what do you recomend as a sealer
238. my little boy expresses his anger with violence such as hitting or screaming "i hate u" or why do u hate me so much?"
240. i need to fill out a formal step A form where can I get one?
241. what has barbara researched and concluded about business ettiquete?
242. what are somw worldwide statistics on HIV /AIDS because I'm doing a paper and it needs to be on HIV AIDS internationally
243. Are there any long term affects of caffeine in coffee?
244. How serious of a probelem is the usage of performance enhnacing substances among high school athletes
245. How to buy: The Fast Track Course......
246. What are the best wines for Thanksgiving dinner?
247. what contributes to racism?
248. Why the Misandry?
249. Is there a link between teenagers and media violence?
250. what is the name of your organization?
251. what is the steps to be A successful retaile manager
252. How will business innovation, coupled with advances in technology affect domestic life in the future?
253. What does the future hold for business? How much of commerce will completely transpire in a digital form?
254. How many wrongs have i done?
255. In the studiesof the effect of Nexrutine on prostate cancer, how much of the drug, what was the effective dose?
256. How many states have women's right to know or informed consent laws?
257. What are the major ways that advanced communications technologies have changed
258. What are the major ways that advanced communications technologies have changed business and world commerce?
259. What is the developmental purpose of play among humans?
260. What clinics in Colorado perform vasectomy reversal?
261. What is leadership?
262. what is the name of the organization specializing in "hymenoptera
263. what is name of the organization of people specializing in hymenoptera
264. What happens when you are using methamphetamines (IV) and are about to start Radiation and Chemo?
265. Who many I contact regarding submitting a press release? (contact name, email, #)
266. how do you request donations of leave,if you are in a no-leave status
267. Does Capital Blue Cross offer in Franklin County a medigap policy that includes dental coverage?
268. Who is the finance director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority?
269. What are the advantages and disadvantages of in depth interviewing compred to survey techniques?
270. Do you have a code of conduct covering political activities?
272. what is the best natural cat food
274. Are more members of teacher unions from low or high income schools?
275. what effect does iscador have on lukemia
276. what should be the instruction given to public to mitigate them?
277. in general when shoeing if you shoe at 45 degrees instead of 55 will you get less reach or more
278. Is Chantix covered under my AmeriHealth Mercy Insurance?
279. Can I get a copy of the television version of Midway?
280. what is the best investment in real estate during these economic times?
281. how to overcome those painfull if there is 3rd party involve
282. What New Year investments should business owners start thinking about?
283. can a person without cancer use the injection isopropol
284. How to organize/pare down your clothes closet
285. What are three major causes of modern day slavery?
286. What parenting practices, social support systems, and biological factors may have affected his developmental growth and
287. Where can I purchase Silk Skin?
288. What should be the speech on the occasion of stretegic partners meet
289. Can a student from abroad take addmission in ur College?
290. Does character effect sport performance
291. do i stay?
292. do they sell this product in north carolina,if so where?
293. Can this test be used in a child support case?
294. where can i find scholarly quality journals to state my two main points?
295. did this eamil come thru??
296. What is the number one problem in advertising today?
297. What causes children to become violent against animals? What treatment is possible?
298. How do organization measure diversity
299. How many titles were published by Bantam Books in the hardcover "Agatha Christie Mystery Collection" ?
300. When HRT is not an Option
301. How Terrorism/Security Threats Have Changed Travel
302. What will happen if I stop making payments on my business credit crd acct, now that the business does not exist anymore?
303. how to sell a condo
304. Isn't this the reason why ALL ecommerce merchants must adhere to the PCI
305. what would cause a dog to suddenly shake and freak out when he goes into stores?
306. man made and nature made is there a difference?
307. How can recreational travelers protect themselves from excess baggage charges?
308. What is ideal for sheoing and maintaining a club foot?
309. what is the point of satiation of business aviation in USA?
310. I'm looking for writers who have Web sites.
311. What advice would you offer to college students who need to manage college debt?
312. How can I locate a reputable Florida attorney that provides pro bono work for the wrongfully accused?
313. how to handle irate customers?
314. where can i find the academic standards for social studies?
315. Can one reduce weight undergoing accupunture ? how long will it take to reduce 5kgs if he/she undergoes the treatment ?
316. what do you think of death penalty?
317. What are the chances of a local retailer competing with Home Depot in selling plumbing and electric supplies?
318. Where can I find information on the chemical alterations done to tobacco and cigarettes by tobacco companies?
319. What are some of the main pros and cons of breast augmentation? How long does the pai last?
320. education vs non educated officers?
321. What are good stories to put in a yearbook?
323. How much can an individual's taxable income be reduced by making donations
324. what are acceptable or ideal office color wears?
325. is amber black
326. how many days does the pasport
327. How can one remain anonymous on the internet?
328. What's new in body language?
329. What are some good themes related to Carnivals
330. when
331. My granddaughter is throwing up everyday, how can we help her. She has asked for help[
332. is there a paint on the market that you can paint directly onto plasterboard
333. why is mississippi the fatest state in 2006?
334. how to i get my natural moistness back?
335. I have several new 2000 P Kennedy halves, are they worth anything??
336. What can be done about a port wine birthmark on an older person?
337. Can someone be both a realtor and a mortgage lender? what are the rules?
338. As one of sixteen benificiaries of my Aunt's estate should we be given all imformation regarding dispercements?
339. Can I receive NCC CEU credits from seminar Pharmacotherapy: Roadmap to Individualized Tx w/ Antipsychotics,CME Outfitter
340. how much water to use for children of diff ages?
341. What are some moral responsibilities of a leader in the healthcare field?
342. what is the importance of teahers day
343. What are emotions for you?What are the emotions that triggers strong reaction?What are these reactions?
344. Is pay-per-view in the NFL's future?
345. what are the side affects of steroids and why do athletes use them?
346. How did Middle of Nowhere get it's name?
347. What type and how many fire alarms are required in a one bedroom apartment in Pittsfield MA?
348. what impact does the federal fund rate have on Chrysler? How is it accounted for.
349. who is the govenment in china
350. Are "timeshare" sales/re-sales valid in capital gains and losses?
351. My relationship with Ray Fleming -- what will happen, what should I do?
353. which products work that help stop engine leaks?
354. what is wrong?
355. what has happen to me
356. Did you receive this Richard?
357. where can i buy bob sidell in las vegas, nevada?
358. What types of jobs or careers are open to family historians?
359. how to get a signature authenticated
360. How can ordinary people overcome huge obtacles?
361. What do i do about daughter's missing teeth?
362. In Missouri Lottery: What Winning Combination in PICK 4, has won the most often??
364. Where do we send donations?
365. How can I get forensic expert and Investigator to help me
366. How do I improve my profit margin on glazing projects?
367. how can a husband and a wife put their marriage back together when we don
368. how can a husband and a wife put their marriage back together when we don't go to the same church
369. Request for expert advice on how to sart a dog-food manufacturing plant in Uganda, Africa
371. What is the best treatment for stage 1 squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil and throat?
372. how can I help fibromyalgia
373. Do you have experience with voter education marketing?
374. Who is Tyler Heavin?
375. where is Nim sophea now?
376. Why isn't gangstalking in the news?
377. Does technology exists to prove or disprove that a cola bottle's cap has been removed and then replaced?
378. can paxil cause pancreatitis an hearth problems in men
379. What are the possible reasons that there is semen stains on my husband's underwear.
380. How do RV owners ususally plan their trips?
381. Are you in favor of offshore callcentres???
382. how don't know how to start goals or where to start
383. Why not Xango
384. where can I buy a Callaway panama hat like David Leadbetter wears
385. What is that oil royalty stock you speak of fairly often on radio? Is it from Canada?
386. Torn Between Two?
387. What are the roles in choosing a mate?
388. How Long Is The Standard Wait Time For Customer Service?
389. Procedure when using Confidential Informant
390. a guy you just met holds your hand and saids that he doest want to be your friend, and he keeps grabbing your knee?
391. Can you give me some information on the National Society of Collegiate Scholars?
392. when a book was published/what edition
393. Is it possible for the average Joe to gain access (the ability to write letters) to criminals convicted of drug use.
394. wellness Ukraine-how?
395. how is the best leader in cambodia
396. how can cps lie and take our children
397. Why would online casino ask to fax your cc and license?
398. can oral cancer be cured
399. Can Kool deck be applied on wood?
400. how to start writing a book?
401. how to start to write a book
402. Does the drug effexor make people attempt suicide?
403. what is your opinion of buffered notes
404. Will my dog be reborn,how can i contact Linda madris?
405. how do you deal with a neighbor who calls the city ?
406. What positions are union or not union
407. Where can I find The ALLergy Solution for Dogs
408. What management skills do you think are most important in your career?
409. What is Dermachlorella?
410. who are the first man and woman who made names in swimming
411. Can I find a good paying job for young teens
412. Can I find a good paying job for young teens?
413. what natural food should my wife eat, she has osteoporosis
414. Do you build in the Northwest Austin area - 78731?
415. What are the most recognized hospitality certifications to have?
416. How can I apply for the EITC?
417. How do my husband and I rebuild our relationship after his affair?
418. How do we rebuild trust and intimacy after my husband's affair?
419. RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS? Is it the breed, or is it the dog?
420. How do you know if a case can be over turned
421. Having a ps ability who do I contact to resource/network with for aone on one evaluation
422. when is this new world order coming
423. Does a 'singularity' reverse the Laws of Physics?
424. If prostate cancer should return after radiation, what treatments are available/
425. what are the worries of today's mothers?
426. What to say and how to act in front of my ex
427. Seeking life coach who works with high-level execs
428. what is what
429. Are you interested in helping students obtain a Free Yearbook?
430. She can't pronounce the ck or the g sound. Why?
431. when will be my next fight
432. why is sex important for marriages
433. why do some people agree with abortion?
434. Where do you paste your codes that you get from places ? I want to paste it to my profile at myspace!
435. How do I create a Yearbook
436. What are the benefits of laughter in the workplace?
437. Real estate for foreign private limited company ?
438. do u have a person named preston caudle
439. what is up
440. why are parents so hard to talk to?
441. Why do I often have good dreams about loved ones who have died
442. Wireless Intelligent Surveillance Solutions?
443. Is is a health risk to tent your home for termites?
444. who hit their 500 homerun in Yankee Stadium, Ruth, Foxx,Mantle
445. Yes, I'm a man thats on the down low and i wanted 2 no how can u tell when another man is interested in me???
446. What is the best treatment, besides bladder removal, for high grade invasive cancer that is no where else in the body?
447. How you do the yearbook?
448. How difficult is it to prove innocense in a county that has become paranoid and sees evil in everything?
449. Who are your favorite jazz drummers?
450. who is that best urban planning firms
451. theory studys of self esteem?
452. who were the patriots
453. are animals as smart as people
454. how can i look at pictures
455. what do I do when my husband disbelives alot of what I say and do?
456. Who do I contact if DHS does nothing?
457. does motor homes need rvia sticker for resale
458. how do you rate your members on the basis of voting
459. Is The Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee-Consumer Disclosure document valid for six months upon consumer signing it?
460. How prevalent is WORKPLACE identity theft?
461. what kind fo group are me and my friends
462. Have you used/recommended Tai Chi for stress management?
464. I need to know what are the smartest animals and how do scientist measure an amimals intelligence of animals.
465. Do u have a boto69?
466. What are the down sides to selling your insurability ?
467. Can I look at pictures?
468. is the 32 0z naturally pomegranate concentrated. What is daily the daily dose
469. Where in the united states can i help stop child prostitution.
470. What is the obesity rate in america compared to previous years
471. Do you think the popularity of blogging will increase in the future or is it simply a fad?
472. do parents get annoyed when their children are always fighting
473. give me the details about the term phesiology is?
474. how easy is it to get into comedy?
475. how do i fing crossett high school pictures
476. Is my husband's inheritance part of marital property?
477. why is DSS permitted to disregard the law?
478. If a subdural hematoma happened almost immediately after an immunization why are doctors not looking at that ?
479. What can be done about the sale of illegal drugs on internet forums, classifieds, and message boards?
480. how often should a cell phone be used
481. what
482. In general, is workplace stress being taken more seriously by employers and how are they handling it?
483. why do professional athletes use steroids
484. if your best friend turns to be your worst enemy and is in a powerful position than you are
485. How do you have fun in a distribution center when productivity is a high priority?
486. Why isn't there funding for more police officers, security officials in our nation schools?
487. is it legal to take a child from her mother when she did nothing wrong
488. How does sibling rivalry affect maturation?
489. How can manure hurt or kill children?
490. how can i re-unite with my wife even though she has another man in the house that she met on-line?
491. My total wages earned on my W 2s are 22k less than what the IR
492. Do you expect the price of silver to continue to rise in the next 12 months?
493. were can I find school yearbook?
494. how can i become a member of any genetic counciling working in whole words?
495. Where is world is going .
496. which wheeling system must i use
497. How and where can I file for the early eic?
498. When will there be a class near Charlotte, NC?
499. How did PAXIL get past FDA regulations? HELP
500. Where do I send my Federal Tax Return When completed?
501. whats the most cost effective way to find international buyers
502. What type measurement was used in researching T Type personality?
503. If I think I was sold a flood car is there anything I can do to return the car and get my money back?
504. 3inches long and 0.6cm width, Is this a PEARL?
505. What is the best way to establish a food co-op?
506. What are your feelings about this resurgence of 70's fusion music?
507. I'd like to interview someone on tape about what possible problems Jill Carroll could face once she's home from Iraq
508. How can accenting our differences do anything other than destroy us; how is racial/cultural bigotry *ever* right?
509. if dcfs does not have your signature on an original service plan,does that make it null and void?
510. Do you have a full exept of Autum Ashante's controversial poem?
511. How can I see school yearbook pictures.
512. Sugar substitutes like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin satisfy our craving for sweets, but are they safe?
513. Why get offended?
514. Can central lines be used to inject CT dye safely?
515. Do you consider a 3 inches white object
516. Do you have any information concerning adolescents and peer pressure?
517. when was the last time a grade school, middle school or high school student died in a school fire
518. why children like to play with toys?
519. Do you have five humorous questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer or engaging in any part of job hunting?
520. Please tell me more about the grief process, and why it might be important to get professional help with it.
521. estrangeed son doesn't have time for real Dad...what to do?
522. who protects me? I had a sexual relationship with a psychiatrist who committed perjury, helped put me out of my home, an
524. What do you "real psychic mediums" think about all the psychic/medium TV shows of late, such as "Medium"?
525. What are the most common mistakes perspective employees make in an interview?
526. How long does a regular carrier have to learn a route once he/she is on it.
527. How to confront someone with an eating disorder.
528. Can swalowing baby oil cause a child to vomit?
529. who is cory deuyrell key
530. What is P&L Management in intermodal business?
531. Would you please tell me do cats affect women or ladies in pregnancy or have any effect in that?
532. what is the chases of geting pragnet,the first
533. If there is any problems are arised when we r play in sex.
534. Value of 1920 one cent?
535. What is your secret in success?
536. Wat your opinion on Teen Alcohol Abuse?
537. American Life League, what are your specific lobbying techniques and grassroot mobilization efforts?
538. For someone living with chronic pain what aerobic activity is the safest and burns the most calories?
539. you think i am playing but did you die
540. Where might I find additional research and information on violence at school athletic events?
541. Is swatting your child on the butt considered abuse???
542. What's going to happen with the Iraqi Economy/Government
543. What do legal scholars think about the halt of the Moussaoui trial?
544. How prevalent is sexism in today's world?
545. is center pointe soluion completely safe?
546. How useful are pyschographics when applied to define a target market for a global multimedia campaign?
547. Quoted testimony states Bonds was questioned about calendar entry "Barry 12-2-02 T, 1CC G -- pee.". What could that be?
548. why can't a property rent to 3 full time students
549. my dad was cutn my dogs nails and cut it to far.. how do u stop the bleeding?
550. what is youre name
551. What is the size of the Dust Mite Treatment segment as a part of US Carpet Cleaning Industry?
552. will my husband avoid deportaion even if the BIA denied his stay 3-7-06
553. Why is there no mention of the income provided to social workers as compared to other comperable professionals?
554. Hi, Iam doing a essay for international business. my qus: 'when is good ethics good business?
555. what should i do when their is a bunch of problems in my house hold
556. What is the value of an 1889 silver dollar? We also have one from 1921 and 1922.
557. How do I make my daughter feel comfortable, when the person who molested her was found not guilty?
558. i need ideas for my year book?
559. I was married in Lagos, Nigeria I am a US citizen I live in Ca, I would like to file for divorce how is this done?
560. Do you think that teenagers obsess about love?
561. will home insurance cover foundation problems
562. What states are aligning the Partnership Long Term Care provisions allowed by the Deficit Reduction Act of 05?
563. Date of Birth?
564. Where can I find information on AWOL in the JCAM?
565. Why can't i get the company/driver that i ask for??
566. What is Boot -N- Shoot?
567. What health precautions should a frequent business traveler take?
568. What is a good theme?
569. How do I train my children to be more didigent in their homework and school work?
570. Where are good trade shows for antique jewelry?
571. How to confront a caught gossiper ?
572. How do I stop argueing between my husband and my Son?
573. I am doing a research project on should gambling be prohibited? Could you answer a few of my questions that I have?
574. How do small business handle work orders efficiently?
575. what can be used to have wrinkle free skin
576. do you think,it is my fault because i am sexualt assualt or not
577. what can I drink if i am allergic to dairy and soy milk for a form of calcium?
578. now how accidents reach in cheating
579. I wanted to know how much is the Masters Of The Universe Phonograph worth?, As well as the Connor Electronics VideoSmart
580. Stepfamilies???
581. Is it legal to have Rad Technologists to perfrom flouro in place of the Radiologist? Example, VCUG's. Tech caths,.......
582. Is it legal to have a stungun in the 61820 of Il area?
583. Have you called Mitch yet? (This is a test, ... I'm not nagging)
584. What are the best ways in which people can seek to overcome life's greatest
585. What are ways to honor 10-year members?
586. What is the percentage of teen texans gettig pregnant?
587. How many young do they have
588. What is the minimum hourly wage for part time employee?
589. Does anyone know a great place to send a dear friend to a nice rehab center for Bi-polar disorder?
590. Which packaging material is the strongest and most efficient?
591. how can your dick get more biger
592. Who are some experts on the psychology of Christmas shopping
593. Who are the best psychologists of Christmas shopping
594. Are larger dogs smarter than smaller dogs?
595. What about the fact that most employer sponsored group health plans 90% employee only coverage.
596. What ideal qualities do membership directors have?
597. who is the individual from the National Council that spoke with the Ohio Board of Nursing regarding the nursing compact
598. who ordered wire tapping on Martin Luther King
599. How can my wife attain permanent residency or work permit if she came here illegally
600. Do I file and how?
601. Am I required to file taxes? How do I do?
602. Is it possible that in a medical check-up, you can be detected pregnant from the last few days and lost the child?
603. i have a homework and... whats your most popular food
604. why doesn't my boyfriend want to have sex with me?
605. What month is National CHildhood Obesity month?
606. What does an athlete have to overcome after a traumatic experience/injury during competition?
607. How can I obtain or purchase a copy of an old yearbook?
608. Long Term relationship with BDSM involved?
609. Which is the best method to measure body fat?
610. Can i rent to someone with only a tax id number
611. How can I get my hands on a copy of the letters of Elizabeth Chester Fisk 1864- 1893, Mountain Press, Pub. Co. 1989?
612. who is the best orthopedic doctor for shoulder rotator cuff/acromioplasty surgery in the chicago-barrington il area ????
613. How do you get in contact with Rachael Ray?
614. How do I get in contact with Rachael Ray
615. how do i make the guy serious about me?
616. Which is the best method to measure body fat
617. May I interview you for an article on 'The Tech Savvy Boomer?'
618. Which is the best way to measure body fat
619. I have been living with my boyfriend for the last 3 yrs., however, we originally dated 35 yrs. ago for a summer, but the
620. can i work at the animal shelter
621. I am a 45 yr. old student, interning, (no pay) and am being bullied by the people who are suppose to be instucting me.
622. How to interpret Zoning Ordinance of Watertown, MA
623. Is there going to be human colonization on other planets in the next generations?
624. I wish to obtain certification in becoming an ARM or ARMPE - How do I do that?
625. what kind of drink would I be?
626. wut type of food are you?
627. what is the most "real feel" find at home sex toy?
628. Use of hypnosis for mind-joining?
629. what if two NSAIDs are mixed
630. Simple Gestures of Everyday Business Etiquette
631. what were the top 100 items bought through 2005
632. Can someone who is a Nationally Certified Counselor practice in the state of TX? please be specific.
633. Do you have information as indicated below?
634. Is it legal to double broker a load?
635. how can i catch my boyfriend cheating
636. Can a delayed messenger help with grief?
637. can you help me get my name cleared
638. how career oriented women balance thier work
639. i am looking for toy cars that when you place them on the floor and go backwards for about a foot, and let go, the car
640. How can people take better care of their hearts through eating and excercise?
641. how to read pple internally
642. What is the feng shui prediction in 2006-year of the Dog ?
643. When my mate asks why I am not calling as much, or backing off of my interest in him, do I tell him why?
644. Does Medicare offer Transportation to the elderly. on Medcare?
645. If husband makes 2.25 times more money than the wife, how should bills be divided, or should they?
646. Ann Conf 07 & 08, when and where?
647. how can i get a job now?
648. why do we fall in love?
649. False Allegation, why they are made?
650. Are you the author of "Miriam's World- Book #1 of a space trilogy" in Stars of David Jewish Science Fiction Volume One?
651. how do i get the answer i need on a totaly new type of design confidentulywithout giving the whole basket of goods away
652. Can this technology also be used to help benefit consumers?
653. Is Dahn Hak really building a village near Vancouver, Canada?
654. Why dont we wear the oxygen masks all the time on the flights?
655. Is this book available in Australia as yet?
656. What are the actual numbers of improvement in the crime rates now that we do all the background checks on new hires.
657. Does Flumadine help or the effects of asthma and can Fumadine be taken with antibiotics?
658. My father has just been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer where can we find the most up to date and best care for him?
659. How does this system work?
660. In the e-mail culture, why don't folks get back to you?
661. How do i get my husband to trust me again after being unfaithful to him with my sons father while he was incarcerated?
663. How can I find a liver doctor to evaluate/treat Hep C/Cirrhosis in patient with Emphysema
664. What studies substantiate the claim of doctors that testosterone will activate prostate cancer?
665. Can i see the year book of harlingen high school
666. I must be blind. I cannot see the L on the 1964L Indian Head Penny. Where is it?
667. when is love & logic going to be on pbs
668. Is there such a thing as a soul having parallel lives meaning that a soul can incarnate into two bodies .
669. What are the effects of commonly used agricultural pesticides on human beings?
670. Are there any holiday etiiquette experts on tipping
671. what state has the highest # of missing children in the US
672. what population do you serve?
674. What is your take on the dangers of petroleum-derived ingredients in cosmetics?
675. could you get an intrview wth oprah and talk about her relationship with steadman
676. how to solve dog on dog aggression, on & off leash?
677. Is this site like myspace?
678. is there a protocol for a 6 minute walk for pulse ox
679. Where do I find wall sconces that will fit an existing older electical box
680. Can citizens possess stun guns legally?
681. How can you improve your diet to prevent or lower your risk of breast cancer?
682. How the nonverbal comunication from the television influence the public?
683. Are you even thinking of the effect this will have on the island?
684. Why did he killed the prisioner and for what and why is it because he liked the prioner?
685. Would you please answer my interview questions for my customer service research paper?
686. What is your favorite color?
687. How does the Nevada divorce compare to a Mexican divorce in time and simpllicity?
688. i am a low income taxpayer ... how will i qualify for EITC or can I?
689. What should I do?
690. why not offer a $5000. discount to all #30,000 employees?
691. what is sex addiction and is there a difference between men and women sex addicts?
692. is it healthy to have sex with a relative
693. Where's a hospital/cancer unit that I can take a teenager to?
694. Do you publish serious literary fiction?
695. how to do sex with the men
696. Increasing Check Averages
697. How do you have sex?
698. What was the prognosis for a child with Perthes Disease in 1953?
699. who I loved by her?
700. How do I ensure complainants are satisfied with the results of the complaint review when the outcome doesn't support
701. What is significant about the bonus army?
702. who are outsourcing the legal jobs to India?
703. What is Drostanozol?
704. TO a quarterback?
705. When did Owens become a quarterback
706. I need perspective on the effects of young children when parents disagree on discipline in front of them.
707. How do you get two children to stop arguing in class?
708. What holidays are specifically required by the Bible for observance by todays christians?
709. What holy days are specifically defined by the Christian bible for observance in modern times?
710. Why does fake news serve as a source of current events for some youths?
711. What are the ingredients in Crayola Dough?
712. My principal witnessed me becoming frustrated with a student. What can I do?
713. what is your name
714. What are the effects of alcoholism on children with alcoholic parents?
715. With a family of 2 adults (late 40's) and one little guy 2.1/2 yrs old what should I stock pile for the avian fu threat?
716. Have any of the thermal models used to project increased temperatures caused by man been validated? How?
717. Have any of the thermodynamic models used to project the increase in temperature caused by man been validated?
718. I have a daisy rifle model number967. Can you tell me anything about it.
719. Where do I start to get artist interviews on my radio stations?
720. Does undocumented immigrants pays taxes
721. why are you are not showing me my pictures from 1993-94
722. Can you help me identify this toy?
723. how do i ask freshman questions
724. compare differences and similarities of counseling laws where counselors are licensed.
725. i think i have an e.disorder can anyone help me and do you take insurance?
726. Are there any psychologists who specialise in staying healthy while working
727. what is abortion
728. How often does date rape happen everyday?
729. the difference between the CNS and the NP?
730. how long did it take to carve the pupkin
731. What nutritional benefits does oatmeal have and how often should people be eating it?
732. should you use downlighters in a bedroom
733. In what ways can organizations such as The Salvation Army help?
734. are there any neurotoxins or heavy medals in the Crayola products of Binney & Smith of Pennsylvania ?
735. fdhytku?
736. What are the positives of smokeless tobacco and the positives of fireworks?
737. Sconce selection - single or double arm?
738. how computers have changed our lives?
739. Can you help me? Or, at least, point me in the right direction?
740. "Is the emphasis on sports in schools harming education?"
741. What would you suggest for a child who has been mentally and emotionaly abused and either does not care about the conseq
742. What do you think about the DVDs and television programs directed at infants and toddlers?
743. If you are a travel author or expert, would you be interested in participating in an e-interview?
744. Availability for radio interview?
745. how to deal with a new co-worker
746. How can I get a job?
747. where can i get a kid job?
748. is gail howard lotto system safe?
749. Concerning user behaviour what kind of trends do you notice in entertainment in general and specially concerning TV?
750. Have in my possion what appears to be a steel or zinc 1988d penny
752. How does Feng Shui help set up a home office?
753. can i have a part time job
754. Hypnosis experts in Houston, TX who treat children?
755. How to find someone qualified w/ hypnosis to work w/ triplets to incr their reading abilities?
757. is the tv training going to be offered this year?
758. Who is the Mary Anne Ayer´s Spiritual master ?
759. Why do people stay with their significant other if they're hurting one another physically or mentally?
760. army training center yearbooks where can you get them
761. can the product be genetically modified
762. What are some of the names of the poses that you do with this type of yoga?
763. How does one choose a treatment for prostate cancer ?
764. where can I get a copy of the new W-4 rules
765. Is there a chance that Voluptas, a herbal supplement, can cause brest cancer?
766. A college-age student who has had a "spiritual awakening"
767. At what age should a child be able to go to the movies with friends and no adult.
768. How to deal with a child who is struggling in school?
769. How do I file a formal complaint against the Public Guardian's office?
770. At what height should wall-mounted lanterns be placed next to the garage door?
771. What are the top 10 ways to get a date?
772. How can I purchase your ultrasound hair extension machine
773. What are a few specific cases or issues that AFSA has dealt with in the past 2 years?
774. what is islam
775. did you know barry beat his nieces, his girl friends,his wife, did not pay child support, had his parents support
776. Why has the Bush Administration adopted the measures taken during WW11 to control prices, , insure supply.
777. do we do the twist
778. I am doing a project about "Women's Fashion and Trends in the Nineteen Seventies", can anyone help me out?
779. Is there a behavioral/counseling boarding school in VA to send my niece too?
780. is there an I E C A near oklahoma
781. how can I trust that your hoodia is real?
782. What is the overtime payout a shift working three days a week, 12 hours per day?
783. What advice would you give to victims of crime, and their families, to enable them to cope with the trauma?
784. How do steroids affect the brain and the body
785. What is the difference between a "paythrough" and a "passthrough" securitisation structure?
786. What do I if I was accused of something I did not commit?
787. What's the latest research as relates to your book?
788. Where can I find a list of private specialty boarding schools in Georgia that have a psychiatrist on staff?
789. Why are old checking account numbers being recycled?
790. How does the Chicago-area economy measure against other regions and against the national economy? Is it better or worst?
791. Do I have a rare English silver half penny?
792. Are there specific guidelines for the size of a chandelier in relation to the volume or area of a foyer?
793. We are strongly considering sending our 14 son to a wilderness camp. How do we match him to the right place and are we
794. If bone scan positive for flare in parietal bone, head CT neg. Is MRI necessary?
795. i have a sore on the right side of my scrotum, what is it?
796. Should the SEC register Hedge Funds?
797. It seems unlikely and too neat that a reincarnated soul would look like the person who died.
798. When can a child take a shower alone?
799. Why does the NBPC not work with the voluntary citizens group known as the Minutemen instead of threatening them?
800. Does Divorce affect adolescents?
801. Is there a way that I can find the value of real estate deed tax stamps?
802. i rock side to side alot, what does this mean?
803. Is it illegal in the sate of Washington to file a false claim of abuse with the CPS? If so, what is the penalty?
804. Does beta-sitosterol reduce DHT in the same manner as Avodart, by blocking 5 alpha reducatse?
805. Remember the Sienfeld episode of the smelly car? Well, we're stuck with one!
806. Can I get a free sample yearbook?
807. how do i get to www.yearbookqvenue.com i have to go on it for yearbook that is at citrus hill high
808. Can I possibly have an interview with you for a paper I am doing on acting?
809. What is ayurveda? Where is it going? How can someone promote it? Are there any benefits? in one word, good or bad?
810. what is about pakistan
811. Describe the responsibilities that arise from the ethical -
812. Can you help me find the Internet guidelines which show what constitutes a doctor/patient telationship over the Internet
813. Are there any tax advantages if you open your vacation home for victims of Katrina?
814. Is he interested?
815. when was the primary documents made
816. What was the pollen count in Milwaukee, WI yesterday?
817. What is the name of the organization specializing in "hymenoptera (stinging insects)?
818. How Can I help
819. I am an equipment operator in WIsconsin can I help?
821. xango says they are the only ones who have a patent to use the whole mangosteen is this true???
822. who is Amanda Cole
823. Is it true that the usage of mineral oil in cosmetics is bad for your skin?
824. Is it true that the usage of "white" mineral oil in cosmetics is bad for your skin?
825. can a Company mandate direct deposit for an employee reimbursement. We have offices in numerous states
826. Do you know of a boarding school in New York that uses animal therapy for girls Grade 8?
827. what was their view of god?
828. Where do I go to learn about becoming a professional dog trainer?
829. I have an original piece of art I'd like to incorporate into a story, but I know nothing of the artist. Can you help?
830. How do I identify or obtain a listing of the reviewing exeperts for MCMC,llc?
831. what time difference from Australia and New Orleans
832. Did 911 Happen in 973 ?
833. we have been advised to go with rope instead of hologen pucks for granite backspash, it is for ambience only.what is bes
834. Can you help me come up with a title for a yearbook
835. Am I having health problems due to cell phones?
836. Am I having health problems do to cell phones?
837. Is this $31,800 earnings counted from the 65 years 6 months onward or is it calculated for the entire years earnings?
838. Why is it that it is easier to enter the USA illegally and receive benefits, jobs etc rather legally?
839. What does a CCM provide for services to clients?
840. May I please have free RVIA marketing materials?
841. I think my apartment is haunted. How do I find help?
842. Whan i make arich man?
843. I am trying to find out the cost of insurance when a person joins your organization.
844. Is this coin a real coin?
845. what does it mean when a hitter pulls the ball
846. Would you help us, please?
847. How many calories does one pound of muscle burn per day?
848. how can i visit usa
849. do you recomend to buy a pre-construction condo waterview in miami ?
850. how do you stop going back
851. Where does this form submission take me?
852. Where does this form submissions take me?
853. Is the withholding of income taxes and social security mandatory or voluntary?
854. what is rate or statistic of studying in iran
855. what can women drink?
856. What Do I do?
857. How can this happen?
858. Meaning of employee retention in the organisation?
859. How are professionals determining the ROI of certification?
860. Is it possible to get in direct contact with Dr Majorie Bard?
861. Do you give presenations to local women's asociations in Lakeland?
862. I have had CFS since 1984 or earlier, can I be tested for the gene abnormality?
863. How to postpone actional payments until DNA has been rendered. How can he get the payments reduced.
864. I have a Quarter that has Queen Elizabeth II on both sides. Is it worth anything?
865. Are you a baseball historian/expert who can speak to the Palmeiro fallout?
866. Is chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) associated with psyciatric disorders, or does it induce such disorders?
867. Is there any data on Cold Calling that you may have?
868. What are the survey specifics (sample size, etc.)?
869. I am l;ooking for an friend, Patricia Waters, who was a GIA graduate around 1975. Please email any info to:
870. Do you do private consulting. Are you in the NYC area
871. How do I Obtain a Yearbook from my school Graduation?
872. are there krieg books available in german language version
873. Can you help me explain and / or prove what a 50 Amp RV site is
874. What is the clinical meaning of a wide range of rising and falling PSA values over a one year period?
875. What kind of doctor should I go see to get tested for Chronic Fatigue?
876. Were thirty-somethings spoiled by the dotcom boom?
877. Could a 35 year old woman, apx. 25 lbs overweight that have a hands that shake be pre-diabetic?
878. Experience Life Interview?
879. How can i get help in recieving a clarinet for my daughter the one i bought her off ebay last year her teacher said it
880. what about these questions
881. Is the ALA only for Lighting Showrooms or can someone for a Home Center join?
882. Will I be able to get my liscensure in Puerto Rico?
883. A little info?
884. Will the White Knight/Space Ship One aircraft be FLOWN into Oshkosh if the weather permits it?
885. have the oolagah high school in oklahomas yearbook
886. Is fat-free parmesan topping still being made? I can't find it anywhere now.
887. How many are missing?
888. How could i publish and copyright my poetry and book?
889. Does the Do Not Call Act have a correlation with lower individual insurance sales?
890. In what article or speach can I find a quote?
891. How can I get more info about Ted Owens' training program?
892. How is it possible for our tax consultancy in Berlin to work with you to exchange information pertaining to mutual issu
893. Drumsticks by Nestle. Flavor, Smores. Where to find?
894. i was wondering what could i do to help my daughter
895. how to conquer workplace stress
896. how does stress originate in mind?
897. what s the cost?
898. Show
899. name?
900. How do you get what you want in return for running the rat race?
901. If kids had their druthers, what musical intstrument would they most like to play?
902. carpenter aunts?
903. How much Thai Mangosteen should be taken at once?
904. What is proper etiquette for gatuities at Bed and Breakfast establishments
905. Mr. Bonner, why was I ordered to reattend the academy after being gone from the Patrol for one year.
906. Is Dr. Marjorie Bard the author of "Shadow Women?"
907. Munchausen by proxy behaviors have been documented on video, admitted to by the parent/caretaker and child victims?
908. Who are the five top issuers of credit life and disability for consumer loans in the US?
909. Is it possible to locate my 15 yr old daughter's half brother and sister
910. sbs when will the accused in the US get justice?
911. Why should a senior-level executive choose one size company over another?
912. which stream to choose??
913. Considering John Kerry's anti war zeal and his refusal to leave middle ground as a candidate for president, what karmic
914. What is your analysis of the statements of Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan that the IRI Regime in Iran is Terroristic?
915. What is your analysis of the position taken by Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan on the nature of the IRI regime in Iran
916. Will you join our roundtable discussion on issues of immigration at the US/Mexico Border?
917. What do you think of the recent NBC report of the possible poisoning of our milk, and ultra-pasteurizing to safeguard it
918. How are you doing??
919. What are the final sales for 04 Proof Platinum Eagles
920. Douglas Rivlin Why Don't You Live in Mexico?
921. I have what I think is a buffalo nickel, but it's dated 2003.
922. What is a recanting expert
923. How can I grow up now that I've realized I was stolen from?
924. How can this association help me seek employment? I am assuming that membership is needed.
925. what do foster care social workers do
926. How do i get my boyfreind's sperm to go get pregnant without him finding out.?
927. I'm looking for an expert on cosmetology and cosmetic surgery. Can you recommend someone?
928. Is Jennifer Bier available for a radio interview next Tuesday via telephone?
929. How can I help my son to call off this wedding?
930. I am looking for a company in the Corpus Christi, Texas area who can be hired to help a friend organize her house.
931. As a parent, how do I protect myself against the "system"?
932. Do you have a hot dog list in Va ? If so what are they
933. What now? Teen drug abuse & denial.
934. Don't you have a literate editor?
935. what is statistical validity of myers-briggs assessment
936. If no Amtrak, what then?
937. Do you know any similar organization in canada? (toronto)
938. Have you actively explored/have any hypotheses re: the spiritual effects of music?
939. What are your 2005 goals?
940. michael jackson trial?
941. where can I purchase the Natural 10 nail care system?
944. where are you?
945. may i see my 2005 yearbook
946. what to do?
947. What kind of coin is this and does it have any value ?
948. Need to know what kind of coin this is and its Value if it has any.
949. So, whats your expert opinion on these?
950. how to conduct employee retention survey?
951. How do I grow my Non-profit
952. Is there any problem using a nasal spray composed of a mixture of Bactroban cream and saline?
953. What are the contraindications for the use of Naturally Pomegranate
954. I am interested in exporting American commodities to Libya. Would the Unzco seminar provide information for my company?
955. Date of Hearing at which Flake slept?
956. Can a J&D Judge remove a child without CPS involved?
957. Do you have any special advise for small companies about using branded promotional products/give-aways?
958. what effects does alcolhol on a person with bipolar 1?
959. How rare is the purple quahog pearl?
960. Any updated information on the Purple Pearl?
961. Do you have collective data on what your respective member organizations do to recognize member volunteers?
962. Im doing a project for school and i chose one of ur books can i interview you?
963. how has job stress changed over time?
964. Dr. Stevens, would you be interested in and available to speak at Living Word Community Church in March 2006?
965. Remember me?
966. What makes anyone think that N. Korea will Give Up Nukes for anything
967. Do you know what job i can get??
968. I would like to know the proper way to address my boyfriends mother when I send flowers for the death of her husband.
969. how do I deal with a teen who wants a body piercing
970. Why do seemingly docile pet dogs become agressive?
971. why can't i get spitfireteam.com or spitfirevision.com online?
972. were is my yearbook
973. Can you give my readers one quick tip to deal with stress?
974. Where can I find contact info for Donal Trump for a phone interview
975. Can garnets (Mandarins or Tsavorites) be set in gold bracelets without danger of chipping, cracking, scratching etc.?
976. How can I get my 3 year old son to stop crying over everything?
977. who old was former President Bill clinton when he became President
978. what can you tell me about trends in movies?
979. what is the foster care policy in countries such as Africa and Iraq?
981. what is the current value and history behind this coin?
982. Can you suggest other professional organizations for independent education consultants?
983. How can I get certified as a diversity trainer?
984. what is your general opinion about giving monetary compensation for slavery
985. Can an adult have Oppositional Defiant Disorder ODD
986. A group's empee was taken GI & has been on plan beyond pre-ex period,. Does claim need to be triggered by an
987. Why the use of glass saw? I though that basic medical devices that are commom used like scalps etc would be the first th
988. Is it wrong to refuse artificial means to keep a terminally ill patient alive?
989. How can anyone be as ignorant and bigoted as you appear to be, and have letters after his name? You are amazing.
990. Did you know that the term "Earth changes" came out of William Hutton's 1960 phamplet, Earth Changes, Past - Present- Fu
991. Who is Pol Pots brother -in-law?
992. Is the declared interest rate on a fixed annuity determined after the mortality and expense fee?
993. my granddaughters where taking away from my home cause my daughter had a drug promblem but there where safe with me
994. how can i get into this?
995. hi kashif how are u...
996. I want to break into the field of image consulting, do you have any tips?
997. Is a 1941 Jefferson nickel with no "S" rare?(I know the big S and small s ones are,what about no S?
998. Are wings white meat?
999. Dear Mr. Goldsborough, My name is Troy Derengowski, Host of Talkback on 930 WHON in Richmond, Indiana.
1000. lotto tips?
1001. How do I make a career move from journalism to PR/Marketing?
1003. Do you always need large dams to facilitate hydroelectric power?
1004. How do you get your 2 year old to eat properly
1005. What to tip a pool attendant? Drink server at pool?
1006. Can I recieve a copy of an article?
1007. The TOP TEN FINANCIAL TRENDS: What are we doing with the rest of our financial lives
1008. my son has anger/ problems at school, where do I find the help that I need We live in rice lake wi
1009. How do I purchase your book? I saw your interview on KCCI-TV and I missed how to purchase your book.
1010. May a Family Nurse Practitioner be reimbursed under current medicare guidelines to bill as
1012. is your cd avaliable in india?
1013. How do I win the bidding process as a sub to large developments?
1014. Do you know anything about Zoledronic Acid - a once a year shot for osteoporosis?
1015. What Immunity or protection options for falsly accused?
1016. what is grapevine communication.
1017. What are some of the health risks for women with low iron? Can low iron lead to prolonged monthly cycles?
1018. can you help me?
1019. what is computer?
1020. Is the government carrying out a Mellon-style "liquidation"?
1021. Do you support the use of using alcohol in advertisements that are targeting towards college students?
1022. Can i marry someone who i'm not sexually attracted to?
1024. Did Jackie record some tapes that were not to be played until 50 yrs after the death of her last child?
1025. can you put me in contact with experts in arson from a sociological, law
1026. do you take pictures for yearbooks in private schools?
1027. Is lack of communication between parents and teachers part of the problem with school violence?
1028. Where can I find information and/or historians with knowledge of the history of the Rubber Duckie?
1029. Term Paper Research: If you could help, I would greatly appreciate it!
1030. Do you have an advance directive kit?
1031. I need an additional clip art, how do I get it?
1032. Who or what inspired you to become a lawyer?
1033. Do you think people should have expensive weddings?
1034. Journalist writing how to combat "boiling point" stress
1035. How does the stress of parents in the home, caused by workplace stress, affect their children's behavior?
1036. children books on step families who divorce
1037. What is the typical range of values for celerity for shallow and deep waves in the deep seas surrounding Southeast Asia?
1038. NC bear guy with Magnum?
1039. Why work now and be taxed at a higher rate and pay more to private college?
1040. what countries make up opec
1041. do you have my new address?
1042. How do you feel about overpopulation?
1044. How do one get training to become an anger management specialist? Are there certain certifications
1045. who helped Mobile Container Service be created
1046. how do I find a respected, honest dealer to sell coins?
1047. how do I acquire a hardback yearbook from my high school of 1968?
1048. Specifically, what age ranges mark the 4 generations to which you refer?
1049. I have a idea for a game. It is not a board game, but and outside family game. Can you tell me what steps to take next?
1050. Are there AGE stories or military morale stories we can use for our Military e-Issue?
1051. Are you Roshini from Leverett House?
1052. Have you dealt with PPD cases?
1053. Who Supports Honesty?
1054. Should you remove an abusive teenager from the home?
1055. Should there be stricter restrictionsas far as grades go on who should or shouldn't be given an athletic scholarship?
1056. Suing After Police Chase,,,,Or No Chase?
1057. Do you believe that students that are involved in music are more sucsessful in school? and why?
1058. Have you heard about the BC Tap Water Alliance?
1059. I want to invest to generate 5% income and enough capital gains to keep up with inflation. How?
1060. If an adult asks to be called by his or her first name, should a child still call them by their courtesy titles ?
1061. Why do some people still feel like they're not good enough even when they have a series of accomplishments?
1062. Where can I get air-chilled chicken in the U.S., ignorant fuckstick?
1063. Would your book help me, or should I seek a professional in person?
1064. Is it possible to structure derivatives product on stock index ( in some currency other than dollar)which is dollarised
1065. Do you want to pop off when you die?
1066. Are SUVs harming our environment?
1067. Youth group travel for either the performing arts or for sports
1068. Show Booking
1069. Interested in doing a live radio call-in interview on marriage and relationships?
1070. what is a good paralegal school?
1071. I am looking for a copy of Jack Powell's A Dying Art published by Bookman. Could you please help me locate a copy?
1072. Is anyone here an expert on the negative effects of television?
1073. Is there anything specific we should know when trading with Libya?
1074. how can I get a copy of my high-scholl yearbook?
1075. Are you interested in doing a retro commercial using a 1948 Buick Roadmaster?
1076. Where did Joyce Brothers learn to analogize??
1077. Interview opportunity?
1078. what did jacqueline kennedy do for mankind?
1079. can jk harris help people who are at risk getting their income tax garnished by the irs
1080. Information?
1081. Can laughter be effectilve for Alzheimers paatients?
1082. Can't find your web site at bradley@careercomeback.com or www.careercomeback.com. Is there a new site?
1083. can i seer.o. nelson yearbook
1084. Can you please tell me if Gary Labella is still associated with RVIA? I'm an old high school buddy.
1085. Carol, I received an e-mail from an individual regarding a Sea Ray 680...Do you need additional info?
1086. Can I send you an interview for a college paper?
1087. Did Dr. Winner once have a practice in Encinitas California? I seem to recall a doctor by that name.
1088. Does book address understanding the customer?
1089. Does a school district have the right to tell me that I have to join the NEA, WEA, and the BEA in order to work there?
1090. How to let big brands such as Coca Cola know about my great advertising idea for them?
1091. Book? Maybe?
1092. What is the significance of a 1689 King George 1 coin
1094. I have a 1917 wheat penny but it is silver in color and I want to know how much it is worth.
1095. How old would a trunk be if it was made by apt-belber-rose?
1097. Is it possible to get a sponsorship letter and send it to RPC Arlington,VA.
1098. Disability Insurance?
1099. will you add my name to your mailing list
1100. Can hypnosis erase bad criminal ugly habits?
1101. Can you please give me some tips regarding dogs who suffer from seperation anxtiey?
1102. how does a person deal with bad shame, when it seems to have taken control of your life ?
1103. How do I get prolife funding?
1104. How far is diabetes linked to infertility? How does infertility develop in women with pituitary tumors or hyperprolactin
1105. Wheeling Systems Do NOT Increase Chances of Winning, Correct?
1106. could you please answer this quesyion please
1107. Would you consider speaking at a "Greek Shabbat" dinner at George Washington University?
1108. hey do you feel something for me
1109. how do I find a weight loss hynotist in my area?
1110. why is the bargining reasignment is not working for me
1111. How I can get urgent informations about resetlement and other ?
1112. what are some great facts that Madem C.J. Walker did for society
1113. When is the book No hands...no feet...NO PROBLEM? going to be sent out? I have ordered 2 copies on order #745738959 a
1114. How the hell are you???
1115. How do I study for the LPC test
1116. Did UN has an international conference in Austria while last week ?
1117. How do I take the 4 temperaments to the next level?
1118. is the end of love is only sex?
1119. Are there any photos of the inside of Jackie's apartment available to the public? If so where can these pictures be fou
1120. why do so many young people drink for the reason of what they call "social lubrication"?
1121. We just purchased a 2001 Beaver Patriot Thunder with no shoulder harnesses, do we need them?
1122. When is your next lecture assignment on a cruise ship?
1123. Do you give seminars or mentor?
1124. when could you tell about my year book tht ordered.
1125. Can you answer some questions for me for my senior project for my high school?
1126. How to stop the stalking, and how to flush the trespassers out of the tunnels and from within the house.
1127. There are tunnels under our house, how do you flush someone out. How do you find the entrance?
1128. Need help in getting a very good lawyer who is willing to do this pro-bono or for very little money.
1129. How can you publish this shit?
1130. What do you think about the homeless, and how would you like to help them?
1131. How does work stress impact a man's health?
1132. Should I start a new career change after thirty years
1133. At what level can pictures for sounds be shown to reinforce?
1134. Is there any remedy against CPS employees who lie or people who make repeated false abuse allegations?
1135. Are there any organizations/hospitals that don't use fetal tissue in their research?
1136. Do you do customized workshops for sales teams?
1137. What are some difficulties Islamic students encounter while attending American Universities?
1138. Can an RV meet the building standards of a mobile home in Massachusetts ?
1140. manual for sunrise clock?
1142. Can you be reached by e-mail?
1143. Are these doctors good for breast implants/ reconstruction and reduction<
1144. is needel work hard or easy
1145. Can you help a 17 year old 3 sport athlete suffering from depression?
1146. Where is Elizabeth
1147. The only homeless expert is Elizabeth. Where is she? Why won,t the government ask for her help?
1148. is there any way i can improve concentration, stop stressing and being immosional?
1149. what is the most commonly spent coin in the united states?
1150. is vaccine treated as drug ?
1151. I have had WLS(Roux-en Y), have reached my goal, and am continuing to lose. How can I stabelize, and stop losing?
1152. what do I do if I become stranded on the highway
1153. I need statistics on burnout and overworking and how it leads to lower productivity.
1154. Child I was watching experienced second degree burn to leg I don't know for sure what happened.
1155. ? companies that have a work/life balance as their culture or mission statement
1156. what is the practical shape of social development
1157. Where can I receive disitance learning training to be an intelligence specialist?
1158. what constitutes child abuse?
1159. Does Dr. Whitaker support stem cell surgery?
1160. Who would I contact in regards to a band sponsorship?
1161. How strong is the evidence in the criminal case against Michael Jackson?
1162. Is an officer of HALT available for a live radio telephone interview on 1230AM The Buzz (Urban Talk Radio) in Cicinnati?
1163. What do you know about HIV/AIDS in different communities?
1164. are you a gay boy
1165. Does your organization make available its curriculum to other nonprofits who work with at risk teens?
1166. Why do we need heroes?
1167. What is the smoking policy for letter carriers?
1168. ?
1169. y do we have 2 go 2 school
1170. guess who? i have a donkey.
1171. are you available for nursing home events
1172. Do you have some suggestions on positive aging articles for Boomers to Seniors?
1173. Why do we only have 2,3,4 sometimes 12 at a meeting here in Palm Springs.Calif
1174. Would I be able to interview you via e-mail?
1175. I was wondering what your fee is for appraisal? Do you offer an hourly rate to view or appraise a large quantity?
1176. Where can I find Statistical Surveys on RV Sales and Use by State?
1177. Who do I contact for Fraud by a Body Shop here in Reno Nv. 89509?
1178. How do you educate society and communities that homelessness includes single women?
1179. Any Alaska connections?
1180. What companies are the tops in being ethical and making money? It seems so many are unethical.
1181. Is James Sensenbrenner introducing a bill to stop illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses? He said Jan 4th.
1182. How many women are homeless
1183. How do you "handle" a Coin Dealer's "mis-handle" of your coin?
1184. Trick classes?
1185. Do you sell replacement glass domes for the older model of the sunrise clock? The one I purchased has a triangle shap
1186. Is it possible to get information on a man who was a member of the AFSA in the 50's?
1187. Does L to J have a research base? Has this technique been scientifically research based? Would you forward it please?
1188. Do you have any information regarding the 47 star american flag?
1189. How has the drug Reglan effected the mothers who have been diagnosed with MSBP.
1190. Could you kindly read my letter and guide in my request?
1191. Always the Lowest Price?
1192. Can you tell me anything about two Trattner families in Brasov, Romania?
1193. What was the identify of the 3 US Air Force fighter pilots involved in the mid-air collision in early 1980 at Nellis AFB
1194. Is it neccessary to warm up your car before driving?
1195. Why sould we recycle?
1196. Is it posible to find out before marriage if you are likely to end divorced
1197. i am doing science fair can i ask you a few questions`
1198. When will Burmese Refugee in India be able to immigrate to United States of America?
1199. What is the maximium safe / tolerated dose of caffeine?
1200. How cna you loosen your voice and make it seem nice and relaxing?
1201. what percentage of offers in compromise that you submit to the irs are accepted
1202. Have you ever written about the As-built Critical Path? Thank you.
1203. Is anger management and psychotherapy the same?
1204. i wanna learn who i would be compatible with...what guy i wouldbe compaitble with
1205. where are you located
1206. is the sky blue
1207. Must driver assist with lap/seat restraint?
1208. Do you have a funny story about a wedding or bachelor/bachelorette party?
1209. What is your interest in covering the intelligent strengthening of the PaceMaster Treadmill Brand?
1210. How do i raise fund for an individual suffering from stomach cancer and lacking funds for treatment?
1211. How much time per question does the NCSBN recommend that students receive when taking an exam in a nursing program?
1212. how big is it?
1213. Was my brother a Rolandic epileptic
1214. is there a chance for me?
1215. Do you believe that it's possible to repel sickness using mind-over-matter?
1216. did you get this email?
1217. Consciousness is an entity in itself?
1218. What tips would you give a college student on managing his/her time effectively?
1219. Who would be a good person to see for rectal and colon cancer surgery in New York City?
1220. What are the SAT/ACT scores required for incoming freshmen? And also if you dont mind While Im still in high school, we
1221. What are the rules for delivering packages?
1222. How big should the academics section in a yearbook be?
1223. I have a sex problem. i have done a great sex when i was only 10 . now iam unable to do a sex. can you tell treatment.
1224. What address should I use to send a letter of concern to the CEO ?
1225. do you have eny pichers from the year-book to this very day from 1985 to 2004?
1226. Why are rural postal workers required to work 10 to 12 hours per day but get paid for only 7.5 hrs., and no benefits.
1227. have you tried LASTBID
1228. How can I edit a release?
1229. Was punishment fair?
1230. Internship Law
1231. In what ways has science proven a relationship beteen divorce and disease
1232. Panasonic GS400 or AGDVC30 ?
1233. What is the impact of motivational speakers at corporate gatherings?
1234. How many stock pagencies are there world-wide ?
1235. Are you associated with elderhostel?
1236. I am looking for an old friend who was a gemologist 20 years ago. Her name is Patricia Waters. Please send info to
1237. How do you think the increasing use of online shopping will affect stores?
1238. what can be done about Catholic schools that teach heresy in its religious education program?
1239. what would be the best message that i can place to my yearbook? i want it to be the best.
1240. what steps do we take to publish our book?
1241. Would you be willing to help a student reporter?
1242. can a 1964 yearbook be purchased
1243. Should you forgive some who has hurt you more than they will ever know.
1244. How do you prepare for an extreme mental challenge such as sailing alone around the world?
1245. How do I get more detail information on the "hits" showing up in the HITS reports?
1246. Why does the smell of microwave popcorn linger in microwaves?
1247. No one has even considered my situation? Why?
1248. What time works best for you?
1249. What is the percentage of fertilized eggs (blastocysts) which are lost prior to birth ( pre-implantation and pre-birth
1251. exposure, how do I get it???
1252. Does an older worker have much chance getting in? I plan to work another 10 years.
1253. How do I find a practicing gerontologist in the Boca Raton area?
1254. hi, mike. how often do you negotiate discount rates with insurance companies, vs. just taking the discount they offer?
1255. What qualifies you as an expert?
1256. I heard there was a law passed ordering credit bureaus to provide free credit reports. When does it go into effect?
1257. How do you get a patient to eat when even the thought of food makes her gag?
1258. Who do I contact about an order made for Dr. Helmstetters tapes but have yet to receive them?
1259. how i make sex
1260. why is sex blue
1262. I would appreciate it if someone could contact me with the name of a press/pr contact at Anheuser-Busch
1263. US Elections
1264. how can you see page of picture.
1265. "Is it a curse preventing the Red Sox from winning a World Series or is something else to blame?
1266. May I have a current resume?
1267. Can we force our memories to forget things?
1268. how to reduce child support payments
1269. Will you cover the hearing on Michael New in District Court tomorrow?
1270. would anyone like to contribute to a magazine article on long-distance relationships?
1271. how do I get to the yearbook sit to look at the pichers?
1272. does platinum metal jewelery have cancerous effects
1273. pls do u like to tell me what i do to marry any amiracion girl i m pakistani and my name is rizwan my age 21 years
1275. What are some stories that I can include in my yearbook
1276. how to apply for training in electronic media?
1277. I'm curious about how Tahitian pearls are graded and priced.
1278. How much money has this administration spent on adult stem cell research and how much on embryonic?
1280. How did American Sign Language come to be used in baseball?
1281. how do i find a picture of someone in a yearbook from a school?
1282. how do i pay for ltc with pretax dollars
1283. Is Charles R. The son of Maurice Eisendrath?
1284. How cam i buy your different product from bangladesh?
1285. what are the medical laws in mexico?
1286. where can i see all the pictures of the students in dennis earl school?
1287. I am a person with recurrent PE,is it true that I will have to remain on warfarin for the rest of my natural life?
1288. Would like information on mycobacterium avium complex
1289. Available for a Web-Based Q&A Column?
1290. What are the legal issues behind Xbox modification?
1291. Any professional image experts out there to quote for my article?
1292. What is the purpose of a yearbook?
1293. Where can I pick up some TFP and Xango this month?
1294. who is edward jenner
1295. Employment statistics
1296. Can anyone help me find employee morale statistics?
1297. do you yahoo?
1298. How do I deal with my wifes 2 ex's and her 4 children??
1299. Why so religious
1300. Is there hope to avoid a heart transplant?
1301. Where can one go, online, to see pictures of classmates?
1302. How to accomplish a "fall" look when you live in the south and the temp.s and the humidity are high ?
1303. Do you know if there is a service similar to this in Australia?
1304. how did you all lose the weight? what food did you all eat?
1305. Are you offering a discount on your services?
1306. how do you know when you have it
1307. Is this illness life term, and were does it come from does it affect your your every day life.
1308. What is the percentage of reduced stroke incidence between taking Warfarin or no anti-coagulant drug?
1309. could you find out the age of a property 21 Straits, Easton Portland Dorset DT5 1HG
1310. What can I do for hives?
1311. What is Soul ? Did you see before ? If yes, can you explain ?
1312. What would you take?
1313. What is the most up to date research on the vomeronasal organ, and the connection between smell & attraction in humans?
1314. Why would a fire marshall say a house fire was an accident when there were people running from the seen a person died ?
1315. In or around Chicago, IL, are there any accredited schools offering courses in hoursing tax credit management?
1316. Can I get a brief history of the AGA? When it was organized? Why?
1317. Is salvage radiotherapy indicated after RRP (48 mos.) in node positive disease (pT3bN1) when PSA has risen to 0.9 ng/ml?
1318. I have three great and original ideas that i want to copyright and sell, how can i do this?
1319. why do kids have sex at such a young age?
1320. When do Van Bokkelen Elementary School Get there yearbook
1321. I need help in finding out if my Ford Explorer Sport can safely tow my trailer?
1322. Are there statistics available about marketing plans?
1323. How to projects
1324. We see the true about israel on news?
1325. Why are angels so popular right now?
1326. what is press freedom
1327. Is it possible for me to get the court to change the scheduled date for court when my ex-wife is the one who filed?
1328. Did you see this on ActorNews.com
1329. where do you lieve?
1330. How does a person get a major interview about a community of organized black crimes
1331. Can you get to me data to discredit MSBP?
1332. How is the children's musical toy industry doing these days?
1333. how can i signup for free email?
1334. Do lawyers use body language to influence jury members?
1335. what kind of clothing should I wear, or what principles apply to prevent hyponthermia while boating
1336. how do Gen X'ers respond to both celebrity and non-celebrity spokespersons in marketing in the anti-aging/beauty industr
1337. My son has bi-polar disorder, and I am being blamed for causing him emotional abuse. Is their help?
1338. Can a doctor be held liable for malicious conduct even though death was not the end result
1339. Does anyone have financial data on the Private Jet leasing and fractional ownership business?
1340. is this contest open in india
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