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Q9 Consulting purchases VSC80 for forensic examination of altered documents
Michael N. Wakshull --Forensic Document Examiner Michael N. Wakshull --Forensic Document Examiner
Temecula, CA
Sunday, June 16, 2019


Q9 Consulting, Inc. announces purchase of a new VSC 80 Video Spectral Comparator manufactured by Foster and Freemen in the UK. The VSC is used for discovery of alterations in documents. The high quality lenses provide detailed images for examination.

Ink Differentiation

The VSC uses several frequencies of infrared light to examine a document. Different inks may appear to be the same color when viewed in visible light. When the writing is viewed under various frequencies of infrared light, the different inks become apparent. This technique is used to determine whether a writing has been altered. Examples are changing a 1 to a 7 or adding an additional digit in front of a number such as changing 784 into 6784.

Authentication of government documents

Most federal government documents contain security features that can bee seen under ultraviolet light and/or florescence. The VSC contains illumination for several frequencies of ultraviolet light.

Several frequencies of ultraviolet light display various security features that are invisible when looking at the document in visible white light. Examples are a flying eagle and stars on the United States passport card.

Document alterations

Ultraviolet light is also used to discover alterations on documents where chemicals were used to remove ink.

The VSC offers the ability to zoom into sections of the document.

If you have a case that involves potential alteration of a document, contact Mike Wakshull at Q9 Consulting, Inc. The contact information is phone: 951-252-4929, email: mikew@quality9.com.

About the Author: Michael Wakshull, president of Q9 Consulting, is a civil and criminal court-qualified forensic document examiner providing services throughout the U.S.A. and internationally. Cases include authentication of handwritten and computer-generated documents. Wakshull holds a Master of Science in technology management, a graduate school certificate in forensic document examination and has spoken at international forensics conferences including the World Congress of Forensics in China. He authors and presents document examination courses for minimum continuing legal education (MCLE). Wakshull is a member of the vice president of Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners, National Association of Document Examiners, past president of the San Diego Chapter of Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA), ASTM International, and a senior member of the American Society for Quality.

Mike has authored three books on the topic of forensic document examination. 

As a National Speakers Association member, he is available to speak on these subjects.

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