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Michael Wakshull -- Forensic Document Examiner
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About: At Q9, we partner with our clients to authenticate documents. Mike presents in jury-speak rather than techno-geek. Using science-based approach, he delivers extraordinary results for clients, including settlements prior to trial. Mike Wakshull is a member of National Speakers Association. He is A dynamic speaker on the subjects of courtroom bias, forensic document examination and courtroom bias. He shares fascinating case stories during interactive presentations. Services include handwriting identification; signature authentication; and examination of altered documents, computer-generated documents, digital documents, photocopies, contracts, wills, etc. Mike is one of only a handful of forensic document examiners with graduate school education in the science of forensic document examination. Mike uses video conferencing to share work product with clients. In this manner, clients see his computer's screen as they review the work product.
Steven Burgess -- Computer Forensics Expert
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About: Computer Forensics Expert -- Since 1985, pioneering expert. Testifying Expert Witness, Author, Speaker. Clients from around the country and the world. Expert in most computer hardware, peripherals and operating systems and many applications. Specialist in computer forensics - data discovery. Qualified as Expert Witness in courts in California and Texas. World-renowned as a leading expert in recovery of data from disk drives and diskettes. Has personally performed more than 10,000 recoveries. Also generally knowledgeable in the areas of Patent search and generation as well as the emerging field of Molecular Nanotechnology.

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