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Putting the Human Touch Back in Sales with Media Sales Training Coach Ryan Dohrn
Ryan Dohrn -- Motivational Sales Meeting Speaker Ryan Dohrn -- Motivational Sales Meeting Speaker
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Dateline: Augusta, GA
Monday, May 20, 2024

Putting the Human Touch Back in Sales with Media Sales Training Coach Ryan Dohrn

What’s going on, friends and fans? Ryan Dohrn here, your friendly neighborhood sales coach. Let’s focus on what I like to call “sales humanity.” It’s a topic of conversation that I’ve been having with my ad sales training coaching clients and during my speaking engagements. It seems that the human side of sales is being overlooked, especially amidst all the conversations about AI in sales. I’m even considering making “sales humanity” a topic in one of my next sales books. So, let’s explore a few ways to make sure we do not lose the human touch in the sales process.

Action Items to consider:

  1. Shift from Salesperson to Advisor:
    Strive to be a trusted advisor rather than just a salesperson.
    Focus on recommending solutions rather than pushing for a sale.
  2. Be Helpful and Human:
    Always aim to be helpful in your interactions.
    Ask clients how you can assist them and what their ideal client referrals look like.
  3. Avoid Outdated Sales Tactics:
    Stop using old-school closing techniques that don’t resonate with modern buyers.
    Avoid being overly aggressive or pushy in your follow-ups.
  4. Increase Non-Sales Touches:
    Ensure 30-35% of your client interactions are non-sales related.
    Share helpful articles, send handwritten notes, and show genuine appreciation.
  5. Emphasize the Human Element in Sales:
    Focus on building genuine relationships and being there for your clients.
    Remember that being human in sales can set you apart in the media sales training and ad sales training industry.

First, observe that salespeople often get a bad rap based on past behaviors and media portrayals, like in the movies Tommy Boy, Boiler Room, and The Wolf of Wall Street. When you tell someone you’re in sales, they might wrinkle their nose because of years of bad salesmanship—salespeople willing to do anything to close a deal, never taking no for an answer, always being pushy. Those kinds of tactics are outdated. Instead, aim to be an advisor. Advisors recommend things and get paid for their expertise. They’re trusted and referred by clients. As a salesperson, you should aim to be a peer with your customers, gaining their trust and respect.

Another important aspect of sales humanity is being helpful. One of the cores of being a good human being is offering help, whether someone needs time, directions, or advice. Stop just “checking in” with your clients. Instead, ask, “How can I help?” When granted a meeting, say, “Thank you for this meeting. There’s probably something you were thinking I could do to be helpful. What is it?” Or ask, “What does a perfect client referral look like to you?” Always be a great referral source and be genuinely helpful.

Stop using outdated sales techniques like closing tactics. Statements like, “What you thought about yesterday is what someone else is thinking about today,” just don’t work anymore. The youngest generations are highly researched and educated; they find such techniques offensive. Bring the humanity back into sales and stop pushing the close or following up too aggressively. Instead I like the 1-10 close. On a scale of 1-10 with one meaning you are not interested and ten meaning you love the idea, where are you after this conversation?

Lastly, increase your non-sales touches. Rather than making every email about selling, ensure that 30-35% of your outreach is about being helpful. Share articles, send handwritten thank you notes, or simply check in to see how you can assist them. These non-sales touches are part of the human element in sales that is often missing today.

This human-centered approach is crucial, especially in ad sales training and media sales training. By integrating empathy and genuine helpfulness into your sales strategy, you can build stronger relationships with your clients and enhance your effectiveness as a salesperson.

Putting humanity back into sales can only benefit all of us, right? Remember, if sales were easy, everyone would be doing it. We’re not crazy; we’re the chosen few. This is a great career that can feed your family for a lifetime.

Ryan Dohrn


This blog focuses on the importance of adding a human touch to sales practices. It emphasizes the role of empathy, genuine helpfulness, and building trust with clients. By adopting these principles, you can transform your sales approach and create lasting relationships with your customers.

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