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Politically Correct or Undemocratic
Zoe Rastegar -- Talk Show Host Zoe Rastegar -- Talk Show Host
Washington , DC
Friday, April 13, 2012


                                        Politically Correct or Undemocratic

Recent controversy concerning Miami Martins manager, Ozzie Guillen makes one think a little deeper and broader into our so politically correct society.

There is no question Mr. Guillen's remark was reckless and insensitive, but  his remark should not be treated as permanently damaging Cuban society.

Cubans and other immigrants should ponder why they came to this country in the first place? They came here not to be suffocated by a communist dictator telling them how to live , for having freedom of speech and go about their lives without fear of being followed or interrogated for every word they utter or every step they walk.

Unfortunately we, the people are constantly providing such fodders for our most reckless media. We make too much fuss about every word and comment.The  media loves it for more ratings and more bottom line.

We are feeding the frenzy by encouraging our media to sensationalize our emotions and reactions often a the expense of someone's reputation and livlihood.  People misspeak and make stupid mistakes. The sad part is that we are not satisfied to scold them.  We have to make a pariah of them and often make them disappear.

This behavior is also selective depending who you have offended.  Certain societies are darlings and some of us need them fo their money or their political mussle. In this case we really go after the outspoken making sure they never speak again.

This reminds me of another episode a in 2010 when Helen Thomas, one of the most revered journalist/ author/ report was forced to resign in a matter of one week because of her comment on Israel/ Palestinian conflict. The media was after her relentlessly.  To our shame, not one journalist dared to comment or to discuss the issue from her side.  She was not invited even for one interview to discuss the comment.. Nothing. A woman  who had dedicated her life to earn the highest honor in journalism vanished in a week and no one blinked. I wonder how the media would have treated her if she had made her comment against the Palestinians?

If we all boxed in  certain way of thinking and  not allowed to express our honest opinion in this country where should we really go to find Democracy? 

It is okay at times to chastise such out of line behavior but it is not democratic to treat such situations as one has committed a crime.

Every citizen is entitled to his/ her opinion as long as he / she has not done a permanent harm to others.
Zoe Rastegar
Talk show host
Accent Productions, Inc.
Washington, DC
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