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“Peace Economics” Deniers
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Thursday, September 7, 2023


 Military Industrial Complex

Those in the military industrial complex are confident that they provide jobs and income to communities where the military money is spent.  But they are blind to the simultaneous loss of jobs and income in the civilian manufacturing sector.  This second point is why the economy suffers in a military buildup.  The manufacturing sector is the normal main driving factor in economic growth.  The technology sector leads innovation and productivity, often expressed through new or improved products that come out of the manufacturing sector.  Engineering, science, and capital are used in huge amounts in manufacturing, often considered the economic base of the economy.  It is a mistake to look only at the money involved when the important factors are the activities of the people involved, which I consider the real economy.  Money is a measuring stick only, not to be confused with the real economy.  Say's law is a concept sympathetic to these findings, but largely abandoned by so-called mainstream economists.  I consider mainstream economists "flat earth" economists with a very stilted narrow financial approach incapable of understanding important engineering concepts like sinusoidal waves and systems dynamics.  My dad, a lifetime CPA accountant, part of the "flat earth" world, never understood me when I talked science.

Military Issues

Back in 2013, just as I was starting this ten-year campaign of press releases through expertclick.com, a pattern of three or four looks from certain obvious locations, revealed interest in my work.  The CIA was interested in my military spending work and the pentagon was interested in my climate cycle work.  Why?  Because the military knows climate change will lead to wars and the CIA routinely calculates national military budgets worldwide.  Then google started watching my work over 50 times in the next few years.

Back in 1989, an Oregon state legislator warned me to "watch my back" because the military might go after me.  In extreme cases they could run me off the road when I was biking, but I think they prefer to undermine me and discredit me instead.   Two county commissioners, Jerry Rust and Harold Bock showed huge interest in my work.  An Oregon State Senator, when I signed up to testify first in a hearing, was told I would be called on last.  Then he ended the hearing before I could testify.  He feared my testimony would turn off some support for the bill.  Later I did testify in another session and the Senator wanted more testimony but I had moved back to Wisconsin by then in 1993.  Moving to Wisconsin was a mistake.  Socialists in Madison abused me mercilessly because of my business background, I had lots of respect in Eugene Oregon 1980-1993, including the socialists.

Economic Issues

            In 1991, I explained how manufacturing productivity, which includes weapons manufacturing productivity, is still inversely related to military spending.  That's because the military is like a factory, with the assembly line equipment produced for the "military factory" by the defense contractor "outsiders".  A Colorado academic wanted me to write him an article, but I didn't know how to write an academic article back then and I was reluctant to give my rights away on a billion dollar idea.  The Phillips Curve idea I learned in 1968 in my first economics class was that unemployment and inflation were inversely related.   Because the Kondratiev Wave was ignored by mainstream economists they failed to understand how Phillips was right after all, that unemployment and inflation were still inversely related, but the total fluctuates over the 54 years, which fooled them into rejecting the theory.  "Flat earth" thinking blocked progress once again.

Climate Issues

If you dare to challenge global warming orthodoxy, the goon squad will attack you rather than hear you out.  Or they will look at you funny then ignore you.  When I joined Oregon Mensa in 1977, I found a community that you can talk to without getting the blank stares.  How refreshing.  Unfortunately, the blank stares from academics have returned the last thirty years, with notable exceptions.  The basic rule is that presentations of 15 minutes produces excitement only, while 45 minutes to an hour produces understanding. 

Michael Mann, the darling of climate scientists is famous for his hockey stick.  But the hockey stick is inaccurate, ignoring the fact that the earth was hotter 1000 years ago when farming occurred on Greenland.  In fairness to Mann, Mann's data is thin going back more than 500 years.  Just watch them squirm pretending regions vary enough to explain Greenland farming during the Middle Age warming.  They have not meticulously examined 14 global temperature patterns from "Trends 90" as I have, learning the "systems dynamics" of the earth.  My conflict simulations and engineering backgrounds are excellent experiences in solving "big picture" puzzles.  I recognize hot facts and use them.


I did my dissertation on Peace Studies Programs.  90% of all people have number-phobia.  I am in love with numbers, I was one person in 3000 when I won the statewide math contest in high school.  I went on to join four honor societies while earning a degree from the third ranked Electrical Engineering program in America.  That program was considered the toughest four-year program at UW Madison at the time.  The Peace and Justice Studies Association is loaded with amatuer bureaucrats devoted more to nonviolence, social movements, and foreign relations, more Justice than peace.  The bright ones get it, but the blank stare types have tried to restrict my postings on the discussion list.  They have all but abandoned studying war and peace the way national security types and wargamers like me do.  "Real Peace" may be the title of the organization I might form to fill the void.  "Peace Economics" Deniers generally lack the acute math and science background I do.  They often just do not understand me. 

Peace Economics 60 Year Model:


Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2023, September 7), " 'Peace Economics' Deniers" Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:  https://www.expertclick.com/NewsRelease/Peace-Economics-Deniers,2023298456.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2023 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my expertclick.com website; daily "hard looks" per year went from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to 322 to 346 to 349 by the October 6th, 2023 Nobel Peace Prize announcement time.

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