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Pandemic Leads to New Career for Writer in Publishing, Films, and Songs
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
Lafayette, CA
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Turning Books Into Films


       While the pandemic has been devastating for millions of now unemployed individuals and business owners, it has also provided some new career opportunities.  That's the experience of author Gini Graham Scott, who has turned the extra time at home into several new businesses -- writing for books and scripts for clients as a ghostwriter, publishing several new books, writing and producing new feature films, and creating several dozen newly recorded songs and song books.

       During the first few months of the pandemic, suddenly the clients who hired her as a ghostwriter disappeared, leaving her time to write her own songs and books.  Then, all of sudden, the clients were back, and besides writing books and proposals, many clients wanted to turn their books into films, leading Gini to write her latest book: So You Want to Turn Your Book into a Film? At the same time, one of her scriptwriting clients decided to fund the production of his own book through the team she worked with to write and produce 10 films.  The latest is a series of films about dogs distributed by Random Media -- Me, My Dog, and I, comparing owners of big and little dogs, and Rescue Me, about rescue organizations for dogs, cats, and birds.  Soon to be released is Courage to Continue, about individuals turning failures in life into success -- which seems very apropos for these times.  

       Now after 10 films, Gini will be an exhibitor as Changemakers Productions at the latest American Film Market, which is going virtual this year from November 9-13, so exhibitors have online booths showcasing their films. If the AFM planned to have regular booths at a hotel in Santa Monica, she would never become an exhibitor -- but going virtual has provided new opportunities.

       Additionally, Gini she has become a songwriter with over 30 new songs, many dealing with the pandemic and society today with a collaborator, John Covert of the Crystal Image Band who writes the music, while she has signed with a music publishing company, Missing Link Music, that handles licensing. Some of her latest songs reflect what is happening today.  These are Democracy Is Dying https://youtu.be/_Fj1GV6-iQM,  What Happened to the American Dream? https://youtu.be/mOC1BPW80D4 , and the COVID-19 BLUES https://youtu.be/y_SITAZrlek .  These songs have been turned into a songbook: What Happened to the American Dream https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L8G6C94 

            Now developments in the last few years have inspired her latest book comparing life in modern American to medieval times: The New American Middle Ages to be published by McFarland Publishing. For example, the pandemic is like the Black Death that swept through Europe, the UK, and the Middle East in the 1300s, while the Black Lives Matters and other revolts against injustice and the establishment are like the peasant revolts in the 14th and 15th centuries.  But just as the medieval plague and revolts gave way to the Renaissance in the following century, Gini sees a similar new beginning in modern times. 

            Thus, for Gini Graham Scott, the pandemic has turned into a great many opportunities, because she is able to readily work at home to write her books, films, and songs, as well as work with collaborators, clients, and others online.  In turn, she sees the online world as one that offers many possibilities to others today who can make this transition to working in virtual space.

       For more information, to get PDFs of books, and to set up interviews, please contact:

Jana Collins

Jones & O'Malley

Toluca Lake, California

(818) 762-8353



Nancy Parker

Executive Assistant

Changemakers Publishing

Lafayette, California

(925) 385-0608



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