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O-zoning Out From Cindy Klement
Cindy Klement -- Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden Cindy Klement -- Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Detroit , MI
Friday, August 16, 2019


Smog mask runner

Pollution + Heat = Ozone Action.

The Department of Environmental Quality monitors daily air quality. If conditions indicate that the temperature and pollution are high enough, it will create an elevated amount of ground-level ozone.

PM 2.5 is Tiny, but So is PM 10.

Notice on your official Weather Channel app on the “Air Quality” page (scroll down) there is a number and a color. Underneath that is a blue box indicating “see details.” Click on it. Here you’ll see what makes up the pollution in your area.

The human hair measures approximately 50 to 70 micrometers. Particulate matter 2.5 measures 2.5 micrometers. Likewise, PM 10 measures 10 micrometers and you can’t see this type of pollution when you breathe in.

Not Just an Environmental Concern.

It goes without saying that pollutants are not good for our planet. But for people who work or exercise strenuously outdoors or have respiratory conditions, ozone and pollutants can be a threat to their health.

When to Open the Windows.

Check the Weather Channel app frequently throughout the day and be mindful of the air quality. Another valuable resource is AirNow because it gives you a visual of whether or not you should open the windows at home, or exercise outdoors. And you can enter your zip code for up-to-date readings. For a worldwide map of air quality, visit www.pollution.org/.

Wildfires Affect Everyone.

In fact the smoke from wildfires in Alberta, Canada made it all the way to Michigan in May of 2019, affecting our air quality from 1,845 miles away. Smoke is made up of a mixture of VOCs and fine particles. And remember these particles are so small that they can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause a wide range of health problems. The AirNow website also has a link to wildfires across North America. It takes a few minutes to fully load because it’s updated frequently.

Get the Apps.

If you don’t already have them, download the official Weather Channel app and the AirNow app. And take care of your lungs. You need at least one to live.

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