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Cindy Klement
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About: Author Reveals Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden – and What to Do About It! Learn how to uncover and eliminate what might be making you sick! “An essential reference manual to understanding where the most dangerous toxins come from, how they are stored in our bodies, what we can do to try to avoid them and how we can detoxify our bodies daily.” – John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press, Five stars
Dave E. David, M.D. --- Doctor Spokesperson
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About: Dave E. David, M.D. is an experienced host, guest and dynamic lecturer, whose personality and naturally-inquisitive nature make him an exciting interviewer, guest or spokesperson. Dr. David, is a Cosmetic Surgeon and Obstetrician and Gynecologist as well as a Weight Loss/Fitness Specialist. Dr. David is a physician with 35 years of experience. He is Harvard-trained and former teaching faculty at Harvard University. Dr. David is available to appear as a TV or radio guest or host, or as a spokesperson for health/fitness/nutritional/medical products that he believes in. His areas of expertise include women's health, weight loss, fitness, nutrition and Cosmetic Surgery. He can comment or act as medical news analyst for a whole host of medical topics. Dr. David is also an international caregiver, having led emergency medical and surgical teams into Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake and into Sri Lanka after the massive tsunami.
Chris DeArmitt - Leading Plastics & Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker
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About: Chris is considered one of the top plastic materials experts and problem solvers in the World, which is why companies like HP, Apple, Exxon, P&G, Eaton, Total and Disney come to him for help. A deep understanding of materials and high creativity allow him to quickly solve even the toughest challenges. As one example, he solved a serious production issue that had plagued BASF for 30 years and cost them millions. Chris has also received 6 open innovation cash prizes placing him among the top 0.01% of innovators. In 2016 he published the book Innovation Abyss which reveals the true reasons for innovation failure and the proven path to success. In 2018 he was featured on CBS 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley as an expert witness in a class-action lawsuit related to Marlex mesh plastic implants. He helped thousands of women get settlements.

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