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Overview of Google Tools for Your ExpertClick Press Room Page
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Google integration for improved search optimization through your ExpertClick Press Room Page.

Three related Google tools make up the program. Your ExpertClick Press Room Page can have these connections running without work from your web developers.

There are three deliverables in the service:

• Google AdWords – advertising that runs on other sites to bring you customers.

• Google Analytics – tracking visitor use to see what works best.

• Google AdSense – contextual Google content on your Press Room Page and news releases that earns you money directly from Google. (Exchange for more second Adwords session, if requested.)

Your team has the responsibility of entering a stream of news releases on current topics which the program can review and use to gain traction. The phrase "disgruntled employees" came from keyword research on a news release headlined "Creating Loyal Employees" by a management consultant. Your best clients are those with problems. They know their problems but not the solutions – which you can provide. Your content – news releases – can yield new customers seeking answers to their problems.

ExpertClick will start your Google AdWords before contacting you for the first appointment. We will create a short introductory video you can watch prior to the first online training event.

We will set up a unique Google account for you – we will fund the first $50. You will have full access to the system. We urge you to choose "long-tail" words that are not overbid and to limit your campaigns to target areas and target times. (One can spend a lot of money with AdWords. So, you should have Analytics fully set up and specific objectives for visitors who reach your target pages, before spending increases.)

A strategy -- based on the "Mequoda Media Pyramid" -- is the way to think about this: http://www.mequoda.com/glossary/mequoda-media-pyramid/

Getting attention is one thing. It is another to convert that to:

1) Opt-in for white-paper.

2) Subscribe to topical e-mail newsletter.

3) Jumping to topical sub-page, continuing to attach documents, and tracking the keywords that generated such traffic are great.

Even with lots of traffic coming in, the question remains: Can this content be converted into contact? And, on your end, can you convert that contact to business? (That is something we cannot control.)

To review the three parts:

1) Google AdWords: This sets up the P-P-C ads to drive targeted visitors to your Press Room Page. Our goal in this program is to promote your Press Room Page and to link to your news releases.

2) Analytics: Tracking system from the Google AdWords to your Press Room page and from your Google AdWords to your news releases -- back to your Press Room Page. (The next step of setting up the Analytics to follow traffic into your site is something only your website people can do.)

3) Google AdSense: Your news releases and Press Room Page can display relevant content in the style you like – and to have revenue earned from Google sent to you. (Some members prefer that, instead of this deployment of AdSense, we allocate that time to continue AdWords implementation. That is a decision we'll ask you to make after we get steps one and two complete.)


Expect my personal welcome message with brief video in about ten days, after acceptance of upgrade. As there is a scheduling process on these upgrades, new accounts may take several weeks to have start dates.

It will be a password-protected private YouTube video, which you will need to log in to YouTube to view.) Timing allows us to get some traction on your keywords. The video allows your team to get up-to-speed before the first on-line event. Then, we can schedule the on-line training.

Phase two and three follow in 30-day intervals, as the continued traffic stats are important to the assessment of the project.

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