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Oracle to List Shares on NYSE in Biggest Exchange Defection Ever; Microsoft & Oracle Partnership
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Friday, June 21, 2013


 Friday, June 21, 2013...Celebrate the Start of Summer!



Bullish On Printed Magazines. The Future and Power of Magazines in a Digital Age

Mr. Magazine™ Presents: A Mini-Documentary with Mary Berner, David Carey, Steve Lacy, Bob Sauerberg, and Skip Zimbalist

You know it's no surprise if I tell you I'm bullish on the printed magazine. I only call them magazines if they're printed; otherwise I call them magazine media. But you don't have to take my word for it. You don't have to take the word of any ...

Cool Off with Comedy: One Firm's Tips for a Less Stressful Summer

VIDEO...By Steve Cody & the Peppercomm Team

Editor's Note: Special 'shout out' of appreciation to Steve Cody (a.k.a. "RepMan")and the Peppercomm team for shooting this video to celebrate the official start of Summer 2013 on CommPRO.biz. We hope everyone will cool off with comedy and follow their tips for a less stressful Summer 2013.

Summer Office Attire -- Bikini Time? 5 Tips On What To Avoid Wearing To The Office This Summer

The Hiring Hub...By Marie Raperto

It's getting hot out there and you are feeling lazy. Those nagging questions are starting...What to wear to the office? What should my summer office attire plan be? We're all dealing with it...How to stay cool, yet professional as we officially begin Summer 2013 today. Here's the challenge: If you are looking for a ...

Beyond the Brands: The Truth Behind Coca-Cola and Harley Davidson

By Brian Sheehan, Author of "Loveworks: How the world's top marketers make emotional connections to win in the marketplace"

Whether or not we realize it, we are all being wooed by many suitors. They are brands our parents used, fads our kids are crazy about, and products that stack the shelves at our local supermarket. Our interaction with these brands is ...




Updated: Optimizing Online Press Releases & Other Content

By Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Content Marketing, PR Newswire, for the Agile Engagement Channel

It's impossible to write about search engines without referencing change, and this post is no exception. We've updated the advice we're offering for optimizing press releases and other content for maximum online visibility. There are some important changes, including: An increased focus on creating content that ...

SXSW's PEACE Process

For the PRketing® Channel

Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, speaks with Hugh Forrest, Director of SXSW Interactive Festival about the SXSW approach to community management. Hugh Forrest's PRketing® Views: "The PEACE process is an acronym and the P stands for "patience leads to profits". The idea is that slow growth is really important. That even in the fast paced environment in ...

Best Practices For Continuing Education Webinars

Join Ken Molay For A Live Q&A

Do you provide continuing education for your clients, association members, or professional affinity groups? Webinars are an effective and flexible medium for bringing this valuable content to your target audiences around the country or around the world. Planning and delivering a webinar that achieves its educational goals and satisfies your attendees takes conscientious effort and attention ...

Newly Released Guide: Smart Marketing: Putting the Pieces Together

For the Effective Email Marketing Channel

When you put the pieces of Smart Marketing together, you win, because when the right content reaches the right people, your marketing campaign goes further than you ever thought possible. Personalized messages cut through the clutter and make a genuine connection with your customers. And personalization is ...



Eggland's Searches For 'CEO' (Chief Egg Officer)

Media Post

Eggland's Best, the largest egg brand in the U.S., is searching for a "CEO" -- but there's no corporate shakeup involved. In this case, CEO stands for "Chief Egg Officer" -- an honorary title to be bestowed on an Eggland's Best fan who is judged to be the primo advocate for the brand, based on a contest.

Have Consumer Electronics Become "Good Enough"?

Motley Fool

Where's the buzz around the electronics industry lately? Smartphones no longer wow consumers, the PC refresh cycle gets longer every year, and even advancements in 3-D TV technology have been met with a yawn. Have we finally reached the point where electronics devices are "good enough..."

Watch James Gandolfini's Food Scenes from The Sopranos

Eater National

Actor James Gandolfini's passing yesterday has prompted an outpouring of support from fans and friends. Chef Mario Batali, the actor's college roommate from Rutgers University, said in a statement to CNN: "I am totally shocked and devastated by the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends. I only hope to help his family any way I can in their grief and mourning."

John McAfee Returns With Bizarre, NSFW Video

PC Magazine

Uninstalling McAfee anti-virus software from your computer may be easier than it seems - Just get high on bath salts and fire a couple of bullets into your machine. Voila! At least, that's how company founder John McAfee does it in a new (very NSFW) video.

Pitching Yogurt Water..


As PubLizity plans an event for Cultured Yogurt Water, Liz B. volunteers to sing at the event.



Confirmed: Microsoft And Oracle Will Be Announcing A New Partnership On Monday (ORCL, MSFT)


The plot thickens. First Larry Ellison spills the beans about looming partnerships between Oracle and several big-name cloud companies, including Microsoft. Now Microsoft just hastily sent out invitations to a press conference which will feature Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, his top cloud guy Satya Nadella and Oracle president Mark Hurd.

Google: GPAs are Worthless


Kids, you know that studying is boring. Now I can tell you that it's useless, too. Oh, of course I always knew this deep down inside, but I was waiting for the one thing that would confirm this: data. My eyes and ears are bathing in the finest and most accurate data money can buy: data from Google.

Yahoo ID-Recycling Plan 'Stupid,' Say Security Experts

Tech News Daily

Yahoo's recently announced plan to recycle unused IDs has stirred up a hornet's nest in the security community, with one tech journalist predicting a "gold rush" of identity theft. However, most of the concern revolves around email addresses, which are often tied in to other accounts around the Internet and hence could be used to take over those accounts.

Twitter Can't Control Rapid Growth of Its Vine


With Facebook rumored to be unveiling a clone of Twitter's short-video app Vine today, it's worth taking stock of why Facebook would want to do that in the first place. The short answer: Vine's growth is out of control. The streak has been especially pronounced since Twitter acquired the six-second video sharing platform in January.

Facebook takes on Twitter's Vine, Launches Video for Instagram

First Post

So the much anticipated 20 July Facebook event has ended, with no real surprise.Almost every tech blog worth its salt predicted that Facebook would launch video for Instagram and that's exactly what they did. The main features of the new video service include the ability to create up to 15 seconds of video, image stabilisation...

Calling Obesity A Disease Could Affect Health Insurance

Kitsap Sun

Obesity: It's not a failure of willpower anymore. The American Medical Association's decision to officially label obesity as a disease at its annual meeting in Chicago is raising hopes among dieticians, bariatric surgeons and internists prescribing weight loss drugs that more of their services will be covered by health insurance.

Confirmed: Microsoft And Oracle Will Be Announcing A New Partnership On Monday (ORCL, MSFT)


The plot thickens. First Larry Ellison spills the beans about looming partnerships between Oracle and several big-name cloud companies, including Microsoft. Now Microsoft just hastily sent out invitations to a press conference which will feature Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, his top cloud guy Satya Nadella and Oracle president Mark Hurd.

Gamer Outrage Prompts Xbox One Policy Changes


Microsoft handed gamers a victory Wednesday by backing off plans for new-generation Xbox One consoles to require Internet connections and put restrictions on playing second-hand game disks. Microsoft interactive entertainment business president Don Mattrick announced in a blog post that the US technology titan was surrendering in the face of outrage by gamers in the wake of last week's premier E3 videogame expo.



Hill+Knowlton Strategies Expands Into Video Production

Brand Republic

he new offering will be called AudioVisual Content + Production and led by H+K staffer James Alexander, while Toby Leslie has been brought in as a senior creative producer. Leslie, who was most recently freelancing as a script writer for Powder Blue films, previously directed TV ads for brands including Pizza Hut and The Guardian.

Google's Gag Motion Is Mainly a PR Gimmick

Tech News World

Google is asking the secretive United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to let it disclose information about its orders. Such disclosures would be made without violating FISA or the Court's rules of procedure, Google said. This would be in line with Google's publishing in its transparency report earlier this year the number of National Security Letters it received from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.



BREAKING NEWS: Oracle to List Shares on NYSE in Biggest Exchange Defection Ever


Oracle Corp. (ORCL) said it will move its stock listing to the New York Stock Exchange (NYX) from the Nasdaq Stock Market, making the database-software maker the biggest company ever to jump between the rival exchanges. Oracle said after the close of exchanges that it expects to start listing its shares on the NYSE on July 15 and will keep its ORCL symbol.

Men's Wearhouse Owns Rights To Founder's Image; Was Evaluating His Connection To Millennials


The icy firing of Men's Wearhouse executive chairman and founder George Zimmer on Wednesday - the brand's pitchman - won't impact the company because it has the legal rights to his image and more than 500 hours of footage of the man...

Sprint Raises Bid for Clearwire, Topping Dish's Offer by 14%


Sprint Nextel Corp. (S), seeking to end a bidding war with Dish Network Corp. (DISH), raised its offer for Clearwire Corp. (CLWR) to $5 a share, 14 percent more than Dish's latest price, and lined up investor support for the deal. The proposal, which would let Sprint acquire the approximately 50 percent of Clearwire it doesn't already own, values the business at about $14 billion, according to a statement today.

The Push and Pull of Social Media for Investor Relations


There's a popular old saying: "Save the best for last." For me, that held true at this year's NIRI National Conference at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, FL. As many of our publicly traded partners know, the NIRI National Conference is THE event of the year for IROs to get together, network...

Nokia M&A Talk Stirs Share Valuation Rethink


Investors alert to M&A speculation around Nokia are taking a fresh look at whether the struggling mobile handset maker's share price undervalues its assets and increasing signs of financial stability. Reports of interest from Huawei and Microsoft show Nokia is still vulnerable but several analysts said they were more optimistic since plunging sales and alarming cash burn raised fears of default several months ago.

4 Ways Video On Instagram Could Supercharge Facebook's Advertising Growth


It took only a few minutes at Facebook's event today unveiling video on its Instagram photo-sharing app for someone to ask the business question: What might it mean for advertising on Instagram or Facebook? Not surprisingly, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom mostly dodged the question...

Oracle's Revenue Flat Again, Stock Drops

The Wall Street Journal

Oracle Corp. reported another disappointing quarter, as revenue growth once again stalled in the latest period and the software company's newer computer business continued to decline. The Redwood Shores, Calif., company managed to post a 10% boost in net income for the fourth fiscal quarter ended May 31. It doubled its quarterly dividend payout and authorized a stock buyback of up to $12 billion.

Carl Icahn Now on Twitter

Fierce Finance

Forbes notes that Twitter has a new must-follow account for anyone interested in the wacky world of activist hedge fund investing. Carl Icahn, "the world's most active, activist investor is the latest billionaire to join the Twittersphere." His handle is @Carl_C_Icahn, and so far he has Tweeted just once. But it was memorable...



YouTube Says It Will Bring Advertisers Into Its Partner Program, Starting This Fall


YouTube just announced (as part of this week's Cannes Lions advertising event) that it's expanding its partner program to include advertisers. The program already provides the top YouTube content creators with access to resources for improving their production skills and distribution (and as a result improve their monetization).

Dunkin Donuts Now Calls Itself A 'Beverage Company' As It Aims For Starbucks And Heads West


Dunkin Donuts has been tweaking its image since 2006, when the chain unveiled its ‘America Runs on Dunkin' slogan, a reference not to its namesake baked goods but its coffee: a cheaper, down-home alternative to pricey, hoity-toity Starbucks.

CMOs: Let's Give Up On Advertising And Do These 6 Things Instead


Everyone knows there's enough change in marketing today to put corporations everywhere on edge, but there are a few big things happening that are providing a clear path to the future. One of them is the momentum in advocacy marketing.



Doing Good Means Good Business: Peter Glatzer and Adrian Grenier Make SHFT Happen

Brian Solis

Corporate Communications

If it Feels Good in Your Stomach, Just Jump


Public Relations

Adopting the Post-Obedient Mindset

Seth Godin

Public Relations

Sincerest Form of Flattery – Video Comes to Instagram

Marketing Pilgrim


Instagram Video and What It Means for Vine

chris Brogan


Building a Career in CSR: Strengthening Your Career With Purpose


Corporate Communications

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