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Online Dating For Introverts: 3 Strategies That Work!
Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC -- Dating and Relationship Expert Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC -- Dating and Relationship Expert
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Thursday, June 23, 2022


Dating isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. And success in the search for love requires self-awareness of all the nooks and crannies of your personality. What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Preferences? Dislikes? Are you an extrovert who loves the energy of a crowded room? Or do you prefer the quiet, personal space provided by online dating? For introverts especially, this distinction is both telling and important.

Introversion is often misunderstood and stereotyped as shyness and social uneasiness. Bookworms, geeks, wallflowers, loners – introverts get labeled as these and more and are often overlooked socially and in dating because of the misconception.

The distinction between introverts and extroverts isn’t about friendliness or social awkwardness. It’s about the source of a person’s energy and “recharging.” An extrovert is “recharged” by the energy of others, while an introvert goes inward and plugs into his/her own mind and imagination.

That’s not to say that some introverts aren’t shy. What it does mean is that, while shyness doesn’t define the personality type, introverts naturally gravitate toward “small, intimate, and trusted.”

Introverts would rather invest quality time with one or a few friends at a time than to attend the “party of the year.” 

Crowds and noise are draining. And seeking out social situations that include people they don’t know takes a lot of energy for introverts.

Here are my top 3 online-dating benefits and strategies for introverts:

  1. You can search by criteria that are important to you.

    Online dating allows you to scan profiles from the comfort of your home (and in your comfy clothes).

    You don’t need to explain or justify why criteria like distance, life goals, education, or religion are important to you as you search.

    You can also take your time to process information from profiles you like.

    Online dating is all about you choosing what you want and with whom you want to engage.

  2. You can highlight your finer qualities, gifts, and attributes without feeling as if you’re bragging.

    Many singles overlook important aspects of their personalities on the misassumption that others won’t find them important or desirable.

    They don’t realize that humility doesn’t have to prevent drawing attention to what makes them exceptional people.

    My clients work on their THRIVE model, which focuses on what they have to offer a relationship.

    And when they start with a clear couple vision, it’s easier for them to tap into and express what they have to contribute to a relationship.

    They realize that manifesting their vision isn’t about finding someone who will fulfill all their needs and wants.

    It’s instead about being the kind of person who will attract marriage-minded people with compatible attributes and a like vision.

    And that’s the first ingredient in building a lasting, loving relationship.

  3. You can express yourself visually by sharing diverse, quality photos.

    I recommend investing in new photos.

    A fresh, updated headshot as your main photo will show that you’re current and active online.

    Your profile photo can be the difference between a left swipe and a right swipe, so make sure it’s a good one – tasteful, happy, current, and honest.

    Also include several “action” photos that show you involved in activities you enjoy – sports, travel, volunteering, playing with your pets.

    And please, please avoid bathroom and in-car selfies! They simply aren’t classy.

    Here’s a photographer’s take on photos to avoid on dating apps. And here’s a must-read on photos for guys to avoid.

With online dating, for introverts especially, it does help to have a sense of adventure.

When Mike (divorced and in his mid-50’s) came to coaching, he revealed that he was a high introvert on the Myers-Briggs scale. I had never met a 90% before! 

Prior to Mike meeting his wife, he was dating online and not having any luck connecting with women who would be available for dating. Women weren’t even responding to him.

I helped Mike improve his profile and made sure to include some very wonderful qualities about him. 

Then his now-wife saw his profile and reached out to him. She was also somewhat introverted and ready for a serious relationship. 

When they met, they were instantly smitten with one another. They were also on the same page with regard to their relationship goals. 

It didn’t take long for them to become an exclusive couple. 

They moved in with one another within a couple of months, got engaged within 6 months, and married the following year.

I have many more strategies to share with respect to online dating for introverts (and other strategies for extroverts) that have helped my clients find love online. 

Actually, 80% of my successfully coupled clients have met their partners from online dating.

If you want to learn my secrets and get my personalized know-how to improve your chances for true love, let’s talk! 

Go to www.TalkwithCoachAmy.com so I can get to know you. After filling out the form, you’ll get access to my online calendar.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the inside scoop on online dating for introverts so you can finally find your life partner sooner than later? 

Dating doesn’t have to be hard! 

Let me show you the easy and fun way.

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