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One Customer Experience
Loren Stocker  -- 800 Number Expert Loren Stocker -- 800 Number Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Toll Free texting as a game change? Well yes, but not just yet.

My gut feel this year was to seek a single, integrated phone/text app to use for toll-free texting. It just didn?t seem workable to have 2-3 separate apps for phone, text, and chat. Thus far, I haven?t found anyone that really gets this? and permits us to private label.

This week, my concerns were validated in an executive brief, ?Ending the Multichannel Frustration,? by Genesys Systems, a global multi-channel customer experience and contact center solution leader.

Genesys? experience across various channels confirms the need to integrate our toll free texting app into one coherent interface. Here are key excerpts from this brief:

  • Continuity of Customer Experience: "Customers expect consistent, value-added answers across all media types. They also expect to be able to start an interaction using one medial type and complete it on another without having to restart the conversation.?
  • Ubiquitous Access to Customer Data: "Customer service agents do not have access to full customer data, product data, or records of prior interactions. They also use a number of disconnected applications when servicing their customers, and they struggle to find the right and relevant answers to a customer?s request."
  • App Integration: "Customer service technologies are at the heart of the solution for providing optimal customer experiences."

While I believe they got all this right, Genesys does not have the product for us. They are focused on desktop soft phones, the kind used by stationary call center reps. In my view, small business clients are more mobile and need iPad, iPhone, and Android enabled phones.


I?m equally impressed with the Shoretel iPad docking station. The concept is desktop phone you can ?grab a go.? With such a dock, users can seemlessly go mobile whenever desired. Unfortunately, Shoretel?s iPad dock is proprietary and their position is to not work with anyone under 50 seats, so they have limited interest in a market of small retailers with a few employees each.

Finally, we need stability. In my view, our efforts should be centered on IOS devices. Although that may limit client choice, exposure to malware is minimized.

Tell me your thoughts?

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