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Officer John William Grubensky
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Friday, May 19, 2023


In the face of danger and chaos, some individuals demonstrate unwavering dedication and heroism, going above and beyond to serve and protect their community. Officer John William Grubensky, a six-year police veteran, exemplified these qualities in the most tragic circumstances during the devastating Oakland fire in 1991. Working on his day off to earn overtime, Officer Grubensky selflessly gave his life while attempting to evacuate residents, leaving behind a legacy of courage and self-sacrifice.

Dispatched to assist with the evacuation efforts in Oakland’s Hiller Highlands, Officer Grubensky quickly sprang into action. He located five individuals on Charing Cross Road and, without hesitation, ushered them into his patrol car, determined to guide them to safety. But the path to safety proved treacherous as debris and exploding cars obstructed their way, forcing them to abandon the vehicle.

Undeterred by the dangerous conditions, Officer Grubensky led the group on foot down the hill, away from the encroaching flames. His unwavering determination to save lives guided their steps, even as the fire closed in around them. Tragically, their journey to safety ended in heartbreak as their severely burned bodies were discovered approximately 50 feet from the abandoned police car.

Officer John William Grubensky’s final moments are a testament to his selflessness and dedication to the community he served. His decision to put the lives of others before his own exemplifies the noblest qualities of a true hero. While his life was cut short, his legacy lives on as a reminder of the incredible sacrifices made by law enforcement officers every day to ensure the safety and well-being of others.

The loss of Officer Grubensky resonates deeply within the community and among his fellow law enforcement officers. Colleagues and friends remember him as a brave and committed officer who never hesitated to go the extra mile. Sgt. John McKenna, Grubensky’s former boss, aptly described him as a “true hero” who ultimately gave his life while serving the community and saving lives.

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