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Northwest Airlines Terrorist Syringe Usage Scares Traveling Diabetics
Susan Eisen -- Master Gemologist Appraiser_ ASA Susan Eisen -- Master Gemologist Appraiser_ ASA
El Paso , TX
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The recent news of a thwarted terrorist attack by a Nigerian national using a syringe with liquid to activate a bomb puts diabetics on edge when they travel. "Almost all insulin dependent diabetics carry syringes when they travel," says Susan Eisen, creator of LIFETAG Medical ID and a type I diabetic, "and further scrutiny of travelers makes them fearful." It is not clear up to now whether commercial airlines and the TSA will require more inspection of passengers due to this terrorist threat, but should they increase their efforts, medical ID will be necessary at all times.

Many people refuse to wear a medical id because of their desire to keep their medical conditions confidential; however, when traveling, it is important to carry something that describes their medical condition. Medications carried on board planes may be screened more closely from now on, and with a medical identification card traveling should be a breeze. It is predicted that medications carried on will be a source of stress for all involved.

Eisen recommends that travelers with chronic medical conditions wear something that conveys this information to security at the airport. Her company holds the design patents for LIFETAGs, a stick-on medical id that can be worn on a watch or attached to a driver's license or medical card. "Having medical identification on you at all times could mean the difference between minor or major inconvenience at an airport," said Eisen at her corporate headquarters in El Paso. For more information visit www.lifetag.com or call 1-888-LIFETAG.

Susan Eisen


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