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Susan Eisen -- Master Gemologist Appraiser ASA
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About: International jewelry expert and Master Gemologist Appraiser, ASA, Susan Eisen is an award-winning designer with 29 years of retail, design, and business experience in the jewelry industry and is the CEO of Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry, Watches, and Gallery in El Paso, Texas. Her reputation has enabled her to travel around the world managing the jewelry collections of her high-end clients. She is also the inventor of several jewelry-related products including LIFETAG® Medical Identification for people and pets, PursePockets® for keeping jewelry safe during travel, and TreasureTrays® for organizing and storing jewelry, and recently authored her first book entitled 'Crazy About Jewelry! The Expert Guide to Buying, Selling, and Caring for Your Jewelry' which helps readers learn how to utilize and transform their jewelry collections and take advantage of what they already have.

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