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No App for That
Change Masters Incorporated Change Masters Incorporated
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Thursday, November 28, 2019


I was struggling with all the things on my 2Do list. “There must be a better app for organizing than this one” was my thought. I looked at a few reviews of best 2Do apps. Most included the app I use and a couple apps I have and don’t use.

When smart phones exploded onto the market and changed our lives, there was a continual stream of “There’s an app for that” revelations. There really are amazing and helpful apps available today to do everything; including home security, making lunch reservations, video conferencing, starting our car, leveling a picture on the wall, taking/editing pictures, controlling the brakes on a trailer, getting a mortgage, sending messages, and … oh yeah … making a phone call.

Creating Time

Clock in smartphone

No wonder it’s easy to think that a new/different app will help create time. If I was a little more organized or focused on the right things I could get more done. Yes…true. Alas, there is no app that creates time. We can make choices and use a tool to track the plan. Frankly, a piece of paper can do that. An app can add a little flexibility to the list and give reminders. Still, no time is added to my life.

As much as I hang on to the belief that a little more efficiency would solve my issue, it does not. I get my essential things done, but there are so many other things waiting in the wings that I want to do.

My Zen practicing brother would say, “It is your high expectations that are the issue and not your reality.” There is no app for that.

Peter Drucker said, “We never solve a problem. We just think differently.”

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