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New ideas from News Release Wire & Why Companies Leave California
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Washington , DC
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

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*Why Companies Leave California
Cathy Zhang, host of "Engage America," a Chinese radio show, called and asked if I would agree to an interview about my new report, "Why Companies Leave California" She wanted to know whether its findings might be useful to China's business interests.
I replied: "Yes, they sure are"
Joseph Vranich    412-588-4373    Joe@SpectrumLocationSolutions.com
*Wes Berry's 'Big Things' Hits Wall Street Journal Bestseller List
In this book, bestselling author, motivational speaker and business expert Wes Berry inspires, empowers and equips the reader with the tools that they need to win the Great Game, and succeed in whatever they aspire, in both business and in life. For anyone who is planning to start a business, is deeply enmeshed in one, or is just wanting to kick-start their life, this is the guide to get it done.
"It's the relentless attention to the 'small beginnings' that will make all the difference," says Berry who started in his family's fresh flower business in a small shop in Detroit some forty years ago. Berry quickly propelled it to a $60 million-dollar international company with 30 franchises in five states and a customer base reaching 130 countries around the world.
Scott Lorenz   734-667-2090    scottlorenz@westwindcos.com
*Ethics Hero: Former Cleveland Indians Star Kenny Lofton
The issue at hand, flagged by Lofton, is Rodriquez, soon to be Mr. Jennifer Lopez, and there goes another performer I will never watch again. Lofton  told the New York Post last month, beginning with the issue of known and suspected steroid and PED cheats being eligible for election to the Hall of Fame:
Jack Marshall -- ProEthics, Ltd.
703-548-5229    jamproethics@verizon.net
Talk Radio News from Talkers Magazine
Border Closure Threat, Joe Biden Allegations, 2020 Democratic Hopefuls, WH Security Clearance Issue, Disaster Relief Stalled, Rep. Omar Campaign Funds Investigation, Brexit Chaos, NCAA Tournament, and NBA and MLB Action Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (4/1).
TALKERS Magazine   413-565-5413    Michael@talkers.com
*6 Questions A Foundation Board Should Ask Its CEO
Serving on the board of a philanthropic foundation isn't just about approving grants. It's about being a good steward of resources and sharing responsibility for the foundation's impact. Too often the focus tends to be on board meeting preparation and the efficiency of these meetings. Take a moment to break from the routine and consider asking your foundation CEO these questions to help the organization focus on the big picture.
Kris Putnam-Walkerly -- Global Philanthropy Expert
800-598-2102    kris@putnam-consulting.com
*Pinterest Part 2: Creating Your Edge
*Grow Your Membership Without Losing Steam
*Video Game Developer and Distributor EA to Lay Off 350 Employees
*#49 Don Jackson on How to WOW Customers!
*AZENet Week: Educating for Empowerment & Impact by Scott Swagerty
*Press Release from the Institute of Management Consultants, DFW Chapter - Event April 6, 2019 Who needs a Quick Start?
*Before Tax Day - Learn How to Live Like a Millionaire When You're a Million Short
*Highly recommended auto event for you NYC area media pros! https://www.theadvertisingclub.org/page/VerticalAutomotive2019 ?
*3 April Fool?s Day Ads That Have Us Laughing
*Insurance Technology Focus Expanded At Medicare Supplement Insurance Association's 2019 Conference
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