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New Tools for Authors: 8 Self-Serve Lists Provide Shortcut for DIY Publicity
Jackie Lapin  -- Conscious Media Relations Jackie Lapin -- Conscious Media Relations
Westlake Village, CA
Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Marketing, Promoting and Publicizing Your Own Book?

Conscious Media Relations Has Unique Self-Serve Lists That Provide a Shortcut—New "Tools for Authors" Toolbox

Targeted Specifically to Mind-Body-Spirit/Wellness/Self-Help/Inspirational/Conscious Living, Personal and Global Transformation Authors!



As an author, you want to have the widest awareness reach for your book and yourself.  To raise your profile and attract people who are aligned with your message, you want to connect with as many promotional avenues as possible. However, to hire a media relations agency to do this time-intensive work would be costly. So Conscious Media Relations has the perfect solution!


This leader in media relations for the conscious marketplace has created a series of Tools for Authors specialty lists that enable authors to promote their book efficiently and effectively on their own—and cut down the time for individual research.


Among the lists are: 

  • A list of 80+ Article Submission Websites Seeking Content in These Genres
  • A list of 80+ Paid and Unpaid Book Review Sites 
  • A list of 275+ Health and Spirituality Websites Requesting Guest Blogs 
  • A list of 80+ Book Social Networking Sites
  • A list of Key Teleseminar Producers and Hosts 
  • A list of All Top Award Submission Sites for Non-Fiction Books 
  • A list of 75+ Mind/Body/Spirit Radio Networks
  • A list of  2600+ General and Metaphysical Books  Bookstores for Booking Appearances or Encouraging Them to Feature Your Book


Conscious Media Relations (www.consciousmediarelations.com) specializes in authors, companies and resources with a mission to transform humanity and the world. The agency serves authors whose books touch on self-help, inspiration, wellness, sustainability and, personal and global transformation. The agency's clients have included Hay House, Don Miguel Ruiz, James Twyman, Dr. Joe Vitale, Eric Pearl/The Reconnection, Richard Moss, Dr., Denise Linn, Marie Diamond and Dr. Joe Dispenza.


As well as being a bestselling author in the genre herself, founder Jackie Lapin, also has 35 years of mainstream media publicity experience, so her company bridges the world between these two. Lapin's clients have been seen on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America and 60 Minutes, and on the front pages of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times


Conscious Media Relations is known for having the nation's most comprehensive media lists covering this sector…lists that the firm has been growing and cultivating for a half a dozen years. Conscious Media Relations' signature program is its Personal Development Radio Media Tour which offers authors to 2,600 personal growth radio shows. The company also syndicates excerpts and articles to 1,100 wellness and personal growth print and online media. Conscious Media Relations provides full book campaigns, brand building retainer programs, à la carte services and publicity tools for authors.


Conscious Media Relations' "self-serve" or "self-subscribe" lists are curated on an ongoing basis, since the company continues to add new contacts as it learns about or comes in contact with them. The lists can be purchased individually or in a bundle for a special reduced price. The agency also offers a guarantee, if any time within the 12 months from date of purchase, the author would like to refresh a list by getting an updated version, the company will provide the most recent version.


Says Lapin, "We can't be everywhere for everyone, since media relations is a very time intensive commitment, so we wanted to share the lists we have created with authors, so they can have the benefit of them on their own. We hope that these resources will indeed help authors spread their light and wisdom to the world."


Here is more detail on the Conscious Media Relations Tools for Authors Lists


  • 80+ Article Subscription/Submission List ($350) 

    With the proliferation of websites that feature self-help, spiritual and conscious living content, there is a great opportunity for you to dispense your wisdom across a wide platform. We have a list of sites that welcome your articles, and many require you to sign up as a contributor. This list is 80+ already and constantly growing!


  • 80+ Paid and Unpaid Book Review Sites ($350)

    Why hope that reviewers will find or request a review copy of your book — when you can actively solicit them? We offer you a list of book review websites—some of which require a fee—and many of which are free. Depending on the site, you may be sending a printed book or a digital version. These sites span everything from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus Reviews to niche sites. This list is 80+ and counting, too!


  • 275+ Health and Spirituality Websites Requesting Guest Blogs ($275)

    If you are primarily a health and spirituality author, then you are perfect for the many blogs that are seeking guest bloggers. Now keep in mind, most of these sites seek individualized copy exclusive to them, but we have a wealth of sites that are seeking blog partners and are just waiting for you to contribute…275+!


  • 80+ Book Social Networking Sites ($200 )

One of the ways that authors are finding most effective for increasing book sales is for active engagement with consumers through book social networks. On these sites, you can secure reviews for other members to see, get your book bookmarked or added to shelves for future reading, conduct giveaways and promotions, do Q&As,  blog, correspondent with other members and much more. While most people know about GoodReads.com, there are many others that have healthy membership numbers. Our list will guide you to them! And we've bolded the biggest ones!   

  • Key Teleseminar Producers and Hosts ($350)

    Are you looking to join up with existing teleseminars/ telesummits, or producers who book these? Keep in mind some require you to have products to sell, but all require you to aggressively market to your own list. That's your part of the bargain. The benefit here is power in numbers and you will very likely grow your opt in list by partnering with other established authors and speakers. So buy our list, which we are constantly expanding, and get a good head start on your next teleseminar.


  • All Top Award Submission Sites for Non-Fiction Books ($100)

    Would you like your book to be considered for commendation and awards in competitive contests that select the best books of the year in your genre? Winning awards gives you bragging rights in all of your publicity efforts, and adds weight to your pitches to TV and radio. We have the most comprehensive list of award sites, the contact information, pricing and deadlines.


  • 75+ Mind/Body/Spirit and Wellness Networks ($75) 

    If you are committed to tracking down radio shows that are a perfect match for your message, than a very quick way to start the process is with our comprehensive list of specialized radio networks. On this compendium you will find each listed, along with a description and a link to the site. Then it's up to you to scour their programming rosters for show that are ideal for you!


  • 2600+ Bookstores – General and Metaphysical Books ($200)

    Are you looking to arrange book signings at book stores that are in alignment with your message and mission? Or perhaps you would like to contact stores directly about carrying your book? Then we have the perfect list of more than 2,000 "friendly" book and metaphysical store contacts, along with the emails and phone numbers.


  • Combined Price for All Lists….$1325, a savings of $575!

For more information, go to www.ConsciousMediaRelations.com and click on the Tools for Authors  tab.

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