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New Documentary features individuals and experts discussing the possibilities and dangers of AI and its effect on their life
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
San Ramon, CA
Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Thinking about the Developments in AI

            Today, it is impossible to pick up a newspaper or read about the latest news on the social media without seeing something about AI.  For AI is changing the world, and it can be a great tool in everything from creating images and writing copy to doing biomedical research to create bioweapons.

            But for every positive use, there are dangers, such as replacing workers in many industries, taking jobs away from writers and artists, and producing new weapons that may prove difficult to control. That's why there are already efforts in every industry to craft new regulations and laws for using and control AI technology in order to protect everything from copyrights and trademarks to how and when AI can be used.

            All of these possibilities and dangers are the topic of the recently released film AI Evolution, produced by Changemakers Productions and Dear Skyyler Productions and distributed by Gravitas Ventures. It was released on March 5 on about two dozen platforms so far, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, DirectTV, and more.

            The film will take you on a journey through the ever-changing landscape of artificial intelligence. Your guide will be experts such as Evo Heyning, an accomplished producer of generative media, and Ross Mead, a renowned figure in robots and AI.

            This documentary will provide you with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead. It covers the concerns of economic instability, synthetic terrorism, and AI superintelligence, while revealing exciting possibilities for the next step in our civilization's evolution.  As the film indicates, "we stand on the brink of an explosion of growth beyond even the industrial revolution."

            So where is AI going? The film includes some predictions for what is possible, and it will help viewers know how to best work with and adjust to AI in their own lives.

             You can see the documentary on multiple platforms, including on Apple-TV at https://apple.co/4buOFRH and on these other platforms, which include the following:

            The creator and directors/producers of the documentary are also available for interviews. The writer and creative director, Gini Graham Scott, PhD, has published over 3 dozen books with AI, including her latest: Scams in the Internet and AI Age to be published by American Leadership Books later in March. Other books with AI include Ask AI's Advice, Ask the AI Wizard, The AI Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, The Ethics of AI, The AI Book of Prayers, and How AI Is Transforming Prisons and Jails. Plus she has created illustrations for a dozen children's books and a songbook featuring recordings of a dozen songs with some of the lyrics contributed by AI. She also has a Facebook page, The AI Revolution and Writing, Art, and Business, which features the latest articles on AI.

            For more information about AI Evolution and books on AI, and to schedule an interview with the author and producer, Gini Graham Scott, email or call:

Karen Andrews

Executive Assistant

Changemakers Publishing and Writing

San Ramon, CA 94583

925) 804-6333




Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is the author of over 50 books with major publishers and has published 200 books through her company Changemakers Publishing and Writing (http://www.changemakerspublishingandwriting.com).  She writes books, proposals, and film scripts for clients, and has written and produced 18 feature films and documentaries, including Conned: A True Story and Con Artists Unveiled¸ distributed by Gravitas Ventures. (http://www.changemakersproductionsfilms.com).  Her latest books include Ghost Story and How to Find and Work with a Good Ghostwriter published by Waterside Productions; The Big Con, I Was Scammed, and Love and Sex in Prison, published by American Leadership Press; and Ask the AI Wizard, published by J. Michael Publishing.

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