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Mitchell Davis 2021 Speaking Topics
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Mitchell Davis 2021 Speaking Topics

Mitchell Davis 2021 Speaking Topics

1)  ExpertClick & The Yearbook of Experts

2)  Press Release Wire.

3)  Speaker Leads.

4)  Search Jacking.


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Hi Gang.

My guest this hour is Mitch Davis – 

First --He runs ExpertCLICK dot com – the web site that helps journalists find guests for interviews.  He started as the Talk Show Guest Directory in 1984 and he still prints an annual The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons.  The New York Times called it: "Dial-an-Expert."  Deadline for his 37th annual is February 28.  See more at www dot expert click dot com.  Save 15% when you enter "Friend of Judith Briles" in the special offer box on page two of the join page.

But here's here to talk about three of his new projects for 2021.

Second:  He's launched www dot Press Release Wire dot com where bona-fide experts can send press releases free.

Third:  He's launched www Speaker Leads dot com, where speakers can find events seeking speakers – it is free!

Fourth: As PR pro he knows a lot about search engine optimization – he's certified by the Bruce Clay Training center.  He'll talk about ethical SEO like "news jacking" and unethical SEO – that he calls "Search Jacking." This is his most requested speaking presentation.

All four topics relate to how he helps his clients:  speakers, authors and other PR pros make connections, attract new customers by speaking and being interviewed.

Wow that's a lot on your plate Mitch, where should we start?

 #1:  Talking points for ExpertCLICK and the Yearbook of Experts.

How did you ever come up with the idea?

It was first a printed directory, and now you've moved the web, why do you still print the Yearbook?

Does it work for members?

When is deadline for the 2021 Yearbook?

#2: Send press releases free at www.PressReleaseWire.com

How can this be free?  How do you make money?

What kind of success should a free member expect?

What about this $450 option? 

You have three levels?   Why should someone buy one of the paid levels?

Don't free people just spin your wheels and waste your time?

How quickly can I send a press release?

What your approval process?



# 3:  Talking points for Speaker leads:

You started this ten years ago and it was dormant for a decade, why bring it back now?

You say it is free – how can you justify that when other speaker leads sites charge?

What do followers get for free?

How does this benefit your ExpertCLICK and InternationalPLATFORM members?



# 4:  Talking points for The SearchJacking Institute

# 1 What's your backstory on this?  What attracted you to this.?

Seems talking about bad stuff on the internet and running The SearchJacking Institute would attract all kinds of bad people who want to learn how to do bad things.

Sort of like you were running The Shoplifting Institute.

# 2: Ok so you want to put bad things out in the open.  Maybe comparing this to a City Pothole Map is a better comparison.

# 3: You are talking about two things here.  Can you explain the difference between NewsJacking and SearchJacking?

# 4  So NewsJacking is good, and SeachJacking bad?

 # 5   You've got a whole list of bad things at The SearchJacking Institute web page right?  What's the worst that my baby boomer listeners need to watch out for?  Im see this impressive PDF of a US Senate Rockefeller Report at the top of your site.  What's that about?

# 6 How can my viewers find out more?  This is all at a Twitter account -- right?

#7  If you are doing this exposé of bad stuff as a public service how do you pay the bills?  







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